Noun: золото злато золотистый цвет цвет золота
Adjective: золотой


gold value - золотая стоимость, стоимость в золоте

to go after gold - отправиться за золотом

to convert stones into gold - превращать камни в золото

gold / silver lace - золотой, серебряный галун

gold locket - золотой медальон

malleability of gold - пластичность золота

gold medal - золотая медаль

gold mine - золотой прииск

gold mining - золотопромышленность, добыча золота

to find a gold nugget - найти золотой самородок

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'Is that real gold?' 'Yes.' - — Это настоящее золото? — Да.

The ring is solid gold. - Это кольцо — из чистого золота.

Gold and iron alloy with ease. - Золото и железо легко сплавляются.

He made a gold. - Он попал в самое "яблочко".

She deals in gold. - Она занимается золотом.

She has a heart of gold. - У неё золотое сердце.

What is the price of gold? - Какова цена золота?

She wore a gold lame dress. - На ней было платье из золотой парчи /из золотого ламе/.

They were questing for gold. - Они вели поиски золота.

Good husbandry bags up gold. - У хорошего хозяина прибывает денег.

a necklace with a gold cross - ожерелье с золотым крестом

He's got a real head of gold. - Да у него золотая голова!

Gold does not tarnish easily. - Золото плохо окисляется.

They went on a quest for gold. - Они отправились на поиски золота.

a silver ring with gold overlay - серебряное кольцо с золотым покрытием

The hem of the blouse was gold. - Подол блузы был золотистым.

The child was as good as gold. - Это был просто золото, а не ребёнок. / Ребёнок вёл себя очень послушно.

Pauline wore a tiny gold cross. - Полина носила крошечный золотой крестик.

This is silver and that is gold. - Это — серебро, а то — золото.

She wears a lot of gold jewelry. - Она носит много золотых украшений.

a porcelain bowl rimmed with gold - фарфоровая миска с золотым ободком

She had a gold watch on her wrist. - У неё были золотые часы на запястье.

a cedarwood casket with gold inlay - шкатулка из кедрового дерева с золотой инкрустацией

Pawn your grandfather's gold watch. - Отдай в залог дедушкины золотые часы.

Several pages are lettered in gold. - Несколько страниц написано золотыми буквами.

The leaves shaded into gold and red. - Листья стали золотыми и красными.

The winner was awarded a gold medal. - Победителя наградили золотой медалью.

All is not gold that glitters. посл. - Не все то золото, что блестит.

Gold is mined from deep under ground. - Золото добывается из глубины земных недр.

She had a gold chain around her neck. - На шее у неё была золотая цепочка.

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Связанные термины:

free gold: gold, uncombined with other minerals, found in a pure state

gold bond: a bond payable in gold

gold bug: one who buys, or advocates buying, gold as protection against an anticipated collapse in the value of currency, stocks, etc.

gold card: A gold card is a special type of credit card that gives you extra benefits such as a higher spending limit .

gold disc: (in Britain ) an album certified to have sold 250 000 copies or a single certified to have sold 500 000 copies

gold dust: Gold dust is gold in the form of a fine powder.

gold foil: thin gold sheet that is thicker than gold leaf

gold lace: a gold-coloured braid which is used to decorate uniforms

gold leaf: Gold leaf is gold that has been beaten flat into very thin sheets and is used for decoration, for example to form the letters on the cover of a book.

gold mine: If you describe something such as a business or idea as a gold mine, you mean that it produces large profits.

gold note: a currency note issued exclusively to the Federal Reserve Banks by the US Treasury . It forms a claim on gold reserves deposited by the Federal Reserve Banks at the Treasury and is used to transfer interbank balances within the Federal Reserve System

gold pool: the representatives of the UK, the US, France, Switzerland, West Germany, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg who, between 1961 and 1968, unsuccessfully attempted to fix the price of gold at $35 per ounce

gold rush: A gold rush is a situation when a lot of people suddenly go to a place where gold has been discovered .

gold star: a small, gold-colored star displayed to represent a member of the U.S. armed forces killed in war

old gold: a dark yellow colour, sometimes with a brownish tinge

black gold: petroleum

Dutch gold: a substitute for gold leaf, consisting of thin sheets of copper that have been turned yellow by exposure to the fumes of molten zinc

filled gold: brass or other base metal covered with a layer of gold

fool's gold: Fool's gold is a substance that is found in rock and that looks very like gold.

gold basis: the gold standard as a criterion for the determination of prices

gold beetle: any American beetle of the family Chrysomelidae having a bright metallic lustre

gold braid: a gold-coloured braid which is used to decorate uniforms

gold brick: something with only a superficial appearance of value

Gold Coast: a city comprising a line of beach resorts in E Australia, extending for over 30 km (20 miles) along the SE coast of Queensland and the NE coast of New South Wales . Pop: 527 828 (2010)

gold-digger: A gold-digger is a person who has a relationship with someone who is rich in order to get money or expensive things from them.

gold fever: the extreme excitement and greed caused by a gold rush

gold field: an area or district where gold is mined

gold-filled: covered with a layer of gold

gold fixing: the procedure by which the price of gold is established

gold medal: A gold medal is a medal made of gold which is awarded as first prize in a contest or competition.

gold plate: a thin coating of gold, usually produced by electroplating

gold-plated: Something that is gold-plated is covered with a very thin layer of gold.

gold point: either of two exchange rates (the gold export point and the gold import point ) at which it is as cheap to settle international accounts by exporting or importing gold bullion as by selling or buying bills of exchange

gold record: (in Britain ) an album certified to have sold 250 000 copies or a single certified to have sold 500 000 copies

gold-rimmed: Gold-rimmed glasses have gold-coloured frames .

gold tooth: Your teeth are the hard white objects in your mouth, which you use for biting and chewing .

liquid gold: a suspension of finely divided gold in a vegetable oil, used chiefly for gilding ceramic ware

mosaic gold: stannic sulphide, esp when suspended in lacquer for use in gilding surfaces

paper gold: → SDRs

rolled gold: a metal, such as brass, coated with a thin layer of gold, usually of above 9 carat purity . It is used in inexpensive jewellery

strike gold: to find, do or produce something that brings you a lot of money or success

Talmi gold: a metal made by rolling gold on brass, used in making costume jewelry

white gold: any of various white lustrous hard-wearing alloys containing gold together with platinum and palladium and sometimes smaller amounts of silver, nickel, or copper : used in jewellery

Yukon Gold: a variety of yellow-fleshed potato developed in Canada

gold-beating: the act, process, or skill of hammering sheets of gold into gold leaf

gold farming: the practice of selling virtual assets gained in a computer game for real money

gold filling: a small amount of gold that a dentist puts in a hole in a tooth to prevent further decay

gold reserve: the gold reserved by a central bank to support domestic credit expansion, to cover balance of payments deficits, and to protect currency

gold reserves: the gold reserved by a central bank to support domestic credit expansion, to cover balance of payments deficits, and to protect currency

gold standard: a monetary system in which the unit of currency is defined with reference to gold

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Однокоренные слова:

golden - золотой, золотистый, златой
goldish - золотистый, с золотым или золотистым отливом