Noun: очки


to clang glasses together - чокаться, звенеть стаканами

dark glasses - тёмные очки

to focus / train field glasses on smth. - наводить полевой бинокль на что-л.

dark / sun glasses - тёмные, солнечные очки

reading glasses - очки для чтения

to look through blue glasses - смотреть мрачно, пессимистически

glasses clink - звенят стаканы

look through rose-coloured glasses - видеть все в привлекательном свете

see through rose-coloured glasses - смотреть сквозь розовые очки; видеть все в розовом свете

commercial float glasses - промышленные образцы флоат-стекла

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Did you find your glasses? - Ты нашёл свои очки?

I need glasses for reading. - Для чтения мне нужны очки.

Three glasses of wine are my limit. - Три стакана вина — мой потолок.

The glasses are all to bits. - Стёкла все вдребезги разбиты.

I've mislaid my glasses again. - Я снова куда-то дел свои очки.

Do you know where my glasses are? - Вы не знаете, где мои очки?

She drank two glasses of water. - Она выпила два стакана воды.

I lost my glasses on the school bus. - Я потерял свои очки в школьном автобусе.

He readjusted his glasses. - Он поправил очки.

He wore glasses for reading. - Для чтения он надевал очки.

Shall I dry up these glasses? - Разрешите, я протру эти очки?

I need new frames for my glasses. - Мне нужна новая оправа для очков.

Botheration. I forgot my glasses. - Вот досада: я забыл очки.

I can't see you without my glasses. - Без очков я тебя не вижу.

Would you run up and get my glasses? - Поднимись, пожалуйста, принеси мне очки.

I can't see a thing without my glasses. - Я без очков ничегошеньки не вижу.

a set of six crystal glasses - набор из шести хрустальных бокалов

I need a new pair of glasses. - Мне нужны новые очки.

My glasses are all steamed up. - Мои очки полностью запотели.

He was clean-shaven and wore glasses. - Он был чисто выбрит и носил очки.

He just had time to refocus his glasses. - У него едва хватило времени, чтобы перенастроить бинокль.

These glasses make me look like a freak. - В этих очках я выгляжу как урод / посмешище.

The earpiece of his glasses snapped off. - Дужка /заушина/ его очков отломалась.

The waiter filled our glasses with water. - Официант наполнил наши бокалы водой.

As our glasses touched, he said 'Cheers!' - — Ваше здоровье! — сказал он, чокаясь со мной бокалом.

Without my glasses everything looks fuzzy. - Без очков для меня всё как будто в тумане.

His glasses got bent when he dropped them. - Его очки погнулись, когда он их уронил.

Champagne glasses clinked to make a toast. - Завершая тост, зазвенели бокалы с шампанским.

She disguised herself in a wig and glasses. - Она изменила свою внешность с помощью парика и очков.

She was bearing a tray of brimming glasses. - Она несла поднос, уставленный наполненными до краёв бокалами.

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Связанные термины:

glass: Glass is a hard transparent substance that is used to make things such as windows and bottles.

dark glasses: Dark glasses are glasses which have dark-coloured lenses to protect your eyes in the sunshine .

field glasses: Field-glasses are the same as → binoculars .

opera glasses: small low-powered binoculars used by audiences in theatres and opera houses

aviator glasses: sunglasses that look like goggles

granny glasses: round steel-rimmed or gold-rimmed glasses

musical glasses: a musical instrument of the 18th century consisting of a set of glass bowls of graduated pitches, played by rubbing the fingers over the moistened rims or by a keyboard mechanism

pebble glasses: spectacles with round thick lenses with a high degree of magnification

reading glasses: Reading glasses are glasses that are worn by people, for example when they are reading, because they cannot see things close to them very well.

prescription glasses: spectacles the lenses of which have been made specifically to match the wearer's defects of vision

gold-rimmed glasses: spectacles with gold-coloured frames

rose-colored glasses: a cheerful or optimistic view of things, usually without valid basis

art glass: any of the several varieties of glass using combinations of colors, special effects of opaqueness and transparency, etc., to create an aesthetic effect

cut glass: Cut glass is glass that has patterns cut into its surface.

beer glass: a glass of a standard size (in Britain holding one pint, or half a pint) with straight sides, or with a handle, to drink beer from

bell glass: a bell-shaped glass cover used to protect flower arrangements or fragile ornaments or to cover apparatus in experiments, esp to prevent gases escaping

cover glass: a thin square of mounted glass used to protect a photographic slide

crown glass: an old form of window glass made by blowing a globe and spinning it until it formed a flat disc

field glass: a small telescope often incorporating a prism and held in one hand

flint glass: a hard, bright glass containing lead oxide and having a high index of refraction, used for lenses, crystal, etc.

float glass: a type of flat polished transparent glass made by allowing the molten glass to harden as it floats on liquid of higher density

foam glass: cellular glass made by fusing powdered glass with carbon particles or other gas-generating material, used chiefly for industrial purposes

green glass: glass in its natural colour, usually greenish as a result of metallic substances in the raw materials

hand glass: a magnifying glass with a handle

hourglass: An hourglass is a device that was used to measure the passing of an hour . It has two round glass sections linked by a narrow channel, and contains sand which takes an hour to flow from the top section into the lower one.

lead glass: glass that contains lead oxide as a flux

liquid glass: a viscous syrupy solution of sodium silicate in water: used as a protective coating for cement and a preservative, esp for eggs

milk glass: opaque white glass, originally produced in imitation of Chinese porcelain

opal glass: glass that is opalescent or white, made by the addition of fluorides

pier glass: a tall narrow mirror, usually one of a pair or set, designed to hang on the wall between windows, usually above a pier table

plate glass: Plate glass is thick glass made in large, flat pieces, which is used especially to make large windows and doors .

ruby glass: glass that has a deep rich red colour produced from oxides of various minerals, such as lead, copper, and iron

sheet glass: glass in sheet form produced by drawing or by the cylinder glass process

shot glass: a small glass that holds a single measure of spirits

spun glass: fine glass fiber, made by forming liquid glass into a thread

storm glass: a sealed tube containing a solution supposed to change in appearance according to the weather

vent glass: the triangular shaped glass on the side of an automobile between the windshield and the front door glass

watch-glass: a curved glass disc that covers the dial of a watch

water clock: any of various devices for measuring time that use the escape of water as the motive force

water glass: a viscous syrupy solution of sodium silicate in water: used as a protective coating for cement and a preservative, esp for eggs

wine glass: A wine glass is a glass, usually with a narrow stem, which you use for drinking wine.

wire glass: a sheet glass that contains a layer of reinforcing wire netting within it

artificial leech: a glass vessel from which air can be removed by suction or heat to create a partial vacuum : formerly used in drawing blood to the surface of the skin for slow bloodletting

bottle glass: glass used for making bottles, consisting of a silicate of sodium, calcium, and aluminium

burning glass: a convex lens for concentrating the sun's rays into a small area to produce heat or fire

carnival glass: a colorful iridescent pressed glassware popular in the U.S. in the early 20th century

cheval glass: full-length mirror that can swivel

cocktail glass: a glass for serving cocktails, typically bell-shaped and having a foot and a stem

cupping glass: a glass vessel from which air can be removed by suction or heat to create a partial vacuum : formerly used in drawing blood to the surface of the skin for slow bloodletting

Favrile glass: a type of iridescent glass developed by L .C. Tiffany

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