Noun: девочка девушка молодая женщина невеста


cool girl - клёвая, классная девчонка

eleven-year-old girl - одиннадцатилетняя девочка

pretty seventeen-year-old girl - хорошенькая семнадцатилетняя девушка

honest girl - порядочная девушка

lovely girl - красивая девушка

manicure girl - маникюрша

the girl's a pip - девка что надо

to pursue a pretty girl - преследовать хорошенькую девушку

slim girl - стройная девушка

a beauty of a girl - красавица

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She is my best girl. - Она — моя возлюбленная.

We had a little girl. - У нас была дочка.

Girls! Please be quiet. - Девочки! Потише, пожалуйста.

That girl's got class! - Классная девчонка!

She's a really weird girl. - Она очень странная девушка.

She plays the coy girl. - Она прикидывается скромницей.

Stop annoying the girl. - Хватит надоедать девушке.

Hey, girl. What's up? - Привет, подруга. Как дела? (амер. разг., женщина обращается к хорошей знакомой)

She's ever such a nice girl. - Она очень славная девушка.

a mere wisp of a girl - тростинка, а не девочка

That girl is always hungry. - Эта девочка постоянно хочет есть.

A small girl was eating an ice cream. - Какая-то девочка ела мороженое.

The girl pouted. - Девушка надулась /надула губки/.

Time for bed, girls! - Девочки, пора спать!

Listen to me, my girl! - Послушай меня, девочка моя!

a group of teenage girls - группа девушек-подростков

a genuine and artless girl - искренняя и простодушная девушка

She's a tall, angular girl. - Она высокая, угловатая девушка.

Is this your little girl? - Это ваша дочка?

Less of your sauce, my girl! - Поменьше дерзости, девочка моя!

She's one girl in a million. - Она одна такая девушка на миллион.

Teri seemed like a nice girl. - Тери показалась милой девушкой.

A small girl rushed past her. - Мимо неё пронеслась девочка.

Bring me the stick. Good girl! - Принеси мне палку. Вот умница! (обращаясь к собаке)

The girl stuck her tongue out. - Девочка высунула язык.

They have two girls and a boy. - У них две девочки и мальчик. / У них две дочери и сын.

the girl's dainty little hands - изящные девичьи ручки

a little girl sucking her thumb - девочка, которая сосёт большой палец.

Let us toast the birthday girl! - Давайте поднимем тост за именинницу!

Ellen was a shy, reserved girl. - Эллен была застенчивой и замкнутой девушкой.

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Связанные термины:

B-girl: a female break dancer

It girl: Journalists sometimes use It-girl to describe a young woman who is well-known because she goes to the most fashionable places and events and knows famous people.

baby girl: a female baby

ball girl: In a tennis match, the ball girls pick up any balls that go into the net or off the court and throw them back to the players . In a baseball game, the ball girls are in charge of collecting the balls that are hit out of the field .

bar girl: an attractive girl employed by the management of a bar to befriend male customers and encourage them to buy drinks

best girl: one's sweetheart

call girl: A call girl is a prostitute who makes appointments by telephone.

day girl: a girl who attends a boarding school daily, but returns home each evening

girl band: A girl band is a band consisting of young women who sing pop music and dance .

girl gang: A gang is a group of people, especially young people, who go around together and often deliberately cause trouble .

head girl: The head girl of a school is a senior female student who often represents the school on public occasions .

land girl: a girl or woman who does farm work, esp in wartime

mill girl: a girl or woman who works in a mill

old girl: You can refer to a woman who used to be a pupil at a particular school or university as an old girl .

show girl: a young woman who appears in variety shows, nightclub acts, etc, esp as a singer or dancer

vice girl: a woman who works as a prostitute

altar girl: In the Roman Catholic church, an altar girl is a girl who helps the priest during Mass.

barrow girl: A barrow girl is a woman or girl who sells fruit or other goods from a barrow in the street .

bunny girl: a night-club hostess whose costume includes a rabbit-like tail and ears

chorus girl: A chorus girl is a young woman who sings or dances as part of a group in a show or film .

cover girl: A cover girl is an attractive woman whose photograph appears on the front of a magazine.

Essex girl: a characterization of a young woman from the Essex area, supposed as being materialistic and lacking in taste

flower girl: a girl or woman who sells flowers in the street

funny girl: a woman who is funny or who is a comedian

geezer girl: a young woman who behaves in an aggressive manner

Gibson girl: the ideal fashionable American girl of the late 1890s and early 1900s, as portrayed in the drawings of Charles Dana Gibson, 1867–1944, US illustrator

girl Friday: a female employee who has a wide range of duties, usually including secretarial and clerical work

Girl Guide: In Britain, the Guides used to be called the Girl Guides .

girl power: an assertiveness and self-confidence shown by girls and young women

Girl Scout: In the United States, the Girl Scouts is an organization similar toGuides .

golden girl: a woman or girl who is especially popular and successful

office girl: An office girl is a young woman, especially one who has just left school, who is employed in an office to do simple tasks .

party girl: a girl or woman who is interested in little else besides attending parties

stable girl: A stable girl is a young woman who works in a stable looking after the horses.

teddy girl: a girl companion to a teddy boy

Valley girl: an affluent young Californian woman, typically considered as being excessively concerned with physical appearance and social status

wonder girl: an outstanding girl or woman

bachelor girl: a young unmarried woman, esp one who is self-supporting

backroom girl: You can refer to a woman as a backroom girl when she does important work in an organization and has good ideas but is not seen or known about by the public .

birthday girl: the girl or woman whose birthday is being celebrated

checkout girl: a female employee who works on a supermarket checkout

convent girl: a girl who goes to or has been to a convent school

dancing girl: a professional female dancer who dances to entertain customers at a club, theatre, etc

girl-watching: the activity of looking at young women to enjoy their attractiveness, perhaps with a view to starting a relationship

glamour girl: a glamorous young woman

marching girl: one of a team of girls dressed in fancy uniform who perform marching formations

servant girl: a girl or woman employed as a servant who performs household duties

sweater girl: a young woman or girl with large breasts who wears tight sweaters

weather girl: a young woman who presents weather forecasts

working girl: a girl or woman who works, esp one who supports herself

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Однокоренные слова:

girlhood - девичество
girlish - девчачий, девический, изнеженный, похожий на девочку

Связанные слова: