Noun: сад огород парк
Verb: возделывать разводить


at the bottom of his garden - в конце сада

the boweriest part of the garden - самая тенистая часть сада

here is the choice of the whole garden - это лучшее, что есть в саду

to dig a garden - перекопать почву в саду

to maintain a garden - ухаживать за садом

to water a garden - поливать сад

to lay out / plant a garden - разбивать сад

vegetable garden - огород

garden boy - помощник садовника

potter about the garden - ковыряться в саду; копаться в саду

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My hobby is gardening - Мое хобби - садоводство.

The garden has to be hoed. - Сад нужно прополоть.

How long is your garden? - Какой длины ваш сад?

The garden enchanted her. - Сад очаровал ее.

He went out to the garden. - Он вышел в сад.

We need to weed the garden. - Нам нужно прополоть огород.

I shall never garden more. - Никогда больше не буду заниматься садоводством.

Weeds had invaded the garden. - Сорняки заполонили сад.

He's outside in the garden. - Он на улице, в саду.

What a pretty little garden! - Какой прелестный садик!

That garden is a wilderness. - Этот сад совершенно запущен.

The garden was a wilderness. - Сад был запущен до крайности.

The garden occupies 5 acres. - Под сад занято 5 акров земли.

The garden is fully enclosed. - Сад огорожен со всех сторон.

He took me off to the garden. - Он увёл меня в сад.

He untangled the garden hose. - Он распутал садовый шланг.

He ran square into the garden. - Он побежал прямо в сад.

I try to keep the garden tidy. - Я стараюсь, поддерживать сад в порядке.

The garden was large and wild. - Сад был большой и запущенный.

a large garden with fruit trees - большой сад с фруктовыми деревьями

the garden's crumbly black soil - рассыпчатый чернозём в этом саду

a garden full of tasty delights - сад, полный разных вкусностей

The garden gate has blown down. - Ворота сада были повалены.

The cat shot across the garden. - Кот пулей пролетел через сад.

I often see worms in the garden. - Я часто вижу червей в саду.

The garden needs watering daily. - Сад /огород/ нужно поливать ежедневно /каждый день/.

It is a common or garden sparrow - Это обычный или как его ещё называют садовый воробей.

The garden looked like a jungle. - Сад был похож на джунгли.

The garden was humming with bees. - В саду жужжали пчёлы.

We planted flowers in the garden. - Мы посадили в саду цветы.

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Связанные термины:

back garden: a garden at the rear of a house

bear garden: (formerly) a place where bears were exhibited and where bear-baiting took place

beer garden: a garden attached to a pub, where people can sit and drink beer

garden city: a planned town of limited size with broad streets and spacious layout, containing trees and open spaces and surrounded by a rural belt

garden flat: a flat with direct access to a garden : typically, a garden flat consists of basement accommodation in prewar property, but some are in purpose-built blocks in urban areas

garden hose: a flexible tube which carries water and is used to water a lawn or garden

garden path: a long strip of ground which people walk along to get from one part of a garden to another, such as from the entrance to the garden to the door of a house

garden pea: pea 1 (sense 1 ), pea 1 (sense 2 ), pea 1 (sense 3 )

garden pink: the plant Dianthus plumarius

garden seat: a seat, usually kept permanently outdoors in a garden

garden soil: Soil is the substance on the surface of the earth in which plants grow.

garden wall: a wall surrounding a garden or separating two gardens

herb garden: a part of a garden where herbs are grown

hop garden: a field of hops

knot garden: (esp formerly) a formal garden of intricate design

rock garden: A rock garden is a garden which consists of rocks with small plants growing among them.

roof garden: A roof garden is a garden on the flat roof of a building.

rose garden: a garden for growing roses

tea garden: an open-air restaurant that serves tea and light refreshments

Covent Garden: a district of central London : famous for its former fruit, vegetable, and flower market, now a shopping precinct

flower garden: a garden which features displays of flowering plants

garden balsam: a fleshy annual garden impatiens ( Impatiens balsamina ) with roselike white, lavender, yellow, pink, or red blossoms borne along the main stem in leaf axils

garden centre: A garden centre is a large shop, usually with an outdoor area, where you can buy things for your garden such as plants and gardening tools.

garden cress: a pungent-tasting plant, Lepidium sativum, with white or reddish flowers: cultivated for salads, as a garnish, etc: family Brassicaceae ( crucifers )

garden frame: an unheated wooden frame with a glass top, used to protect young plants from the cold

garden gnome: → another name for gnome 1 (sense 2 )

Garden Grove: city in SW Calif.: pop. 165,000

garden orache: a plant of the goosefoot family, Atriplex hortensis, which is cultivated as a vegetable and used like spinach

garden party: A garden party is a formal party that is held out of doors, especially in a large private garden, during the afternoon .

garden roller: a cylinder having an absorbent surface and a handle, used for spreading paint

garden shears: shears used for gardening

garden snail: any of several land snails common in gardens, where they may become pests, esp Helix aspersa, and sometimes including Cepaea nemoralis, common in woods and hedgerows

Garden State: → the Garden State

garden suburb: a suburb of a large established town or city, planned along the lines of a garden city

garden tiger: any of a group of arctiid moths, mostly boldly marked, often in black, orange, and yellow, of the genera Arctia, Parasemia, Euplagia, etc, producing woolly bear larvae and typified by the garden tiger ( Arctia caja )

garden tools: → another name for gardening tools

market garden: A market garden is a small farm where vegetables and fruit are grown for sale.

peace garden: a public park that is dedicated to peace

pebble garden: a small ornamental garden mainly composed of an arrangement of pebbles

sunken garden: a formal garden set below the main level of the ground surrounding it

truck garden: a market garden

winter garden: a garden of evergreen plants and plants that flower in winter

botanic garden: a place in which plants are grown, studied, and exhibited

cottage garden: an informal style of garden which has beds planted with a great variety of traditional flowers

cutting garden: a household flower garden planted solely for growing flowers that are to be cut and displayed indoors

garden produce: cultivated or farm-produced goods, such as fruit and vegetables

garden rubbish: organic refuse generated by gardening

garden-variety: You can use garden-variety to describe something you think is ordinary and not special in any way.

garden warbler: any of several small brownish-grey European songbirds of the genus Sylvia ( warblers ), esp S. borin, common in woods and hedges : in some parts of Europe they are esteemed as a delicacy

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Однокоренные слова:

gardener - садовник, садовод, огородник
gardening - садоводство
gardens - цветущий уголок, сад, садовый, огородный, обрабатывать сад, работать в саду

Связанные слова: