Noun: фрукт фрукты плод плоды
Adjective: фруктовый
Verb: плодоносить


fruit drink - фруктовый напиток

fresh fruit - свежие фрукты

frozen fruit and vegetables - замороженные фрукты и овощи

frozen fruit - замороженные фрукты

ripe fruit - зрелые фрукты

apple / fruit / lemon / vegetable juice - яблочный, фруктовый, лимонный, овощной сок

fruit juice beverage - натуральный плодово-ягодный напиток

fruit blossom - завязывание плода

fruit bowl - ваза для фруктов

fruit cane - плодовая стрелка; плодовая лоза

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a large garden with fruit trees - большой сад с фруктовыми деревьями

Fruit grows on trees. - Фрукты растут на деревьях.

The sun ripens the fruit. - Под солнцем зреет плод.

the sweet scent of ripe fruit - сладкий аромат спелых фруктов

The fruit left a pleasant taste in my mouth. - Во рту остался приятный вкус от фрукта.

When will the trees fruit? - Когда созреют фрукты на деревьях? / Когда деревья начнут плодоносить?

She cut the fruit into large chunks. - Она разрезала плод на крупные куски.

The tree produces good fruit. - Это дерево приносит хорошие плоды.

Nuts and fruit make nutritious snacks. - Орехи и фрукты являются питательными закусками.

Fresh fruit are railed from Italy to Belgium. - Свежие фрукты перевозятся из Италии в Бельгию по железной дороге.

This fruit binds the bowels. - Этот фрукт крепит.

Boil the fruit up with sugar. - Доведите фрукты с сахаром до кипения.

Pare the rind from the fruit. - Очисти фрукты от кожуры.

The fruit dried and shriveled. - Плоды засохли и сморщились.

The fruit appeased his hunger. - Фрукты утолили его голод.

A pineapple is a multiple fruit. - Плод ананаса является соплодием.

Our country exports citrus fruit. - Наша страна экспортирует цитрусовые.

Try to eat plenty of fresh fruit. - Старайтесь есть побольше свежих фруктов.

The tree would not produce fruit. - Дерево не плодоносило.

The trees fruited early this year. - В этом году деревья заплодоносили рано.

The apple trees were heavy with fruit. - Яблони были отягощены плодами.

apple, blueberry, and other fruit wines - яблочное, черничное и другие плодово-ягодные вина

a blackberry is a compound fruit - ягода ежевики это сборный плод (состоит из многих маленьких частей)

The fruit was ready for shipping. - Фрукты были готовы к отправке.

Fruit was scarce, and cost a lot. - Фруктов было мало, и стоили они дорого.

a year-round supply of fresh fruit - круглогодичные поставки свежих фруктов

He's gone to get me some fruit cup. - Он отошёл, чтобы принести мне коктейль "фрут-кап" /фруктовый коктейль/. (брит. fruit cup — коктейль с фруктами на основе джина или водки)

Some fruit juices taste a bit acidic. - Некоторые фруктовые соки на вкус немного кислые.

The market was saturated with the fruit. - Рынок изобиловал фруктами.

Fruit and vegetables are sold by weight. - Фрукты и овощи продаются на вес.

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Связанные термины:

fruit bat: any large Old World bat of the suborder Megachiroptera, occurring in tropical and subtropical regions and feeding on fruit

fruit cup: a variety of fruits served in a cup or glass as an appetizer or dessert

fruit fly: Fruit flies are very small flies which eat fruit and rotting plants.

fruit gum: a type of chewy sweet with a fruit flavour

fruit jar: a glass jar for canning fruit, vegetables, etc., sealed airtight with a cap

key fruit: a dry, winged fruit, as of the maple, ash, or elm, containing the seed or seeds; samara

bear fruit: to produce good results

dried fruit: Dried fruit is fruit that has been preserved by being dried; used especially to refer to currants, raisins, or sultanas, which are kinds of dried grapes .

false fruit: a fruit derived from the separate carpels of one flower, the uniting of a cluster of flowers, or tissue other than the ovary ; pseudocarp

fruit body: the part of a fungus in which the spores are produced

fruit bowl: A fruit bowl is a large bowl in which fruit is kept and displayed .

fruit cake: a rich cake containing mixed dried fruit, lemon peel, nuts, etc

fruit dish: food or a course or serving of food made from fruit

fruit drink: a (non-alcoholic) beverage made from fruit

fruit drop: the premature shedding of fruit from a tree before fully ripe

fruit farm: a farm where fruit is grown

fruit juice: a beverage made from liquid squeezed from a fruit or fruits

fruit knife: a small stainless knife for cutting fruit

fruit salad: Fruit salad is a mixture of pieces of different kinds of fruit. It is usually eaten as a dessert .

fruit salts: salts of citric acid, used to relieve bloating and neutralize stomach acidity . Also used in cooking.

fruit shop: a shop that sells a variety of edible fruits

fruit stall: a market stall that sells a variety of edible fruits

fruit sugar: → fructose

fruit tree: any tree that bears edible fruit

kiwi fruit: A kiwi fruit is a fruit with a brown hairy skin and green flesh.

kokum fruit: a tropical evergreen tree from India, Garcinia indica, that produces fruit which is dark purple when ripe containing large seeds from which an important edible fat is obtained

soft fruit: Soft fruits are small fruits with soft skins, such as strawberries and currants.

spore fruit: any specialized structure, as an ascocarp, in which spores are formed

star fruit: → carambola (sense 2 )

stone fruit: any fruit, as a plum, having a stone ; drupe

true fruit: a fruit derived from a single carpel or from the united carpels of a single flower

UGLI fruit: a Jamaican citrus fruit that is a three-way cross between a grapefruit, orange, and tangerine

wall fruit: fruit grown on trees trained against a wall for the shelter and warmth it provides

bottled fruit: fruit preserved in glass jars

citrus fruit: any fruit belonging to the genus Citrus

dragon fruit: any giant cactus of Central America and the SW United States, esp the saguaro

fruit basket: a basket containing a variety of fruits sent as a gift

fruit farmer: somebody who farms or grows fruit

fruit farming: the practice of growing or farming fruit

fruit knives: a small stainless knife for cutting fruit

fruit machine: A fruit machine is a machine used for gambling. You put money into it and if a particular combination of symbols, especially fruit, appears, you win money.

fruit-picker: a person or a tool that picks fruit from trees

miracle fruit: the small, red, edible berry of the plant Synsepalum dulcificum, which contains a protein that makes bitter things taste sweet

passion fruit: A passion fruit is a small, round, brown fruit that is produced by certain types of tropical flower.

sharon fruit: any of several tropical trees of the genus Diospyros, typically having hard wood and large orange-red fruit: family Ebenaceae

simple fruit: a fruit, such as a grape or cherry, that is formed from only one ovary

accessory fruit: a fruit having enlarged accessory structures in addition to those formed from the ovary, as the strawberry, in which the fleshy tissue is the enlarged receptacle and the true fruits are the small, dry achenes borne on its surface

forbidden fruit: Forbidden fruit is a source of pleasure that involves breaking a rule or doing something that you are not supposed to do.

fruit cocktail: Fruit cocktail is a mixture of pieces of different kinds of fruit eaten as part of a meal .

multiple fruit: a fruit, such as a pineapple, formed from the ovaries of individual flowers in an inflorescence

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Однокоренные слова:

fruitage - плоды, плодоношение
fruiter - плодовое дерево, садовод, судно, груженное фруктами
fruitful - плодотворный, плодовитый, плодородный, плодоносный, выгодный
fruition - осуществление, наслаждение, пользование благами
fruitless - бесплодный, бесполезный
fruity - фруктовый, сочный, смачный, звучный, сладкоголосый, непристойный
fruiting - плодоношение
fruitiness - звучность, мелодичность
fruited - с плодами, увешанный плодами, фруктовый

Связанные слова: