Noun: стекло стакан зеркало рюмка
Verb: стеклить вставлять стекла помещать в парник остеклять
Adjective: стеклянный


to blow glass - выдувать стекло

a defective pane of glass - повреждённое оконное стекло

to take a drink from a glass - сделать глоток, отпить из стакана

to draw glass - вытягивать стекло

glass engraving - гравирование на стекле

to etch glass - травить стекло

artificial eye, glass eye - глазной протез

figured glass - узорчатое стекло

glass founder - стеклодув

to blow / make glass - выдувать стекло

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a big glass of soda - большой стакан газировки

I poured him a glass of water. - Я налил ему стакан воды.

Mind the broken glass. - Осторожно, битое стекло!

a glass of milk and a cookie - стакан молока и печенька

He heard the smash of glass. - Он услышал, как разбилось стекло.

a small glass of soda - стаканчик газировки

She collected old glass. - Она коллекционировала старинные изделия из стекла.

The glass cracked. - Стекло треснуло.

Fill the glass with ice. - Наполните бокал /стакан/ льдом.

a large glass of water - большой стакан воды

Venetian glass - венецианское стекло

She poured a glass of wine. - Она налила бокал вина.

Be careful with that glass. - Будьте осторожны с этим стеклом.

I need a new pair of glasses. - Мне нужны новые очки.

She drank two glasses of water. - Она выпила два стакана воды.

The glass flew into pieces. - Стекло разбилось вдребезги.

A glass of house red, please. - Стакан красного вина из бочки, пожалуйста.

She filled the glass and drank. - Она наполнила стакан и выпила.

The waiter filled our glasses with water. - Официант наполнил наши бокалы водой.

Set the glass on a coaster. - Стакан поставьте на подставку.

May I fill your glass for you? - Можно наполнить ваш бокал?

That wet glass will mark the table. - Этот мокрый стакан оставит след на столе.

Keep a glass of water within reach. - Держите под рукой стакан воды.

He took a long drink from his glass. - Он сделал большой глоток из своего стакана.

The wine glass shattered - Винный бокал разлетелся вдребезги.

a glass brimful of red wine - наполненный до краёв бокал красного вина

a cold brew in a frosty glass - холодное пиво в ледяной кружке (амер.)

soda pop fizzing in the glass - шипящая в стакане газировка

The soda foamed in the glass. - Газировка в стакане пенилась.

The ice tinkled in the glass. - Лед позвякивал в стакане.

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Связанные термины:

art glass: any of the several varieties of glass using combinations of colors, special effects of opaqueness and transparency, etc., to create an aesthetic effect

cut glass: Cut glass is glass that has patterns cut into its surface.

glass can: a short squat beer bottle

glass eel: elver

glass eye: an artificial eye made of glass

glass in: to enclose with glass panes

glass jaw: a jaw that is excessively fragile or susceptible to punches

beer glass: a glass of a standard size (in Britain holding one pint, or half a pint) with straight sides, or with a handle, to drink beer from

bell glass: a bell-shaped glass cover used to protect flower arrangements or fragile ornaments or to cover apparatus in experiments, esp to prevent gases escaping

cover glass: a thin square of mounted glass used to protect a photographic slide

crown glass: an old form of window glass made by blowing a globe and spinning it until it formed a flat disc

field glass: a small telescope often incorporating a prism and held in one hand

flint glass: a hard, bright glass containing lead oxide and having a high index of refraction, used for lenses, crystal, etc.

float glass: a type of flat polished transparent glass made by allowing the molten glass to harden as it floats on liquid of higher density

foam glass: cellular glass made by fusing powdered glass with carbon particles or other gas-generating material, used chiefly for industrial purposes

glass block: a translucent, hollow or solid block of glass for glazing openings or constructing partitions, usually square on the face, with the outer surfaces treated in any of various ways

glass case: a case made of glass, usually in a wood or metal frame, used for displaying and protecting precious or important objects

glass cliff: a situation in which a member of a minority or disadvantaged group is promoted to a position of authority in circumstances that make it very difficult for him or her to succeed

glass door: a door made of glass, usually in a wood or metal frame

glass fiber: Glass fiber is another name for → fiberglass .

glass fibre: Glass fibre is another name for → fibreglass .

glass-maker: a person who makes glass or glass objects

glass snake: any snakelike lizard of the genus Ophisaurus, of Europe, Asia, and North America, with vestigial hind limbs and a tail that breaks off easily : family Anguidae

glass wool: fine spun glass massed into a wool-like bulk, used in insulation, filtering, etc

green glass: glass in its natural colour, usually greenish as a result of metallic substances in the raw materials

hand glass: a magnifying glass with a handle

lead glass: glass that contains lead oxide as a flux

milk glass: opaque white glass, originally produced in imitation of Chinese porcelain

opal glass: glass that is opalescent or white, made by the addition of fluorides

pier glass: a tall narrow mirror, usually one of a pair or set, designed to hang on the wall between windows, usually above a pier table

plate glass: Plate glass is thick glass made in large, flat pieces, which is used especially to make large windows and doors .

ruby glass: glass that has a deep rich red colour produced from oxides of various minerals, such as lead, copper, and iron

sheet glass: glass in sheet form produced by drawing or by the cylinder glass process

shot glass: a small glass that holds a single measure of spirits

spun glass: fine glass fiber, made by forming liquid glass into a thread

storm glass: a sealed tube containing a solution supposed to change in appearance according to the weather

tall glass: A glass is a container made from glass, which you can drink from and which does not have a handle .

vent glass: the triangular shaped glass on the side of an automobile between the windshield and the front door glass

watch-glass: a curved glass disc that covers the dial of a watch

water glass: a viscous syrupy solution of sodium silicate in water: used as a protective coating for cement and a preservative, esp for eggs

wine glass: A wine glass is a glass, usually with a narrow stem, which you use for drinking wine.

wire glass: a sheet glass that contains a layer of reinforcing wire netting within it

bottle glass: glass used for making bottles, consisting of a silicate of sodium, calcium, and aluminium

burning glass: a convex lens for concentrating the sun's rays into a small area to produce heat or fire

cheval glass: full-length mirror that can swivel

cupping glass: a glass vessel from which air can be removed by suction or heat to create a partial vacuum : formerly used in drawing blood to the surface of the skin for slow bloodletting

Favrile glass: a type of iridescent glass developed by L .C. Tiffany

frosted glass: glass with a frosted appearance obtained by acid etching or sandblasting, used to create glass patterns or to make a window unable to be seen through although light still transmits through it

glass-blowing: the process of shaping a mass of molten or softened glass into a vessel, shape, etc, by blowing air into it through a tube

glass ceiling: When people refer to a glass ceiling, they are talking about the attitudes and traditions in a society that prevent women from rising to the top jobs .

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Однокоренные слова:

glass in - вставлять стекла, остеклять, покрывать стеклом

Связанные слова: