Adjective: дружественный дружелюбный дружеский благоприятный
Adverb: дружественно дружелюбно
Noun: товарищеская встреча


friendly / nice / pleasant chat - милая, приятная беседа

friendly / tender / warm feeling - тёплое чувство

friendly nod - дружеский кивок головой

friendly in manner - обходительный

friendly glow of a fire - приятное тепло камина

friendly gesture - дружеский жест

environment-friendly - экологически благоприятный

environmentally-friendly admixture - экологически безопасная добавка

environmentally-friendly coating - экологически безопасное покрытие; экологически чистое покрытие

environmentally-friendly nanofabrication - экологически безопасная наноиндустрия

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That was friendly of you. - Это было очень любезно с твоей стороны.

She smiled in a friendly way. - Она дружески улыбнулась.

Most people here are quite friendly. - В большинстве своём люди здесь довольно дружелюбны.

Their tone was friendly. - Они вели себя дружелюбно.

'Hello,' he said in a friendly way. - — Здравствуй, — дружелюбно сказал он.

She has a warm and friendly nature. - У неё добрый и дружелюбный характер.

Everywhere we went, people were friendly. - Везде, где мы были, люди были очень дружелюбными.

the company's friendly support staff - дружелюбная служба поддержки этой компании

He has a friendly and unaffected manner. - Он ведёт себя дружелюбно и естественно.

Betty's very friendly with the Jacksons. - Бетти очень дружна с семейством Джексонов.

Don't get too friendly with your students. - Не становитесь слишком дружными с вашим студентами.

I found the people to be charming and very friendly. - Мне эти люди показались обаятельными и очень дружелюбными.

The natives used us friendly. - Туземцы относились к нам дружелюбно.

He replied in a friendly tone. - Он ответил дружелюбно.

His friendly smile was reassuring. - Его приветливая улыбка успокаивала.

She was friendly in a neighborly way. - Она была по-соседски любезна.

a government friendly to our interests - правительство, дружественное к нашим интересам

She's friendly and has a good attitude. - Она дружелюбная и позитивная.

Who is the owner of that friendly smile? - Кому же принадлежит эта приветливая улыбка?

It was friendly of him to offer to help us. - С его стороны было любезно предложить нам помощь.

The Hungarian people are warm and friendly. - Венгерский народ — приветливый и дружелюбный.

The waiters were friendly and not obtrusive. - Официанты были доброжелательны и ненавязчивы.

She seems like a friendly, likable young woman. - С виду это дружелюбная, симпатичная молодая женщина.

The local people are very friendly to visitors. - Местные жители очень дружелюбны по отношению к гостям.

They are on friendly terms with their neighbors. - Они находятся в дружеских отношениях со своими соседями.

Vivien had made a conscious effort to be friendly. - Вивьен сделала осознанную попытку проявить дружелюбие.

The two players have developed a friendly rivalry. - Со временем эти два игрока стали друзьями-соперниками.

Guard against becoming too friendly with the staff. - Остерегайтесь чересчур дружеских отношений с подчинёнными.

The hotel cossets its guests with friendly service. - Гостиница балует своих гостей вежливым обслуживанием.

We were tooling around in Malta on a friendly visit. - Мы бездельничали на Мальте у наших друзей.

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Связанные термины:

eco-friendly: Eco-friendly products or services are less harmful to the environment than other similar products or services.

friendly face: Your face is the front part of your head from your chin to the top of your forehead, where your mouth, eyes, nose, and other features are.

friendly fire: firing by one's own side, esp when it harms one's own personnel

gay-friendly: welcoming to homosexual people

user-friendly: If you describe something such as a machine or system as user-friendly, you mean that it is well designed and easy to use.

friendly banter: Banter is teasing or joking talk that is amusing and friendly .

friendly manner: The manner in which you do something is the way that you do it.

friendly match: a match played for its own sake, and not as part of a competition, etc

friendly staff: The staff of an organization are the people who work for it.

ozone-friendly: Ozone-friendly chemicals, products, or technology do not cause harm to the ozone layer.

Friendly Islands: → Tonga

friendly neighbour: Your neighbour is someone who lives near you.

friendly society: A friendly society is an organization to which people regularly pay small amounts of money and which then gives them money when they retire or when they are ill .

environment-friendly: that has no or the least possible impact on the environment

friendly atmosphere: The atmosphere of a place is the general impression that you get of it.

environmentally friendly: that has no or the least possible impact on the environment

benefit association: an association of people who pay regular dues or other sums in return for old-age pensions, sickness benefits, etc

provident society: an association of people who pay regular dues or other sums in return for old-age pensions, sickness benefits, etc

chummy: If people or social events are chummy, they are pleasant and friendly.

friendlier: showing or expressing liking, goodwill, or trust

friendlies: showing or expressing liking, goodwill, or trust

friendliest: showing or expressing liking, goodwill, or trust

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Однокоренные слова:

friendliness - дружелюбие, дружественное отношение, дружеское отношение
unfriendly - недружественный, недружелюбный, неприветливый, неблагоприятный
user-friendly - простой в употреблении

Связанные слова: