Adjective: серый седой пасмурный мрачный
Noun: серый цвет Грэй седина ум
Verb: седеть делать серым делаться серым


to go grey - седеть

work done without much expenditure of grey matter - работа, не требующая большого ума

dull-grey - тускло-серый цвет

grey iron foundry - чугунолитейное производство

don a gala grey suit - облачиться в парадный серый костюм

grey ghost - работник автомобильной стоянки

conversion of grey goods - отделка сурового товара

grey goose - гусь серый; дикий гусь

apply a finish imitating grey granite - отделать поверхность под серый гранит

brown-grey - буро-серый

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Her hair began to grey - Ее волосы начали седеть

a full head of greying hair - голова, полная седеющих волос

It was a miserable grey day. - Это был печальный серый день.

Those were grey years. - Это была однообразная череда лет.

The sky was a dull grey now. - Небо стало тускло-серым.

Her hair is starting to go grey. - Ее волосы начинают седеть.

a blue rinse for grey hair - оттеночная краска для седых волос

All I recollect is a grey sky. - Всё, что я помню, это серое небо.

the muddied grey of the sea - мутная серость моря

Grey mould covered the walls. - Стены были покрыты серой плесенью.

His face went grey with shock. - Его лицо побледнело от пережитого шока.

The day was grey and cheerless. - День был серым и унылым.

He was riding a large grey mare. - Он ехал верхом на большой серой кобыле.

Sam's face was grey with fatigue. - Лицо Сэма было серым от усталости.

the grey wretchedness of the rain - серая убогость дождя

Interior trimming is grey leather. - Внутренняя отделка - серая кожа.

Treat his grey hairs with reverence. - Отнеситесь с почтением к его сединам.

The old man's skin hung loose and grey. - Землистая кожа старика свисала дряблыми складками.

a jacket available in black or grey marl - пиджак, имеющийся в продаже в чёрном или серо-меланжевом цвете

Paul was greying a little at the temples. - На висках у Пола проглядывала седина.

We have papered this room in softest grey. - Мы выбрали для этой комнаты обои самого нежного серого цвета.

a wizened little man with frizzy grey hair - морщинистый человечек с вьющимися седыми волосами

Time has stranded her black hair with grey. - Время вплело седые пряди в её чёрную шевелюру.

A raw breeze whiffing about his grey hairs. - Промозглый ветер обдувающий его седые волосы.

Time may have greyed their hair. - Возможно, время уже посеребрило их волосы.

The Confederate army was a vast grey. - Армия Конфедерации была словно огромное серое море.

Rose's hair was already turning grey. - Волосы Роз уже начали седеть.

Usually I wear black, grey, or brown. - Обычно я ношу чёрное, серое или коричневое.

She had an elfin face and wide grey eyes. - У неё было миниатюрное личико и большие серые глаза.

The adults have white bodies and grey backs. - У взрослых особей белое тело с серой спиной.

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Связанные термины:

dove grey: a brownish-grey colour

Earl Grey: a variety of China tea flavoured with oil of bergamot

grey area: If you refer to something as a grey area, you mean that it is unclear, for example because nobody is sure how to deal with it or who is responsible for it, or it falls between two separate categories of things.

grey body: a body that emits radiation in constant proportion to the corresponding black-body radiation

grey duck: a New Zealand duck, Anas superciliosa, with grey-edged brown feathers

grey fox: a greyish American fox, Urocyon cinereoargenteus, inhabiting arid and woody regions from S North America to N South America

grey gum: any of various eucalyptus trees of New South Wales having dull grey bark, esp Eucalyptus punctata

Grey Owl: Grey Owl, original name Archibald Belaney (1888–1938). Canadian writer and conservationist, born in England; adopted Native American identity

grey seal: a greyish species of earless seal, Halichoerus grypus

grey vote: the body of elderly people's votes, or elderly people regarded collectively as voters

grey-wave: denoting a company or an investment that is potentially profitable but is unlikely to fulfil expectations before the investor has grey hair

grey wolf: a variety of the wolf, Canis lupus, having a grey brindled coat and occurring in forested northern regions, esp of North America

iron grey: a neutral or dark grey colour

dapple-grey: a horse with a grey coat having spots of darker colour

grey alder: a variety of alder ( Alnus incana ) with grey bark, common in temperate areas of the northern hemisphere

grey cloud: A cloud is a mass of water vapour that floats in the sky. Clouds are usually white or grey in colour.

Grey Friar: a Franciscan friar

grey-haired: having grey hair

grey heron: a large European heron, Ardea cinerea, with grey wings and back and a long black drooping crest

grey import: an imported vehicle that does not have an exact model equivalent in the receiving country

grey knight: an ambiguous intervener in a takeover battle, who makes a counterbid for the shares of the target company without having made his or her intentions clear

grey market: Grey market goods are bought unofficially and then sold to customers at lower prices than usual .

grey matter: You can refer to your intelligence or your brains as grey matter .

grey mullet: any teleost food fish of the family Mugilidae, mostly occurring in coastal regions, having a spindle-shaped body and a broad fleshy mouth

grey nomad: any elderly retired person who spends time travelling around the country in a mobile home

grey plover: a greyish species of plover, Pluvialis squatarola

grey power: the political, financial, or social influence of elderly people

grey sedge: an angler's name for a greyish caddis fly, Odontocerum albicorne, that frequents running water, in which its larvae make cases from grains of sand

grey skate: a species of skate, Dipturus batis

grey-state: (of a fabric or material ) not yet dyed

grey water: household waste water that can be reused for some purposes without purification, e. g . bath water, which can be used to water plants

grey whale: a large N Pacific whalebone whale, Eschrichtius glaucus, that is grey or black with white spots and patches : family Eschrichtidae

grey willow: a species of willow, Salix cinerea, with greenish-grey catkins

pearl grey: a light bluish-grey colour

silver-grey: light grey that resembles silver

slate-grey: of a dark grey colour

steel grey: a dark grey colour, usually slightly purple

steely grey: → another name for steel grey

charcoal grey: a very dark grey colour

grey eminence: a person who wields power and influence unofficially or behind the scenes

grey gurnard: a species of scorpionfish, Eutriglia gurnardus

grey panther: a member of the generation of affluent older consumers, who regard themselves as young, active, and sociable

grey squirrel: a grey-furred squirrel, Sciurus carolinensis, native to E North America but now widely established elsewhere

Grey-Thompson: Tanni ( Carys Davina ) Baroness . born 1969, Welsh wheelchair athlete ; won eleven gold medals for Britain in wheelchair racing in the Paralympic Games (1988–2004); a crossbench peer in the House of Lords since 2010

grey wagtail: a greyish species of wagtail, Motacilla cinerea, found in temperate regions

grey warbler: a small bush bird that hatches the eggs of the shining cuckoo

a grey area: a situation or subject that is nor clear or understood and that nobody really knows how to deal with

grey propaganda: propaganda that does not identify its source

great grey shrike: the bird Lanius excubitor

grey-faced petrel: a dark-coloured New Zealand petrel, Pterodroma macroptera gouldi

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Однокоренные слова:

greed - жадность, алчность
green - зеленый, сырой, свежий, зелень, зеленый цвет, зеленеть
greyish - сероватый, седоватый, с проседью
greyness - серость, седина, сумрачность
greyly - серо, с серым оттенком, сумрачно, пасмурно, мрачно, безрадостно

Связанные слова: