Noun: зал зала холл коридор


hall-full - полный зал, аншлаг

during hall - во время обеда

roomy hall - вместительный зал

city hall - амер. здание муниципалитета, ратуша

entrance to the hall - вход в зал

the concert hall was nowhere near full - концертный зал был отнюдь не полон; концертный зал был далеко не полон

conference hall equipment - оборудование, установленное в конференц-зале

council-hall - зал заседаний совета

hall door - входная дверь

gym hall - спортивный зал

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John parked his hat in the hall. - Джон оставил свою шляпу в холле.

He was last seen walking into the Town Hall. - Последний раз его видели, когда он входил в городскую ратушу.

It was a tight squeeze in the tiny hall. - В крошечный холл набилось много народу.

We paid $50 for the hire of the hall. - Мы заплатили 50 долл. за аренду зала.

The bathroom is down the hall. - Туалет — дальше по коридору.

A murmur buzzed through the hall. - По залу прокатился ропот.

His pictures were not hung in that hall. - Его картины не были выставлены в том зале.

Ratepayers are organizing a demonstration in front of the Town Hall. - Местные налогоплатильщики организовали митинг напротив городской ратуши.

Tammany Hall - Таммани-холл, штаб демократической партии в Нью-Йорке

The hall soon filled. - Зал быстро наполнился.

The hall was half-empty. - Зал был наполовину пуст.

He stumped down the hall. - Он тяжело зашагал по коридору.

This hall will seat 5000. - В этом зале 5000 мест.

He waited out in the hall. - Он подождал снаружи, в вестибюле.

He paced up and down the hall. - Он ходил взад и вперёд по залу.

The hall of Sir - of - county. - Замок сэра такого-то из графства такого-то.

People streamed into the hall. - Люди устремились в зал.

The bedrooms open into the hall. - Двери спален выходят в зал.

He stopped amidmost of the hall. - Он остановился посреди зала.

I'll meet you in the front hall. - Встретимся в передней.

The clock in the hall chimed six. - Часы в холле пробили шесть.

The hall has excellent acoustics. - В этом зале великолепная акустика.

The school has a new sports hall. - В школе — новый спортивный зал.

The hall light was still burning. - Свет в зале / вестибюле всё ещё горел.

The church has a large social hall. - В этой церкви — большой актовый зал.

We crept noiselessly down the hall. - Мы бесшумно прокрались в зал / холл.

He passed his professor in the hall. - В вестибюле он прошёл мимо своего преподавателя.

The race will start at the town hall. - Гонка начнется у городской ратуши.

The plans for City Hall were on file. - Архитектурные планы мэрии были заархивированы.

Her office is at the end of the hall. - Её кабинет — в конце коридора.

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Связанные термины:

beer hall: a bar, cabaret, or the like, chiefly serving beer and usually offering music, dancing, etc

city hall: The city hall is the building which a city council uses as its main offices.

hall tree: a clothes tree, esp. one in an entrance hall

mess hall: A mess hall is a large room where a particular group of people, especially members of the armed forces, eat meals together.

pool hall: a hall or establishment where pool, billiards, etc, are played

town hall: In Britain, a town hall in a town is a large building owned and used by the town council, often as its main office . You can also use town hall to refer to the town council that uses this building.

bingo hall: a building owned by a commercial company in which bingo is played by large numbers of people

church hall: a building near to or attached to a church suitable for social gatherings

civic hall: a public venue, often used for recreational facilities such as sports clubs or music concerts

dance hall: Dance halls were large rooms or buildings where people used to pay to go and dance, usually in the evening.

dining hall: a large room where meals are eaten, esp within an office, school etc.

Hall effect: the production of a potential difference across a conductor carrying an electric current when a magnetic field is applied in a direction perpendicular to that of the current flow

Hall-Jones: Sir William . 1851–1936, New Zealand statesman, born in England: prime minister of New Zealand (1906)

hall porter: a person employed to carry luggage, etc, at a hotel

hiring hall: an employment office, esp. one operated by a union to place its members in jobs in the order of their applications

music hall: Music hall was a popular form of entertainment in the theatre in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. It consisted of a series of performances by comedians, singers, and dancers.

Newby Hall: a mansion near Ripon in Yorkshire : built in 1705 and altered (1770–76) by Robert Adam

parish hall: a room or building associated with a parish church, used by the local community for social or charitable activities (though not necessarily religious activities)

Rideau Hall: (in Canada ) the official residence of the Governor General, in Ottawa

sports hall: a building or part of a building in which sports are played

study hall: a classroom used for studying

arrivals hall: the area of an airport where incoming passengers arrive

assembly hall: a very large room used to hold public meetings, to stage shows, etc

baggage hall: a large room at an airport, usually containing a number of carousels, where passengers go to collect their baggage after a flight

baronial hall: a large building or room owned by a baron

Carnegie Hall: a famous concert hall in New York (opened 1891); endowed by Andrew Carnegie

concert hall: a hall where concerts are performed

entrance hall: The entrance hall of a large house, hotel, or other large building, is the area just inside the main door.

Festival Hall: a concert hall in London, on the South Bank of the Thames : constructed for the 1951 Festival of Britain; completed 1964–65

hall bedroom: a small bedroom off a corridor, esp. a small bedroom formed by partitioning off the end of an upstairs corridor

Hardwick Hall: an Elizabethan mansion near Chesterfield in Derbyshire: built 1591–97 for Elizabeth, Countess of Shrewsbury ( Bess of Hardwick)

Holkham Hall: a Palladian mansion near Wells in Norfolk : built 1734–59 by William Kent for Thomas Coke

lecture hall: a hall in which lectures are given

liberty hall: a place or condition of complete liberty

Tammany Hall: the central organization of the Democratic Party in New York county . Originally founded as a benevolent society ( Tammany Society ) in 1789, Tammany Hall was notorious for the corruption in city and state politics that it fostered in the 19th and early 20th centuries

Toynbee Hall: a residential settlement in East London, named after Arnold Toynbee (1852–83), a British economist and social reformer

village hall: a building used by people who live in a village for community events, playgroups, etc

banqueting hall: a large building or room used for feasts

exhibition hall: a hall in which pictures, sculptures, or other objects of interest are displayed

Hall of Fame: If you say that someone is a member of a particular hall of fame, you mean that they are one of the most famous people in that area of activity .

Kedleston Hall: a mansion near Derby in Derbyshire : rebuilt (1759–65) for the Curzon family by Matthew Brettingham, James Paine, and Robert Adam

residence hall: accommodation for students, usually providing dormitories, shared or private rooms on campus, and providing food etc

Independence Hall: building in Philadelphia, Pa ., where the Declaration of Independence was proclaimed

fight city hall: to take up the apparently futile fight against petty or impersonal bureaucratic authority

hall of residence: Halls of residence are buildings with rooms or flats, usually built by universities or colleges, in which students live during the term.

study hall teacher: a teacher who supervises or helps students during a period of time or lesson used for studying

hallstand: a piece of furniture on which are hung coats, hats, etc

poolroom: a hall or establishment where pool, billiards, etc, are played

rec room (or hall): → recreation room (or hall)

Royal Festival Hall: a concert hall in London, on the South Bank of the Thames : constructed for the 1951 Festival of Britain; completed 1964–65

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