Noun: пистолет пушка оружие ружье
Adjective: пушечный оружейный орудийный
Verb: стрелять охотиться обстреливать артиллерийским огнем


burst of machine-gun fire - пулемётная очередь

to make a dive for the gun lying on the floor - броситься к пистолету, лежащему на полу

antiaircraft gun - зенитное орудие

antitank gun - противотанковая пушка

field gun - полевое орудие

machine gun - пулемёт

ray gun - лучевое оружие

gun fires, goes off - орудие стреляет

to load (unload) a gun - заряжать (разряжать) орудие, пушку

to man a gun - стать к орудию

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I've never fired a gun in my life. - Я никогда в жизни не стрелял из огнестрельного оружия.

Jake was pointing a gun at the door. - Джек целился пистолетом в дверь.

two runners started before the gun - два бегуна стартовали до выстрела (стартовали раньше времени)

Gun the engine! - Давай газу!

A gun battle between gang members and the police. - Перестрелка между членами банды, и полицией.

Wilfred went pasty, indeed, thinking his host was going to gun him. - Уилфред побледнел, действительно решив, что хозяин хочет застрелить его.

Two policemen were killed in a gun battle. - В перестрелке были убиты два полицейских.

They wanted to be alert, gunning everything. - Они были настороже, тщательно всё осматривая.

The shortstop gunned the ball to first base. - Шортстоп сильно запустил мяч на первую базу.

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Фразовые глаголы:

If someone is gunned down, they are shot and severely injured or killed.

If someone is gunning for you, they are trying to find a way to harm you or cause you trouble.

Связанные термины:

gin: Gin is a strong colourless alcoholic drink made from grain and juniper berries.

ginned: drunk ; intoxicated ; inebriated

ginning: → gin 2 (sense 5 ), gin 2 (sense 6 ), gin 3

BB gun: a type of gun which fires projectiles using air pressure

air gun: a gun operated by means of compressed air

big gun: If you refer to someone as a big gun, you mean that they have a lot of power or influence .

gun dog: A gun dog is a dog that has been trained to work with a hunter or gamekeeper, especially to find and carry back birds or animals that have been shot .

gun for: If someone is gunning for you, they are trying to find a way to harm you or cause you trouble .

gun lap: the final lap of a race, signaled by the firing of a starter's pistol as the runner in the lead begins the lap

gun-shy: If someone is gun-shy, they are nervous or afraid.

ray gun: (in science fiction ) a gun that emits rays to paralyse, stun, or destroy

six-gun: a revolver with six chambers

toy gun: a miniature nonfunctioning replica of a gun, esp one that children play with

zip gun: a crude homemade pistol, esp one powered by a spring or rubber band

Bren gun: an air-cooled gas-operated light machine gun taking .303 calibre ammunition : used by British and Commonwealth forces in World War II

burp gun: an automatic pistol or submachine gun

field gun: a gun specially designed for service in direct support of front-line troops

flame gun: a type of flame-thrower for destroying garden weeds

flash gun: a device that sets off a flashbulb simultaneously with the opening of the camera shutter

gun crew: the officers and men in charge of a ship's guns

gun crime: crime involving the use of a gun

gun down: If someone is gunned down, they are shot and severely injured or killed .

gun laws: laws relating to the possession and use of guns

gun lobby: a group of people who argue for the right of members of the public to be able to own guns

gun moll: a female criminal or a woman who associates with criminals

gun room: on British warships, the junior officers ' quarters, previously, the quarters of the gunner and his mates

hired gun: a person hired to kill someone, as a gunfighter or professional killer

Lewis gun: a light air-cooled drum-fed gas-operated machine gun used chiefly in World War I

Maxim gun: an obsolete water-cooled machine gun having a single barrel and utilizing the recoil force of each shot to maintain automatic fire

Owen gun: a type of simple recoil-operated 9 mm sub-machine-gun first used by Australian forces in World War II

paint gun: an air gun that fires paint capsules, as used in paintballing

pump gun: a repeating gun operated by a slide-action mechanism feeding ammunition from a magazine under the barrel into the breech

riot gun: a small firearm, esp. a short-barreled repeating shotgun, used to disperse rioters

spray gun: A spray gun is a piece of equipment which you use to spray paint under pressure onto a surface .

Sten gun: a light 9 mm sub-machine-gun formerly used in the British Army and Commonwealth forces, developed during World War II

stun gun: A stun gun is a device that can immobilize a person or animal for a short time without causing them serious injury.

Tommy gun: a submachine gun

water gun: → water pistol

young gun: You can use young guns to talk about people, especially young men, who have lots of energy and talent, and are becoming very successful .

beanbag gun: a gun that fires a fabric bag containing lead shot, designed to stun or knock the target to the ground

Bofors gun: an automatic single- or double-barrelled anti-aircraft gun with a 40 millimetre bore

Bren (gun): a light, fast, gas-operated machine gun used by the British army in WWII

gatling gun: kind of machinegun

grease gun: a device for forcing grease through nipples into bearings, usually consisting of a cylinder with a plunger and nozzle fitted to it

gun barrel: the tube through which the bullet moves when the gun is fired

gun battle: a violent fight between groups of people in which guns are used

gun control: Gun control refers to the laws that restrict the possession and use of guns.

gun culture: the attitudes, feelings, values, and behaviour of a society, or any social group, in which guns are used

gun licence: an official document granting a person permission to own and use a gun, usually subject to various restrictions

gun-runner: A gun-runner is someone who takes or sends guns into a country secretly and illegally.

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Однокоренные слова:

gun down - застрелить, из пистолета, расстреливать

Связанные слова: