Adjective: полный целый широкий наполненный
Adverb: вполне очень как раз
Verb: кроить широко валять шить в сборку шить в складку


in (full) blow - в (полном) расцвете

career in full bloom - пик карьеры

full breakfast - полноценный завтрак

full bucket - полное ведро, наполненное ведро

full / rounded cheeks - полные щёки

full communion - полное (литургическое) общение

to be full of conceit - быть самодовольным

full confession - абсолютное признание

to take the full count - быть нокаутированным, потерпеть поражение

complete / full / wide discretion - полная свобода действий

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The car ran at full speed. - Машина мчалась на полной скорости.

I am full of business. - Я весь в делах.

Bob has eaten his full. - Боб наелся досыта.

The moon is fulling now. - Луна приближается к полнолунию.

She's full of good ideas. - У неё полно хороших идей.

The sky was full of fire. - Всё небо было в огне.

It is full of nude rocks. - Там полно голых скал.

Her face was full of woe. - Её лицо было полно печали.

The book was full of errors. - В книге было полно ошибок.

Her eyes were full of hate. - Её глаза были полны ненависти.

She is full of bright ideas. - У неё полно блестящих идей.

I was full of glad vigour. - Я был полон жизнерадостной силы.

The theory is full of holes. - Эта теория полна недостатков.

The job was full of hazards. - Работа была сопряжена с большим риском.

Her voice was full of emotion. - Её голос был полон эмоций.

No more, thanks. I'm full. - Спасибо, больше не надо. Я уже сыт.

He leads a full, active life. - Он ведёт полноценную, активную жизнь.

The enemy was in full flight. - Враг поспешно отступал.

You know full well what I mean. - Ты прекрасно знаешь, о чём я.

The moon is at the full. - Луна находится в полной фазе. / Луна полная.

He stated his name in full. - Он указал своё полное имя.

the full phase of the moon - полная фаза Луны

He was still full of fight. - Он был всё ещё полон боевого задора.

a pond full of silvery fish - водоём, полный серебристой рыбы

The team was full of fight. - Команда горела желанием борьбы.

The trunk was full of stuff. - Багажник был забит разным барахлом.

a pan full of congealed fat - сковорода, полная застывшего жира

a sink full of dirty dishes - раковина, полная грязной посуды.

a full head of greying hair - голова, полная седеющих волос

She was dealt a full house. - Ей сдали фулл-хаус. (о покере)

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Связанные термины:

full-on: Full-on is used to describe things or activities that have all the characteristics of their type, or are done in the strongest or most extreme way possible .

full up: Something that is full up has no space left for any more people or things.

in full: You say that something has been done or described in full when everything that was necessary has been done or described.

cram-full: stuffed full

full-back: In rugby or football, a full-back is a defending player whose position is towards the goal which their team is defending.

full beam: the brightest light transmitted from car headlights

full-bore: to the greatest degree or extent ; at full speed, with the greatest power or effort, etc.

full cost: The cost of something is the amount of money that is needed in order to buy, do, or make it.

full face: a round full face

full fare: a price (of a travel, cinema ticket, etc) without any discounts

full moon: one of the four phases of the moon, occurring when the earth lies between the sun and the moon so that the moon is visible as a fully illuminated disc

full name: somebody's whole name, including their first and surname, and sometimes any middle names

full out: with maximum effort or speed

full-page: A full-page advertisement, picture, or article in a newspaper or magazine uses a whole page.

full pay: the full amount of wages of salary

full sail: at top speed

full-size: A full-size or full-sized model or picture is the same size as the thing or person that it represents .

full stop: A full stop is the punctuation mark . which you use at the end of a sentence when it is not a question or exclamation.

full term: the end of a pregnancy that lasted the full nine months

full tilt: at full speed or force

full time: Full-time work or study involves working or studying for the whole of each normal working week rather than for part of it.

full toss: a bowled ball that reaches the batsman without bouncing

full word: an entire word

half-full: (of a vessel, place, etc) holding or containing half its capacity

jam-full: crowded, packed, or filled to capacity

chock-full: Something that is chock-full is completely full.

choke-full: completely full

chuck-full: → chock-full

full access: If you have access to something such as information or equipment, you have the opportunity or right to see it or use it.

full blast: If something such as a radio or a heater is on full blast, or on at full blast, it is producing as much sound or power as it is able to.

full blood: an individual, esp a horse or similar domestic animal, of unmixed race or breed

full bloom: You use full to emphasize the completeness, intensity, or extent of something.

full-blown: Full-blown means having all the characteristics of a particular type of thing or person.

full board: If the price at a hotel includes full board, it includes all your meals.

full-bodied: having a full rich flavour or quality

full bottle: well-informed and enthusiastic about something

full circle: to the original place, source, or state through a cycle of developments (usually used in the phrase come full circle )

full cousin: the child of one's aunt or uncle

full-cream: denoting or made with whole unskimmed milk

full dress: Someone who is in full dress is wearing all the clothes needed for a ceremony or formal occasion .

full-faced: having a round full face

full gainer: a person or thing that gains

full-grown: An animal or plant that is full-grown has reached its full adult size and stopped growing.

full horror: The horror of something, especially something that hurts people, is its very great unpleasantness.

full house: If a theatre has a full house for a particular performance, it has as large an audience as it can hold.

full-length: A full-length book, record, or film is the normal length, rather than being shorter than normal.

full marks: If you get full marks in a test or exam, you get everything right and gain the maximum number of marks.

full monty: You use the full monty to describe something that impresses you because it includes everything that you could possibly expect it to include.

full nelson: a wrestling hold, illegal in amateur wrestling, in which a wrestler places both arms under an opponent's arms from behind and exerts pressure with both palms on the back of the neck

full pitch: a bowled ball that reaches the batsman without bouncing

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Однокоренные слова:

full out - изо всех сил, на всю мощность, без втяжки
full up - переполненный, битком набитый, сытый по горло, пресытившийся

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