Noun: зеленый цвет зелень растительность молодость
Adjective: зеленый сырой свежий растительный
Verb: зеленеть красить в зеленый цвет мистифицировать делаться зеленым


to keep the bones green - сохранять хорошее здоровье

cool green - светло-зелёный

dark green - тёмно-зелёный

consumed / green with envy - снедаемый завистью

green frog - зелёная лягушка

green salad - зелёный салат

green bananas - незрелые бананы

green fruit - незрелые фрукты

gosling green - бледно-зеленый цвет с желтоватым отливом

green hand - новичок

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The bananas are still green. - Бананы всё еще зеленые. / Бананы еще не созрели.

The trees are greening - Деревья зеленеют (обрастают листвой).

My bedroom carpet is green. - Ковер в моей спальне зеленого цвета.

The grass is brightly green. - Трава ярко-зеленая.

She forged a Green Card - Она подделала грин-карту.

Green color harmonizes with red one. - Зелёный цвет сочетается с красным.

A long coat in green velvet. - Длинное пальто из зелёного бархата.

Bananas are green when unripe. - Бананы зеленые, когда неспелые. / Незрелые бананы — зелёного цвета.

Blue and green are my favorite colors. - Синий и зелёный — мои любимые цвета.

She decided on the green hat. - Она выбрала зелёную шляпу.

a mixture of blues and greens - смесь голубого и зелёного

fields green with meadow grass - поля, зелёные от луговой травы

I walked home across the green. - Я пошёл домой прямо через газон.

Do you see any green in my eye? - Разве я кажусь таким легковерным, неопытным?

Do you see these big green guys? - Видишь эти большие зеленые штуки?

a plant with glossy green leaves - растение с блестящими зелёными листьями

She was a lovely vision in green. - В зелёном она выглядела просто прекрасно.

Eventually the lights turned green. - Наконец светофор переключился на зелёный.

Mr Green arrived at six on the dot. - Мистер Грин прибыл ровно в шесть.

I don't have the green for a new car. - У меня нет бабок /«зелени»/ на новую машину.

the thick green foliage of the jungle - густая зелёная листва джунглей

the green glow of the computer monitor - зелёное свечение монитора компьютера

Red meansstopand green meansgo.” - Красный цвет означает “стой”, а зелёный — “иди”.

leafy green vegetables such as spinach - зеленолистные овощи вроде шпината

The starting signal was a green light. - Стартовым сигналом был зелёный свет.

The yellow leaf is margined with green. - Листок с зелёной каёмкой.

Grapes are usually either green or red. - Виноград обычно или красный, или зелёный.

She had high cheekbones and green eyes. - Она была скуластая и зеленоглазая.

a room decorated in pale blues and greens - помещение, оформленное в светло-голубых и зелёных тонах

Chlorophyll is a group of green pigments. - Хлорофилл — это группа зелёных пигментов.

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Связанные термины:

green ban: a trade union ban on any development that might be considered harmful to the environment

Green Bay: arm of Lake Michigan, extending into NE Wis .: c. 100 mi (161 km) long

green fee: See greens fee

green pea: pea 1 (sense 1 ), pea 1 (sense 2 ), pea 1 (sense 3 )

green run: a very easy run, suitable for complete beginners

green tax: A green tax is a tax that encourages people not to harm the environment, or helps pay for things that are good for the environment.

green tea: Green tea is a pale type of tea grown mainly in Japan and China, and usually drunk without milk .

pea green: a yellowish-green colour

sea green: Something that is sea-green is a bluish-green colour like the colour of the sea.

apple green: a bright light green or moderate yellowish-green

back green: grass or a garden at the back of a house, esp a tenement

baggy green: the Australian Test cricket cap

bice green: a medium blue colour; azurite

crown green: a type of bowling green in which the sides are lower than the middle

deep green: a person, esp a politician, who is in favour of taking extreme measures to tackle environmentalist issues

grass green: a green colour like grass

green alder: a variety of alder ( Alnus viridis ) common in temperate areas of the northern hemisphere

green algae: the algae of the phylum Chlorophyta, which possess the green pigment chlorophyll . The group includes sea lettuce and spirogyra

green bean: Green beans are long narrow beans that are eaten as a vegetable .

green beans: the narrow green edible pods of a green bean plant

green belt: A green belt is an area of land with fields or parks around a town or city, where people are not allowed to build houses or factories by law .

Green Beret: A Green Beret is a British or American → commando .

green card: A green card is a document showing that someone who is not a citizen of the United States has permission to live and work there.

green corn: young ears of sweet corn, in the milky stage

green crab: a yellowish-green crab, Carcinides maenas, common in shallow waters along rocky shores

green earth: any of several earths or clays containing iron silicates used as a pale grayish-green pigment

green-eyed: jealous or envious

Green Flag: an award given to a bathing beach that meets EU standards of cleanliness

green flash: a flash of bright green light sometimes seen as the sun passes below the horizon, caused by a combination of the dispersion, scattering, and refraction of light

green gland: one of a pair of excretory organs in some crustaceans that open at the base of each antenna

green glass: glass in its natural colour, usually greenish as a result of metallic substances in the raw materials

green gram: a leguminous plant, Phaseolus aureus, whose seeds are used as food in India

green heron: a small heron, Butorides virescens, of subtropical North America, with dark greenish wings and back

green leek: any of several Australian parrots with a green or mostly green plumage

green light: a signal to go, esp a green traffic light

green line: a line of demarcation between two hostile communities

green lung: an area of parkland within a town or city, considered in terms of the healthier environment it provides

green mold: any of various species of a fungus (esp. genus Penicillium ) that produce greenish masses of spores

green mould: any fungus of the genus Penicillium that forms a bluish mass on decaying food, leather, etc

green onion: Green onions are small onions with long green leaves .

green paper: In Britain, a Green Paper is a document containing ideas about a particular subject that is published by the Government so that people can discuss them before any decisions are made.

Green Party: The Green Party is a political party that is particularly concerned about protecting the environment.

green peas: peas eaten while fresh and immature

green pound: a unit of account used in calculating Britain's contributions to and payments from the Community Agricultural Fund of the EU

green power: electricity generated in a way that is in keeping with conservation of the world's natural resources and improvement of the environment

Green River: a river in the western US, rising in W central Wyoming and flowing south into Utah, east through NW Colorado, re-entering Utah before joining the Colorado River. Length: 1175 km (730 miles)

green roof: a roof covered with vegetation, designed for its aesthetic value and to optimize energy conservation

green salad: A green salad is a salad made mainly with lettuce and other green vegetables.

green snake: any of a genus ( Opheodrys ) of harmless, small and slender, green colubrid snakes of North America

green soap: a soft or liquid alkaline soap made from vegetable oils, used in treating certain chronic skin diseases

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Однокоренные слова:

green out - давать ростки

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