Noun: игра дичь партия развлечение
Adjective: игровой боевой охотно готовый смелый
Verb: играть в азартные игры


the game ended in a draw - игра закончилась вничью

game of pure chance - чисто азартная игра

chess game - партия в шахматы

chippy game - воинственная игра

combinative game - комбинация, комбинационная игра

crucial game - решающая игра

to decide the outcome of the game - решить исход матча

to derive enjoyment from a game - наслаждаться игрой

game with no value - не имеющая цены игра

game with positive payoffs - игра с положительными платежами

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The game is up. - Карта бита. / Дело проиграно.

How did the game go? - Как закончилась игра?

Howie and I want to go fishing. Are you game? - Мы с Хоуи собираемся на рыбалку. Хочешь с нами?

Olympic Games - Олимпийские игры

Okay. I'm game if you are. - Ладно. Если ты участвуешь, то я тоже.

This game is yours. - Эта партия (в игре) за вами.

He's in the plumbing game. - Он сантехник /водопроводчик/.

How did the game turn out? - Чем закончилась игра?

Let's play a game of catch. - Давайте играть в догонялки.

Two can play at that game. - Посмотрим ещё, чья возьмёт. / Я тоже так умею.

The brush provided a covert for game. - Этот густой кустарник служил дичи укрытием.

Celebrating after the game was a blast. - Празднование после игры было просто бомба.

That's not the game. - Это не по правилам, я так не играю.

Want a game of chess? - Хотите партию в шахматы?

We had a pig of a game. - С игрой у нас вышла заморочка.

Are you game for a swim? - Хочешь поплавать?

'Who's game to have a try?' - — Кто хочет попробовать?

We replayed the game. - Мы переиграли этот матч.

That was a good game! - Хорошая была игра!

He jumped into the game. - Он ворвался в игру.

The game was called off. - Игру отменили.

The game was a cakewalk. - Игра была очень лёгкой.

the blips, buzzes, and bleeps of a video game - мелькания, гудения и попискивания видеоигры

He bet $5 on the game. - Он поставил на этот матч пять долларов.

Gambling is a mug's game. - Азартные игры — дело пустое.

a rugby game in Eden Park - регбийный матч в Эден-парке

He has a bet on the game. - Он сделал ставку на эту игру.

The big game is on Friday. - Эта важная игра состоится в пятницу.

How about a game of chess? - Как насчёт партии в шахматы?

Poker is a game of chance. - Покер — это игра случая.

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Связанные термины:

A game: one's best possible performance (esp in the phrase bring or take one's A game )

game on: If you say game on, you mean that you are ready for something challenging to begin.

away game: a game played at an opponent's ground

ball game: Ball games are games that are played with a ball such as tennis, baseball, and football .

bar game: any game or contest that takes place in a pub

big game: Large wild animals such as lions and elephants that are hunted for sport are often referred to as big game .

card game: A card game is a game that is played using a set of playing cards.

con game: a swindle involving money, goods, etc, in which the victim's trust is won by the swindler; a shortened form of confidence game

die game: to die bravely and still fighting

easy game: a person who is easily deceived or taken advantage of

end game: the final stage of a game, usually following the exchange of queens and the serious reduction of forces

fair game: If you say that someone is fair game, you mean that it is acceptable to criticize or attack them, usually because of the way that they behave .

game away: to squander or lose in gambling

game-ball: (of a person) in perfect health

game bird: Game birds are birds which are shot for food or for sport .

Game Boy: a handheld video games console

game face: a facial expression that suggests a strong determination to succeed

game fish: any fish providing sport for the angler

game fowl: any of several breeds of domestic fowl reared for cockfighting

game law: a law enacted for the preservation of game, as by restricting the number and kinds of game that may be taken and by designating periods of the year when specified game may be taken

game laws: laws governing the hunting and preservation of game

game park: A game park is a large area of land, especially in Africa, where wild animals can live safely.

game pie: a savoury pie made from game or hunted animals

game plan: In sport, a team's game plan is their plan for winning a match .

game show: Game shows are television programmes on which people play games in order to win prizes.

god game: a computer roleplaying game in which the player controls the destiny of one or more avatars within a large virtual environment

home game: a game played on a team's home ground

long game: the aspect of golf considered in relation to the ability of a player to hit shots, esp. drives, for distance

love game: a game in which the loser has a score of zero

mind game: an action or statement intended to undermine or mislead someone else, often to gain advantage for oneself

open game: a relatively simple game involving open ranks and files, permitting tactical play, and usually following symmetrical development

skin game: a swindling trick

The Game: charades

wall game: a type of football played at Eton against a wall

war game: War games are military exercises that are carried out for the purpose of training, and that are designed to imitate a real war as closely as possible.

word game: any game involving the formation, discovery, or alteration of a word or words

arcade game: An arcade game is a computer game of the type that is often played in amusement arcades.

badger game: an extortion scheme in which a person is placed in a compromising position and then faced with a demand for money to avoid scandal, revenge, etc

black game: a large N European grouse, Lyrurus tetrix, the male of which has a bluish-black plumage and lyre-shaped tail

board game: A board game is a game such as chess or backgammon, which people play by moving small objects around on a board.

bounce game: (esp in soccer ) a non-competitive game played as part of training

casual game: A casual game is a simple video game that is easy to play.

closed game: a relatively complex game involving closed ranks and files and permitting only nontactical positional manoeuvring

game chips: round thin potato chips served with game

game point: a stage at which winning one further point would enable one player or side to win a game

game theory: mathematical theory concerned with the optimum choice of strategy in situations involving a conflict of interest

game warden: a person who looks after game, as in a game reserve

ground game: game animals, such as hares or deer, found on the earth's surface: distinguished from game birds

little game: a person's secret intention or business

middle game: the central phase between the opening and the endgame

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Однокоренные слова:

game away - проигрывать

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