Adjective: передний лобовой торцевой переднеязычный
Noun: перед фронт фасад передок
Verb: противостоять выходить на выходить окнами быть обращенным к


front desk - конторка портье, консьержа

front / main door - парадная дверь, парадный вход

front / main entrance - парадный ход

to hold a front of ten miles - оборонять фронт, протяжённостью десять миль

cold front - холодный фронт

warm front - тёплый фронт

river front - набережная реки

sea front - морская набережная

front matter - титульные элементы книги

front side - передняя сторона

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Come and sit in front of the fire. - Подойди, сядь перед огнём.

Dibs on the front seat! - Чур, я на переднем сиденье!

The house was fronted by a garden. - Перед домом был сад.

Popular Front - Народный фронт

I'll meet you in the front hallway. - Встретимся в парадной.

I'll meet you in the front hall. - Встретимся в передней.

The house has a large front porch. - В доме есть большая веранда.

a front and side view of the car - передний и боковой вид автомобиля

The front of the house faces north. - Дом обращён фасадом на север.

We sat in the front row. - Мы сидели в первом ряду.

the front fork of a bicycle - передняя вилка велосипеда

I'll go out the front, and you go out the back. - Я выйду через парадный ход, а ты через чёрный.

There's a blue car out front. - Там у входа стоит синий автомобиль.

I get dibs on the front seat! - Чур, переднее сиденье — моё!

He fronts a talk show. - Он ведёт ток-шоу. (брит.)

He rolled over on to his front. - Он перевернулся на живот.

Hurry up! The taxi is out front. - Поторопитесь! Такси уже у дома.

I hooted at the car in front of me. - Я посигналил автомобилю впереди меня.

He entered at the front door. - Он вошёл через главный вход.

The house fronts Main Street. - Фасад дома выходит на Мэйн-стрит.

How secure is your front door? - Насколько защищена ваша входная дверь?

The house fronts on Main Street. - Фасад дома выходит на Главную улицу.

way out front in the race - далеко впереди остальных участников гонки

The car's front end was damaged. - Передняя часть машины была повреждена.

She pushed her way to the front. - Она протиснулась вперёд.

His goal put Leeds back in front. - Его гол снова вывел "Лидс" вперёд.

No one was manning the front desk. - На стойке регистрации никого не было.

You should inflate the front tyres. - Тебе следует накачать передние шины.

I honked at the car in front of me. - Я просигналил автомобилю передо мной.

He pulled up in front of the gates. - Он остановил машину перед воротами.

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Связанные термины:

bow-front: having a front with a convex curve

fly front: a closure that conceals a zip, buttons, or other fastening, by having one side overlapping, as on trousers

front-end: (of money, costs, etc) required or incurred in advance of a project in order to get it under way

front man: If you say that someone is a front man for a group or organization, you mean that their role is to represent and give a good impression of it to the public, especially when it is not very respectable or popular .

front row: the forwards at the front of a scrum

front up: to pay (money) at the beginning of a business arrangement

ice front: the forward section or seaward edge of an ice shelf

in front: If a person or thing is in front, they are ahead of others in a moving group, or further forward than someone or something else.

out-front: open; frank ; honest

sea front: an area, including buildings, along the edge of the sea; waterfront

up front: If you are up front about something, you act openly or publicly so that people know what you are doing or what you believe .

block front: a front of a desk, chest of drawers, etc., of the third quarter of the 18th century, having three vertical divisions of equal width, a sunken one between raised ones, all divided by flat areas to which they are connected by curves, often with a shell motif forming a rounded termination to each section

cold front: the boundary line between a warm air mass and the cold air pushing it from beneath and behind as it moves

drop-front: designating a desk with a front panel fitted with hinges on its bottom edge so that it can be pivoted forward and down to form a surface for writing

eyes front: a command to troops to look ahead

false front: a fa çade falsifying the size, finish, or importance of a building, esp. one having a humble purpose or cheap construction

front bench: In Britain, the front bench or people who sit on the front bench are members of Parliament who are ministers in the Government or who hold official positions in an opposition party .

front court: a courtyard in front of a building, as one in a filling station

front crawl: a style of swimming in which the swimmer faces downwards and moves their arms alternately in strokes

front desk: a desk where a receptionist sits and greets visitors

front dive: a dive from a position facing the water in which the diver jumps up from the springboard, rotating the body forward, and enters the water either headfirst or feetfirst

front door: The front door of a house or other building is the main door, which is usually in the wall that faces a street .

front line: The front line is the place where two opposing armies are facing each other and where fighting is going on.

front-load: to put or concentrate ( efforts, costs, expenditures, etc.) at the beginning of (a contract, project, etc.)

front money: an amount of money paid in advance

front nine: the holes of a golf course numbered 1 through 9, regarded as a unit

front page: A front-page article or picture appears on the front page of a newspaper because it is very important or interesting .

Front Range: range on the E edge of the Rockies, in SE Wyo. & NC Colo.: highest peak, 14,274 ft (4,351 m)

front-rank: foremost ; most important; prominent

front room: a room in the front of a house, esp. a living room

front seat: A seat is an object that you can sit on, for example a chair .

front teeth: Your teeth are the hard white objects in your mouth, which you use for biting and chewing .

front vowel: a vowel sound produced with the tongue in a position near the front of the mouth, such as the 'a' in 'at' or the 'e' in bed

front woman: If you say that someone is a front woman for a group or organization, you mean that their role is to represent and give a good impression of it to the public, especially when it is not very respectable or popular .

home front: If something is happening on the home front, it is happening within the country where you live .

polar front: a front dividing cold polar air from warmer temperate or tropical air

shirt front: the upper front part of a shirt ; the part not covered by a jacket

shop front: A shop front is the outside part of a shop which faces the street, including the door and windows.

store front: Store fronts are the windows of stores that can be looked into from the street, often displaying the types of product each store sells.

warm front: the boundary between a warm air mass and the cold air above which it is rising, at a less steep angle than at the cold front

wave front: a surface, at right angles to a propagated disturbance, that passes at any given moment through those parts of the wave motion that are in the same phase and are moving in the same direction

change front: to redeploy (a force in the field) so that its main weight of weapons points in another direction

front benches: the foremost bench of either the Government or Opposition in the House of Commons

front bottom: the female genitals

front burner: If an issue is on the front burner, it receives a lot of attention because it is considered to be more urgent or important than other issues.

front loader: a washing machine with a door at the front which opens one side of the drum into which washing is placed

front matter: the pages of a book, such as the title page and contents, before the main text

front office: the divisions of a business or organization that deals with customers or the public, such as the sales or marketing divisions

front person: a nominal leader of an organization, etc, who lacks real power or authority, esp one who lends respectability to some nefarious activity

front runner: In a competition or contest, the front-runner is the person who seems most likely to win it.

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Однокоренные слова:

frontage - фасад, палисадник, ширина фронта, передний фасад, граница земельного участка
frontal - фронтальный, лобный, лобовой, торцовый, тимпан, фронтон
frontier - граница, рубеж, форт, пограничный
frontward - вперед, лицом вперед, выходящий на фасад
frontwards - вперед
frontwise - лицом вперед, вперед

Связанные слова: