Noun: группа группировка фракция комиссия
Adjective: групповой
Verb: группироваться группировать классифицировать распределять по группам


cohesive group - сплочённая группа

group discussion - групповое обсуждение

group over field - группа над полем

non-profit consumer advocacy group - общественная организация по защите прав потребителей

age group - возрастная группа

social group - социальная группа

linguistic affinity group - группа родственных языков

to group several types under one heading - группировать несколько типов под одним заголовком

group modulo one - группа по модулю единица

group over ring - группа над кольцом

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a little group of people - маленькая группа людей

a group of teenage boys - группа мальчиков подросткового возраста (13-19 лет)

Different flowers can be grouped together to make a colourful display. - Различные цветы можно собрать вместе, чтобы составить красочную витрину.

It'll be easier if we go there as a group. - Будет проще, если мы пойдем туда вместе, как группа.

a group of college students - группа студентов колледжа

We were grouped into six age bands. - Нас сгруппировали в шесть возрастных групп.

The photo shows four men grouped round a jeep. - На фото показаны четверо мужчин, собравшихся вокруг джипа.

Get into groups of four. - Разбейтесь в группы по четыре человека.

Spectators grouped in twos. - Зрители встали парами.

a representative of her age group - представитель её возрастной группы

The median age of the group is 42. - Средний возраст этой группы — 42 года.

Can you group these things together? - Ты можешь объединить эти предметы?

The scouts grouped around their leader. - Скауты собрались вокруг своего лидера.

a group of political activists - группа политических активистов

This should cover everyone in the group. - Это должно касаться всех членов группы.

The group has just recorded a new album. - Группа только что записала новый альбом.

The rest of the group set off without him. - Остальная группа отправилась без него.

The family grouped together for the photograph. - Вся семья собралась вместе для групповой фотографии.

a group of teenage girls - группа девушек-подростков

Defense Trade Working Group - Рабочая группа по торговле оборонными технологиями

a very mixed group of women - весьма неоднородная группа женщин

a group of hunters on safari - группа охотников на сафари

Defense Trade Advisory Group - Консультативная группа по торговле оборонными технологиями

The group threatened to revolt. - Коллектив пригрозил поднять бунт.

He takes the lead in any group. - Он становится лидером в любой группе.

the blurred aims of the group - размытые цели этой группы

She joined a discussion group. - Она присоединилась к дискуссионной группе.

The group has quite a history. - Группа имеет богатое прошлое.

The group epitomized the genre. - Эта группа была типичной для своего жанра.

The group was small and select. - Группа была небольшая и отборная.

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Связанные термины:

T-group: a group that meets for educational or therapeutic purposes to study its own communication

age group: An age group is the people in a place or organization who were born during a particular period of time, for example all the people aged between 18 and 25.

group sex: sexual activity involving three or more people

in-group: a highly cohesive and relatively closed social group characterized by the preferential treatment reserved for its members and the strength of loyalty between them

out-group: persons excluded from an in-group

pop group: a band which plays pop music

blood group: Someone's blood group is the type of blood that they have in their body. There are four main types: A, B, AB, and O .

book group: A book group is a group of people who meet regularly to discuss books that they have read .

focus group: A focus group is a specially selected group of people who are intended to represent the general public. Focus groups have discussions in which their opinions are recorded as a form of market research.

food group: any of the categories into which different foods may be placed according to the type of nourishment they supply, such as carbohydrates or proteins

group grope: sexual activity involving several people; orgy

group home: an establishment, usually resembling a private home and located in a residential neighborhood, for providing a small group of persons with special needs, as handicapped or elderly persons, with lodging and supervised care

group speed: the speed at which energy is propagated in a wave . This is the quantity determined when one measures the distance which the radiation travels in a given time. In a medium in which the speed increases with wavelength the group speed is less than the phase speed, and vice versa

group work: a method, used by professional social workers, of aiding a group or members of a group toward individual adjustment and increased participation in community activity by exploiting the mechanisms of group life

house group: a group of Christians who regularly meet to worship, study the Bible, etc, in someone's house

Local Group: the cluster of galaxies to which our galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy belong

media group: an association of companies involved with the means of mass communication

noun group: A noun group is a noun or pronoun, or a group of words based on a noun or pronoun. In the sentence, 'She put the bottle of wine on the kitchen table ', 'She', 'the bottle of wine', and 'the kitchen table' are all noun groups.

peer group: Your peer group is the group of people you know who are the same age as you or who have the same social status as you.

point group: any of 32 possible types of crystals, classified according to their rotational symmetry about axes through a point

study group: an informal gathering of people who convene regularly to exchange ideas and information on a specific subject

tutor group: (in British secondary schools) a grouping of students who are taught together

user group: A user group is a group of people with the same interests, who use a particular product or service.

verb group: A verb group or verbal group consists of a verb, or of a main verb following a modal or one or more auxiliaries . Examples are ' walked ', 'can see', and 'had been waiting '.

youth group: an organization of young people, as for social purposes, usually under the sponsorship of a church, political organization, or the like

Abelian group: a group the defined binary operation of which is commutative : if a and b are members of an Abelian group then ab = ba

acetyl group: the univalent group, CH 3 CO–, derived from acetic acid

action group: a group of people who come together to fight for a particular cause or to carry out a particular task

adverb group: An adverb group or adverbial group is a group of words based on an adverb, such as 'very slowly' or ' fortunately for us'. An adverb group can also consist simply of an adverb.

backing group: a group of musicians providing an instrumental or vocal accompaniment for a pop singer

battle group: a group of warships usually consisting of at least one aircraft carrier, other surface ships, submarines, landing craft, etc

buying group: an association of companies who use their combined purchasing power to achieve the best prices from suppliers

control group: any group used as a control in a statistical experiment, esp a group of patients who receive either a placebo or a standard drug during an investigation of the effects of another drug on other patients

fringe group: a group that is on the periphery of a larger organization because its views are more extreme than the majority

ginger group: A ginger group is a group of people who have similar ideas and who work together, especially within a larger organization, to try to persuade others to accept their ideas.

group captain: an officer holding commissioned rank senior to a wing commander but junior to an air commodore in the RAF and certain other air forces

group theory: the branch of algebra that deals with mathematical groups

group therapy: Group therapy is a form of psychiatric treatment in which a group of people discuss their problems with each other.

income group: a group in a given population having incomes within a certain range

ketone group: the functional group of ketones : a carbonyl group attached to the carbon atoms of two other organic groups

nominal group: A nominal group is the same as a → noun group .

Oxford Group: a worldwide movement for moral and spiritual renewal founded by Frank Buchman in 1938

parent group: a large organization that owns a number of smaller separate commercial or industrial firms

reading group: a group of people who meet regularly to discuss a book that they have all read

retail group: a group of companies under single ownership, which sell goods to individual customers

simple group: a group that has no normal subgroup except the group itself and the identity

support group: A support group is an organization run by and for people who have a particular problem or medical condition.

target group: the group people that a policy or campaign is hoping to influence in some way

Tribune Group: (in Britain) a group made up of left-wing Labour Members of Parliament : founded 1966

women's group: A women's group is a group of women who meet regularly, usually to have discussions or to organize campaigns .

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Однокоренные слова:

grouper - морской окунь
grouping - группировка, группирование, кучность
groupment - группировка
regroup - перегруппировывать, перегруппировываться
groupage - группировка
grouped - сгруппированный, расположенный группами, групповой
groups - предварительные соревнования, слои, круги, групповые упражнения
groupy - предварительные соревнования, слои, круги, групповые упражнения

Связанные слова: