Noun: бог божество кумир идол
Verb: боготворить обожествлять


flame of god - огонь Божий

god's agent - посланец Бога

god's family - Божья семья; Божья семь

god's kingdom - царство Божье

god's love of mankind - человеколюбие Божье

god's love - Божья любовь

god's power - сила Божья

god's - божий

god speed - пожелание удачи; успех; удача

god the holy spirit - Бог Святой Дух

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Money became his god. - Деньги стали его божеством.

Does she believe in God? - Верит ли она в Бога?

Mars, the god of war - Марс, бог войны

a myth about the god of war - миф о Боге войны

I pray to God that no one was seriously injured in the accident. - Я молю Бога, чтобы в этой аварии никто серьёзно не пострадал.

He was a god among men. - На фоне других он казался каким-то божеством.

To his fans he is a god. - Он — бог для своих фанатов.

the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt - боги и богини древнего Египта

a professor who was regarded as a kind of god - профессор, который считался своего рода божеством

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Связанные термины:

to God: You can use God in expressions such as I hope to God, or I wish to God, or I swear to God, in order to emphasize what you are saying .

God man: a person, such as Jesus Christ, who unites humanity with God

sea god: a god of the sea

sex god: a man, esp a film star, whom many people consider to be sexually attractive

sun-god: the sun considered as a personal deity

tin god: a self-important dictatorial person

goat God: a deity with the legs and feet of a goat, as Pan or a satyr

god-awful: If someone says that something is god-awful, they think it is very unpleasant. This word could cause offence .

god game: a computer roleplaying game in which the player controls the destiny of one or more avatars within a large virtual environment

God-given: given by God

God help: You use God help you to warn someone that something unpleasant will happen to them if they do a particular thing.

God knows: If someone says God knows in reply to a question, they mean that they do not know the answer .

Greek god: a male deity from the ancient Greek pantheon, taken, from classical sculpture, as the archetype of male beauty

play God: If someone plays God, they act as if they have unlimited power and can do anything they want .

God bless!: may God bestow blessings on you

God-fearing: A God-fearing person is religious and behaves according to the moral rules of their religion .

God forbid!: If you say God forbid, you are expressing your hope that something will not happen.

God willing: If you say God willing, you are saying that something will happen if all goes well .

please God: You say please God to emphasize a strong hope, wish, or desire that you have.

act of God: An act of God is an event that is beyond human control, especially one in which something is damaged or someone is hurt .

God-botherer: an over-zealous Christian

God particle: an elementary particle with zero spin and mass greater than zero, predicted to exist by electroweak theory and other gauge theories, discovered in 2012

God's acre: a churchyard or burial ground

God's gift: If a person thinks they are God's gift to someone or something, they think they are perfect or extremely good .

man of God: a saint or prophet

son of God: an angelic being

City of God: heaven conceived of as the New Jerusalem

God help us: If you say God help us, you mean that you have negative feelings about the person or situation you are talking about.

house of God: A Christian church is sometimes referred to as a house of God .

Lamb of God: a title given to Christ in the New Testament, probably with reference to his sacrificial death

rod from God: a weapon, currently in the development stage, that consists of a metal cylinder that is fired from an orbiting spacecraft at a target on earth. The cylinder is calculated to reach speeds in excess of 7000 mph, hitting its target with the power of a small atomic weapon

the goat god: the god of fields, woods, shepherds, and flocks, represented as a man with a goat's legs, horns, and ears

Word of God: the Bible

a man of God: The term a man of God is sometimes used to refer to Christian priests or ministers .

honest to God: Some people say ' honest to God ' to emphasize their feelings or to emphasize that something is really true .

Mother of God: In Christianity, the Mother of God is another name for the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ .

walk with God: to lead a godly, morally upright life

goddam: an oath expressing anger, surprise, etc

in God's name: If someone uses such expressions as what in God's name, why in God's name, or how in God's name, they are emphasizing how angry, annoyed, or surprised they are.

so help me (God): I swear

the Word of God: the 2nd person of the Trinity

(God) save the mark!: an exclamation of humorous astonishment, irony, contempt, etc.

goddaughter: A goddaughter is a female godchild.

godforsaken: If you say that somewhere is a godforsaken place, you dislike it a lot because you find it very boring and depressing .

honest-to-goodness: genuine ; real; authentic

put the fear of God into: to frighten

take God's name in vain: to use God's name disrespectfully, especially by swearing

behave like a little tin god: to behave as if you are much more important and powerful than you really are

God knows/God only knows/God alone knows: You can say God knows, God only knows, or God alone knows to emphasize that you do not know something.

heaven/god/lord/christ etc knows: People use expressions such as goodness knows, Heaven knows, and God knows when they do not know something and want to suggest that nobody could possibly know it.

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Однокоренные слова:

godless - безбожный, нечестивый
godlike - богоподобный, божественный
godly - благочестивый, божественный, религиозный

Связанные слова: