Noun: земля основание грунт заземление
Adjective: молотый грунтовой измельченный общий
Verb: заземлять основывать обосновывать грунтовать


to come to the ground - упасть

leak to chassis ground - утечка на корпус

stone ground wheat crackers - крекеры из муки грубого помола

on dangerous ground - в опасной ситуации

above-ground organs (leaves and stems) - наземные органы (листья и стебли)

to drive into the ground - вколачивать в грунт

fertile ground / field - благодатная почва

ground floor - первый этаж

fresh-ground coffee - свежемолотый кофе

to gain ground, gather ground, get ground - продвигаться вперёд, делать успехи

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An apple fell to the ground. - На землю упало яблоко.

They gained ground step by step. - Они шаг за шагом продвигались вперёд. (делали успехи в деле)

The corn is ground into meal. - Зерно перемалывается в муку.

Cigar butts littered the ground. - На земле валялись сигарные окурки.

The ground feels shaky. - Земля под ногами какая-то ненадёжная.

The church burnt to the ground. - Церковь сгорела дотла.

The ground levelled off. - Земля выровнялась.

Newton broke new ground in science. - Ньютон сказал новое слово в науке.

We stand on common ground. - Мы разделяем одни и те же взгляды. (перен.)

The apple dropped to the ground. - Яблоко упало на землю.

The snow lay thick upon the ground. - Земля была покрыта толщей снега.

Each side was unwilling to give ground (=change their opinion). - Ни одна из сторон не желала уступать (т.е. менять своё мнение).

Lisa broke new ground for women. - Лиза открыла новое поле деятельности для женщин.

Houses should be built on high ground. - Дома следует строить на возвышенности.

He found a dollar on the ground. - Он нашёл на земле доллар.

The essay covers familiar ground. - Сочинение охватывает хорошо знакомую тему.

The window came down to the ground. - Окно доходило до самой земли.

The earthquake shook the ground. - Землетрясение сотрясло землю.

Dig the ground over in the autumn. - Осенью перекопайте землю.

The dirt's been ground in the carpet. - Грязь въелась в ковёр.

Both parties are battling to occupy the centre ground. - Обе стороны борются за то, чтобы занять место ведущей центристкой партии.

The burial site is sacred ground. - Этот могильник является священной землёй.

At night, badgers feed above ground. - По ночам барсуки кормятся на поверхности.

Careful, Laura. You could be treading on dangerous ground (=expressing opinions etc that might offend someone). - Осторожно, Лаура. Возможно, вы вступаете на опасный путь (т.е. высказываете мнение, которое может кого-то обидеть).

Chop a hole in the ground. - Проделайте в земле отверстие .

The ground was frozen solid. - Земля промёрзла насквозь.

Dead bodies strewed the ground. - Земля была усыпана трупами.

He dropped the logs on the ground. - Он бросил /уронил/ дрова на землю.

My feet sank into the soft ground. - Мои ноги увязли в мягкой земле.

Brandon threw him upon the ground. - Брэндон швырнул его на землю.

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Связанные термины:

grind: If you grind a substance such as corn, you crush it between two hard surfaces or with a machine until it becomes a fine powder .

blue ground: an intrusive igneous rock generated at great depth in the earth's mantle and consisting largely of olivine and phlogopite . It often contains diamonds

camp ground: an area on which holiday-makers may pitch a tent, etc

gain ground: If something such as an idea or an ideal gains ground, it gradually becomes more widely known or more popular .

give ground: to draw back or retreat

ground ball: → grounder

ground bass: a short melodic bass line that is repeated over and over again

ground beef: beef that has been ground for making hamburgers and other dishes

ground bug: any member of a family ( Lygaeidae ) of hemipterous plant-eating insects, having generally dark bodies, sometimes marked with red, and lighter, yellowish wings

ground crew: At an airport, the people who look after the planes when they are on the ground are called the ground crew .

ground fir: → ground pine

ground fog: a low, often dense fog, esp. one through which the sky and clouds above can be seen

ground game: game animals, such as hares or deer, found on the earth's surface: distinguished from game birds

ground ice: sea ice that is in contact with the coast or sea bed and thus not floating freely

ground ivy: a creeping or trailing Eurasian aromatic herbaceous plant, Glechoma (or Nepeta ) hederacea, with scalloped leaves and purplish-blue flowers: family Lamiaceae ( labiates )

ground loop: a sudden uncontrolled turn by an aircraft on the ground, while moving under its own power

ground pine: a hairy plant, Ajuga chamaepitys, of Europe and N Africa, having two-lipped yellow flowers marked with red spots : family Lamiaceae ( labiates ). It smells of pine when crushed

ground pink: a North American plant, Phlox subulata, forming dense mosslike mats : cultivated for its pink, white, or lavender flowers: family Polemoniaceae

ground plan: In British English, a ground plan is a plan of the ground floor of a building. In American English, a ground plan is a plan of any floor of a building.

ground plum: a North American leguminous plant, Astragalus caryocarpus, with purple or white flowers and green thick-walled plumlike edible pods

ground rent: Ground rent is rent that is paid by the owner of a flat or house to the owner of the land on which it is built .

ground rule: The ground rules for something are the basic principles on which future action will be based .

ground run: the distance taken by an aircraft to brake from its landing speed to its taxiing speed or a stop

ground war: the part of a political campaign that is conducted door-to-door by party workers in individual constituencies

ground wave: a radio wave that travels directly between a transmitting and a receiving aerial

ground wire: a wire that grounds an electrical circuit or device

ground zero: a point on the surface of land or water at or directly above or below the centre of a nuclear explosion

high ground: If a person or organization has the high ground in an argument or dispute, that person or organization has an advantage .

home ground: A sports team's home ground is their own playing field, as opposed to that of other teams .

lose ground: to lose some of the power or advantage that you had previously

lost ground: Ground is used in expressions such as gain ground, lose ground, and give ground in order to indicate that someone gets or loses an advantage .

open ground: uncovered or unobstructed ground in a wide open space

above ground: not underground

below ground: If something is below ground or below the ground, it is in the ground.

break ground: to start building something

burial ground: A burial ground is a place where bodies are buried, especially an ancient place.

centre ground: the nominal space in the political spectrum that is neither right or left

common ground: If two people or groups find common ground, they agree about something, especially when they do not agree about other things.

cover ground: to move or traverse a certain distance

ground attack: an attack using ground forces, as opposed to air or naval forces

ground beetle: any beetle of the family Carabidae, often found under logs, stones, etc, having long legs and a dark coloration

ground cherry: any of various American solanaceous plants of the genus Physalis, esp P . pubescens, having round fleshy fruit enclosed in a bladder-like husk

ground cloth: groundsheet

ground colour: a colour on which other colours are superimposed to create a pattern

ground cover: dense low herbaceous plants and shrubs that grow over the surface of the ground, esp, in a forest, preventing soil erosion or, in a garden, stifling weeds

ground effect: the improvement to the aerodynamic qualities of a low-slung motor vehicle resulting from a cushion of air beneath it

ground elder: a widely naturalized Eurasian umbelliferous plant, Aegopodium podagraria, with white flowers and creeping underground stems

ground floor: The ground floor of a building is the floor that is level or almost level with the ground outside.

ground force: a military force that operates on the ground

ground frost: the condition resulting from a temperature reading of 0°C or below on a thermometer in contact with a grass surface

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Однокоренные слова:

grounding - заземление, обоснование, основание, грунтовка, посадка на мель
groundless - беспочвенный, безосновательный, беспричинный, неосновательный
overground - надземный, измельченный до пыли
underground - подземный, подпольный, метро, подполье, под землей, подпольно
grounds - сад, участок земли, осадок, парк при доме
groundage - причальный сбор
grounded - заземленный
groundward - направленный, повернутый или, к земле
groundy - с осадком, с гущей, землистый

Связанные слова: