Noun: охрана гвардия стража караул
Verb: караулить сторожить охранять защищать
Adjective: сторожевой


to catch unawares / napping / off guard - застать врасплох

advance guard - передовой отряд

under guard - под стражей

to call out the guard - вызывать охрану

to stand guard over - выставлять стражу

rear guard - арьергард

security guard - конвоир, охранник, телохранитель

armed guard - вооруженная охрана

detailing for guard - наряд в караул

guard / attack амер. dog - сторожевая собака

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The guard dog came for me. - Сторожевая собака бросилась ко мне.

The guard checked our passes. - Охранник проверил наши пропуска.

The guard allowed the visitor to pass. - Охранник разрешил посетителю пройти.

We were stopped by border guards. - Нас остановили пограничники.

An alert guard stopped the robbers. - Грабителей остановил бдительный охранник.

He got life for killing the guard. - Он получил пожизненный срок за убийство охранника.

Another guard frisked him expertly. - Другой охранник со знанием дела обыскал его.

Her question caught him off guard. - Её вопрос застал его врасплох.

The prison guard neglected his duty. - Тюремщик пренебрегал своим долгом / обязанностью.

The doctor was not easily taken off his guard. - Доктора трудно было поймать врасплох.

He was on guard that night. - В ту ночь он был на страже.

He laced a guard's coffee with a sedative. - Он подмешал в кофе охраннику снотворное.

The sudden hammer of fists caught him off guard. - Эти внезапные кулачные удары застали его врасплох.

Now most businessmen think they just have to have a guard. - Сейчас все бизнесмены думают, что у них обязательно должна быть охрана.

You must stand guard over him at all times. - Нужно всё время его охранять.

The prisoner made at the guard with a knife. - Заключённый набросился на охранника с ножом.

The Sergeant told Swift to guard the entrance. - Сержант сказал Свифту охранять вход.

The guard snarled at us. - Охранник рыкнул на нас.

The guard clanged the door shut. - Охранник с лязгом закрыл дверь.

They slipped past the palace guard. - Они прокрались мимо дворцовой стражи.

Soldiers stand guard on street corners. - Солдаты стоят на страже на углах улиц.

He marched under the guard of the soldiers. - Он шёл под охраной солдат.

A guard found him lying in a pool of blood. - Один из охранников нашёл его лежащим в луже крови.

A tank guarded the bridge from enemy attack. - От нападения врагов мост охранял танк.

Take care in your writing to guard against typical mistakes. - Когда пишешь, будь внимателен и не допускай самых типичных ошибок.

The guard left us pretty much alone. - Охранник оставил нас в покое и почти не докучал.

The left guard was injured on the play. - В этом розыгрыше левый гард /защитник/ получил травму. (об американском футболе)

The guard will be relieved at midnight. - Сторожа сменят в полночь.

An insurance policy is a good safeguard. - Страховой полис — это хорошая мера предосторожности.

He dispatched the guard with one bullet. - Он убил охранника одной пулей.

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Фразовые глаголы:

If you guard against something, you are careful to prevent it from happening, or to avoid being affected by it.

If you guard against something, you are careful to prevent it from happening, or to avoid being affected by it.

Связанные термины:

dog guard: a metal frame used in a car to contain pet dogs

guard dog: A guard dog is a fierce dog that has been specially trained to protect a particular place.

off-guard: If someone is caught off-guard, they are not expecting a surprise or danger that suddenly occurs.

old guard: If you refer to a group of people as the old guard, you mean that they have worked in a particular organization for a very long time and are unwilling to accept new ideas or practices .

on guard: If someone is on guard, they are on duty and responsible for guarding a particular place or person.

Red Guard: a member of a Chinese youth movement that attempted to effect the Cultural Revolution (1965–71)

armed guard: a guard who is carrying a gun

coast guard: a governmental force employed to defend a nation's coasts, prevent smuggling, aid vessels in distress, maintain lighthouses, etc.

color guard: the persons carrying and escorting the colors ( flag ) in a parade, ceremony, etc.

face guard: a guard used to protect a player's face

give guard: (of an umpire ) to indicate the batsman's position relative to the stumps

guard band: a space left vacant between two radio frequency bands, or between two tracks on a magnetic tape recording, to avoid mutual interference

guard cell: one of a pair of crescent-shaped cells that surround a pore ( stoma ) in the epidermis . Changes in the turgidity of the cells cause the opening and closing of the stoma

guard duty: the work of guarding a place or person

guard hair: any of the coarse hairs that form the outer fur in certain mammals, rising above the underfur

guard ring: an extra ring worn to prevent another from slipping off the finger

Home Guard: a volunteer part-time military force recruited for the defence of the United Kingdom in World War II

honor guard: An honor guard is a group of troops who formally greet or accompany someone special such as a visiting head of state.

Horse Guard: a special cavalry brigade assigned to the British royal household

Iron Guard: a Romanian fascist party that ceased to exist after World War II

mount guard: If you mount guard or if you mount a guard, you organize people to watch or protect a person or place.

nose guard: the defensive lineman whose position in a three-man or five-man line is directly opposite the offensive center

point guard: the position of the player responsible for directing the team's attacking play

rear guard: a military detachment to protect the rear of a main force or body

shin guard: a piece of tough protective clothing that you wear to cover your lower legs in some sports, such as football, ice hockey, baseball or rugby

stand guard: If you stand guard, you stand near a particular person or place because you are responsible for watching or protecting them.

Swiss Guard: the bodyguard of the pope, recruited from Swiss nationals

take guard: (of a batsman ) to choose a position in front of the wicket to receive the bowling, esp by requesting the umpire to indicate his or her position relative to the stumps

under guard: If someone is under guard, they are being guarded.

watch guard: a short chain, cord, or ribbon for securing a watch when worn on the person

advance guard: a military unit sent ahead of a main body to find gaps in enemy defences, clear away minor opposition, and prevent unexpected contact

border guard: a guard stationed on a border between countries

cattle guard: A cattle guard is the same as a → cattle grid .

colour guard: a military guard in a parade, ceremony, etc, that carries and escorts the flag or regimental colours

guard against: If you guard against something, you are careful to prevent it from happening, or to avoid being affected by it.

honour guard: → another name for guard of honour

middle guard: → nose guard

prison guard: an officer in charge of prisoners in a jail

provost guard: (esp in the US) a detachment under command of the provost marshal

splash guard: a mudguard

trigger guard: a loop round a trigger, which prevents the gun being fired accidentally

crossing guard: → school (crossing) guard

guard's van: The guard's van of a train is a small carriage or part of a carriage in which the guard travels.

National Guard: In the United States, the National Guard is a military force within an individual state, which can become part of the national army if there is a war or emergency .

Securicor guard: a guard who works for Securicor

security guard: A security guard is someone whose job is to protect a building or to collect and deliver large amounts of money.

shooting guard: the player responsible for attempting long-range shots

Varangian Guard: → the Varangian Guard

corporal's guard: a squad commanded by a corporal

off your guard: not prepared for something when it happens so that you do not react normally

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Однокоренные слова:

guardian - опекун, страж, попечитель, блюститель
guarded - охраняемый, осторожный, сдержанный, осмотрительный
guards - гвардия, гвардейский
guardant - обращенный анфас
guarding - ограждение, держание, опека, защитная фиксация, спазм мышц

Связанные слова: