Noun: владение рабочие экипаж забота


my fate is in your hands - моя судьба в ваших руках

all hands ahoy! - аврал!, все наверх!

to wash one's hands / head - вымыть руки / голову

to wash one's hands эвф. - сходить в туалет

show me your hands - покажи мне свои руки

wash your hands - вымой руки

shortness of hands - недостаток рабочих рук

to protend hands and feet - вытянуть руки и ноги

her hands were benumbed by cold - её руки онемели от холода

her hands were benumbed with cold - её руки онемели от холода

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Go wash your hands. - Иди мой руки.

Their hands touched. - Их руки соприкоснулись.

Her hands felt rough. - Её руки были шершавые.

Mary dried her hands. - Мария вытерла руки.

Are your hands clean? - У тебя руки чистые?

Keep your hands off me! - Убери от меня свои руки!

He has long thin hands. - У него длинные тонкие руки.

She cupped her hands. - Она сложила руки ковшиком /рупором, пригоршней/.

They locked their hands. - Их руки сплелись.

Time hangs on his hands. - Время ему только в тягость.

My hands are all floury. - У меня все руки в муке.

Did you wash your hands? - Вы помыли руки?

They raised their hands. - Они подняли руки.

His hands were tied fast. - Его руки были крепко-накрепко связаны.

Your hands are all mucky. - У тебя все руки грязные.

She has quick, agile hands. - У нее быстрые, ловкие руки.

Let me just rinse my hands. - Дай я только сполосну руки.

The child clasped my hands. - Ребёнок крепко ухватил меня за руки.

There's nothing in my hands. - У меня в руках ничего нет.

The two leaders shook hands. - Лидеры двух стран обменялись рукопожатием.

The noes raised their hands. - Голосующие "против" подняли руки.

All hands on board perished. - Все члены экипажа погибли.

advance the hands of a clock - перевести стрелки часов

Please excuse my dirty hands. - Прошу прощения за грязные руки.

Get your clammy hands off me! - Убери от меня свои липкие руки!

Make sure you dry your hands. - Не забудьте высушить руки.

Wilkins shook hands with him. - Уилкинс пожал ему руку.

The book fell from his hands. - Книга выпала у него из рук.

the girl's dainty little hands - изящные девичьи ручки

He had the hands of a surgeon. - У него были руки хирурга.

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Связанные термины:

hand: Your hands are the parts of your body at the end of your arms. Each hand has four fingers and a thumb.

hands off: do not touch or interfere

hands-on: Hands-on experience or work involves actually doing a particular thing, rather than just talking about it or getting someone else to do it.

hands up!: raise the hands above the level of the shoulders, an order usually given by an armed robber to a victim, etc

clean hands: freedom from guilt

hands down: without effort ; easily

hands-free: A hands-free phone or other device can be used without being held in your hand .

hold hands: If two people are holding hands, they are holding each other's nearest hand, usually while they are walking or sitting together . People often do this to show their affection for each other.

jazz hands: a movement in modern dance in which a performer shakes both hands rapidly with the palms facing forwards and the fingers extended

join hands: to hold one's own hands together

shake hands: to clasp hands in greeting, agreement, etc

change hands: if something changes hands, one person or organization gets it from another, usually by buying it

dishpan hands: hands, esp. of one who does housework, that are red and rough, as from washing dishes and exposure to strong cleaning agents

strike hands: to show agreement by clasping hands

lay hands on: to seize or get possession of

in good hands: in protective care

in safe hands: being cared for by a competent person or organization and therefore not likely to be harmed or damaged

off your hands: if someone or something is off your hands, you are no longer responsible for them, because another person has taken responsibility for them instead of you

on one's hands: for which one is responsible

on your hands: if you have a problem or task on your hands, you have to deal with it

show of hands: If a question is decided by a show of hands, people vote on it by raising their hands to indicate whether they vote yes or no.

to shake hands: If you shake hands with someone, you take their right hand in your own for a few moments, often moving it up and down slightly, when you are saying hello or goodbye to them, congratulating them, or agreeing on something. You can also say that two people shake hands .

win hands down: to win a contest easily

hand in: If you hand in something such as homework or something that you have found, you give it to a teacher, police officer, or other person in authority.

hand on: If you hand something on, you give it or transfer it to another person, often someone who replaces you.

at the hands of: If someone experiences a particular kind of treatment, especially unpleasant treatment, at the hands of a person or organization, they receive it from them.

in someone's hands: in someone's possession or under their control

off one's hands: for which one is no longer responsible

sully your hands: to do something that you find unpleasant or distasteful to do

to change hands: When something changes hands, its ownership changes, usually because it is sold to someone else.

wash one's hands: to go to the lavatory

with clean hands: without guilt ; as an innocent person

wring one's hands: If someone wrings their hands, they hold them together and twist and turn them, usually because they are very worried or upset about something. You can also say that someone is wringing their hands when they are expressing sorrow that a situation is so bad but are saying that they are unable to change it.

bow hand: the hand that holds the bow in archery or in playing a violin, cello, etc.

club hand: a deformity of the hand, analogous to club foot

dab hand: In British English, if you are a dab hand at something, you are very good at doing it.

dead hand: You can refer to the dead hand of a particular thing when that thing has a bad or depressing influence on a particular situation.

deck hand: a seaman assigned various duties, such as mooring and cargo handling, on the deck of a ship

farmhand: A farmhand is a person who is employed to work on a farm.

farm hand: a person who works on a farm, esp. a hired worker ; hired hand

free hand: unrestricted freedom to act (esp in the phrase give ( someone ) a free hand )

glad hand: a welcoming hand

hand back: If you hand back something that you have borrowed or taken from someone, you return it to them.

hand down: If you hand down something such as knowledge, a possession, or a skill, you give or leave it to people who belong to a younger generation.

hand-out: If you hand things out to people, you give one or more to each person in a group.

hand over: If you hand something over to someone, you pass it to them.

high hand: → to rule sb with a high hand

hour hand: the pointer on a timepiece that indicates the hour

iron hand: harsh or rigorous control; overbearing or autocratic force

lone hand: (in card games such as euchre ) an independent player or hand played without a partner

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Однокоренные слова:

hand - рука, сторона, стрелка, ручной, подручный, передавать, помочь, вручать
handful - горсть, пригоршня, горсточка, наказание, маленькая кучка, маленькая группа, беда
handless - безрукий

Связанные слова: