Noun: шляпа шапка слой породы над жилой верхний слой
Verb: надевать шляпу


black as hell (night, pitch, my hat) - тьма кромешная

a coat and hat checker - гардеробщик, гардеробщица

cheesy hat - эффектная шляпка

chic little hat - модная шляпка

a man with his hat - мужчина в шляпе набекрень

to doff (don) a hat - снимать (надевать) шляпу

chimney-pot hat, silk hat, top hat, stove-pipe hat - цилиндр

lame under the hat - глупый, несообразительный

black as my hat - тьма кромешная

a high hat - цилиндр

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He wore a straw / squash / felt hat. - На нем была соломенная / мягкая / фетровая шляпа.

He was unsuitably hatted - Шапка не шла ему. (смотрелась на нём плохо)

Maria was wearing a beautiful new hat. - На Марии была прекрасная новая шляпка.

With head unhatted he rushed down the street. - С непокрытой головой он стремительно бежал вниз по улице.

a man in a fur hat - мужчина в меховой шапке

Five seats in our row were already hatted. - Пять мест в нашем ряду уже были заняты.

In those days, no properly dressed person left home without a hat. - В то время ни один прилично одетый человек не выходил из дома без шляпы.

He took off his politician's hat and talked frankly. - Он сбросил с себя маску политика и заговорил искренне.

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Связанные термины:

hi-hat: → high-hat (sense 3 )

my hat: my word! my goodness !

re-hat: to assign a new designation to (a soldier ), for example when installing a national army as UN peacekeepers

lum-hat: a top hat

old hat: If you say that something or someone is old hat, you mean that they have existed or been known for a long time, and they have become uninteresting and boring .

red hat: the broad-brimmed crimson hat given to cardinals as the symbol of their rank and office

sun hat: A sun hat is a wide-brimmed hat that protects your head from the sun.

tin hat: a steel helmet worn by military personnel for protection against small metal fragments

top hat: A top hat is a man's tall hat with a narrow brim. Top hats are now worn only on special occasions, for example at some weddings .

black hat: a computer hacker who carries out illegal malicious hacking work

brass hat: a top-ranking official, esp a military officer

felt hat: a soft hat made of felt

hard hat: A hard hat is a hat made from a hard material, which people wear to protect their heads on building sites or in factories, or when riding a horse .

hat shop: a shop that sell hats

hat stand: a frame or pole equipped with hooks or arms for hanging up hats, coats, etc

hat tree: a stand with arms or hooks to hold hats, coats, etc.

hat-trick: A hat-trick is a series of three achievements, especially in a sports event, for example three goals scored by the same person in a football game.

high hat: a snobbish person

opera hat: a collapsible top hat operated by a spring

party hat: a hat, often made of paper, worn at a party

pixie hat: a hat, usually knitted, that comes to a point

plug hat: a man's stiff hat such as a bowler or top hat

silk hat: a man's top hat covered with silk

soft hat: a hat made from soft rather than stiff and structured materials

straw-hat: designating, of, or having to do with a summer theater or summer theaters

white hat: a computer hacker who is hired by an organization to undertake nonmalicious hacking work in order to discover computer-security flaws

bobble hat: A bobble hat is a woollen hat with a bobble on it.

bowler hat: A bowler hat is a round, hard, black hat with a narrow brim, worn in the past especially by British businessmen .

cocked hat: A cocked hat is a hat with three corners that used to be worn with some uniforms .

cossack hat: a warm brimless hat of fur or sheepskin

cowboy hat: a wide-brimmed hat as worn by cowboys

Panama hat: A panama hat or a panama is a hat, worn especially by men, that is woven from the leaves of a palm-like plant and worn when it is sunny .

picture hat: a decorated hat with a very wide brim, esp as worn by women in paintings by Gainsborough and Reynolds

porkpie hat: a hat with a round flat crown and a brim that can be turned up or down

safari hat: a wide brimmed hat with a chin strap

sailor hat: a hat with a flat round crown and fairly broad brim that is rolled upwards

scarlet hat: a cardinal's hat

shovel hat: a black felt hat worn by some clergymen, with a brim rolled up to resemble a shovel in shape

slouch hat: any soft hat with a brim that can be pulled down over the ears, esp an Australian army hat with the left side of the brim turned up

Medicine Hat: city in SE Alberta, Canada : pop. 47,000

porkpie (hat): a man's soft hat with a round, flat crown

stovepipe hat: a man's tall silk hat

Tyrolean hat: a man's soft felt hat with a somewhat conical crown that is flat and creased at the top, a narrow brim partially turned up, and, usually, a feather for decoration

chimneypot hat: a man's hat with a tall cylindrical crown and narrow brim, often made of silk, now worn for some formal occasions

hat in hand: humbly or servilely

pass the hat: to collect money for someone or something

out of a hat: as if by magic

snap-brim hat: a man's hat with the crown creased lengthwise and the brim turned down in front

ten-gallon hat: (in the US and Canada ) a cowboy's broad-brimmed felt hat with a very high crown

tip one's hat: to take off, raise, or touch one's hat in salutation

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Однокоренные слова:

hatter - шляпный мастер, торговец шляпами, шляпный фабрикант, работающий в одиночку
hated - ненавистный
hatless - с непокрытой головой
hater - ненавистник,
hatful - значительное количество, полная шапка
hatted - в шляпе, шляпа
hatting - производство шляп, материал для шляп, приподнимание, снимание шляпы
hatty - Хэтти, Хатти,

Связанные слова: