Noun: голова глава головка руководитель
Adjective: головной главный старший встречный
Verb: возглавлять заведовать направлять направляться


blow on / to the head - удар по голове

to bother one's head / brains - ломать голову

to place / put a cap on one's head - надеть кепку, надеть фуражку

to head a cast - играть главную роль

twenty head of cattle - двадцать голов рогатого скота

from head to foot / heel, head to foot - с головы до пят

to keep a level head, keep one's head - владеть собой, сохранять спокойствие

head for crime - организатор преступления

heels over head - вверх ногами, вверх тормашками

to lower one's head - опустить голову

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My head is spinning. - У меня кружится голова.

Where are you guys headed? - Куда вы, ребята, направляетесь?

He's a hot head. - Он человек горячий.

off the top of my head - первое, что приходит мне в голову

His head was in the clouds. - Он витал в облаках.

She bent her head. - Она наклонила голову.

He gave me a head start. - Он дал мне фору.

You are soft in the head. - Ты просто ненормальный. / У тебя не все дома.

My head began to swim. - У меня закружилась голова.

My head is splitting. - У меня голова раскалывается (от боли).

I fell and hit my head. - Я упал и ударился головой.

He popped me on the head - Он ударил меня по голове.

a quick turn of her head - быстрый поворот её головы

She shook her head no. - Она покачала головой. (молча ответила нет)

She holds her head high. - Она высоко держит голову.

It lost him his head. - Это стоило ему головы.

He tossed his head back. - Он резко откинул голову назад.

200 head of cattle - двести голов скота

My head reels, doctor. - Доктор, у меня кружится голова.

She saw her father, a head above the rest of the crowd. - Она увидела отца, который был на целую голову выше всех остальных.

His horse won by a head. - Его лошадь выиграла на голову. (о скачках)

Charles I lost his head. - Карла I обезглавили.

He bowed his hoary head. - Он склонил свою седую голову.

This cabbage heads early. - Этот сорт капусты рано образует кочаны.

I comb'd his comely head. - Я расчесал его миленькую головку.

My head was in a whirl. - У меня голова шла кругом.

She tossed her head back. - Она резко откинула голову назад.

Beachy Head - Бичи-Хед (мыс в Англии)

a slight tilt of the head - лёгкий наклон головы

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

pressure head: the upper or front part of the body in vertebrates, including humans, that contains and protects the brain, eyes, mouth, and nose and ears when present

sheephead: a trick-taking card game originating in Germany and belonging to the Skat family of games

head on: If two vehicles hit each other head-on, they hit each other with their fronts pointing towards each other.

head up: The person who heads up a group, organization, or activity is the leader of it.

base head: a person who is addicted to cocaine

big head: If you describe someone as a big head, you disapprove of them because they think they are very clever and know everything.

dead-head: To dead-head a plant which is flowering means to remove all the dead flowers from it.

give head: to perform fellatio

head boy: The head boy of a school is a senior male student who often represents the school on public occasions .

head-butt: If someone head-butts you, they hit you with the top of their head.

head chef: the chief cook in a restaurant

head cold: a cold which affects the mucous membranes of the nose ; the symptoms are sneezing, headaches and a blocked-up nose

head for: to go or cause to go (towards)

head gate: a gate that controls the flow of water into a canal lock, sluice, etc.

head girl: The head girl of a school is a senior female student who often represents the school on public occasions .

head lad: a man who is in charge of a racing stable

head lice: lice which lay eggs in human hair

head-load: baggage or goods arranged so as to be carried on the heads of African porters

head off: If you head off a person, animal, or vehicle, you move to a place in front of them in order to capture them or make them change the direction they are moving in.

head sea: a sea in which the waves run directly against the course of a ship

head shop: a shop that sells equipment connected with using drugs

head them: to toss the coins in a game of two-up

head tone: any of the tones produced in the head register

head trip: an exhilarating intellectual experience

head wind: a wind blowing in the direction directly opposite the course of a ship or aircraft

make head: to make progress

read head: a part of a recording device that senses data on a carrier medium such as a disk or tape

rev-head: a motor-sport enthusiast

tape head: a device which converts electrical signals to magnetic fluctuations and back again; used in tape recorders

year head: a senior teacher who is responsible for a year in a secondary school

head-to-head: A head-to-head contest or competition is one in which two people or groups compete directly against each other.

Beachy Head: a headland in East Sussex, on the English Channel, consisting of chalk cliffs 171 m (570 ft) high

by a head: by the length of the animal's head, as in horse racing

cheese-head: denoting or relating to a screw or bolt with a cylindrical slotted head

deputy head: a vice-principal

dummy head: a model of the human head with a microphone in each ear intended to receive sound in binaural and surround sound reproduction and transmission

erase head: an electromagnet that can erase information on a magnetic medium

flower head: an inflorescence in which stalkless florets are crowded together at the tip of the stem

fluid head: The fluid head is the pressure which is measured by the height to which fluid that is being pumped can be raised by the pressure.

head-banger: a heavy-metal rock fan

head clerk: a supervisor ; manager

head collar: the part of a bridle that fits round a horse's head

head count: If you do a head count, you count the number of people present. You can also use head count to talk about the number of people that are present at an event, or that an organization employs.

head doctor: a psychiatrist

head-first: If you move head-first in a particular direction, your head is the part of your body that is furthest forward as you are moving.

head height: head level

head injury: an injury to the head

head money: a reward paid for the capture or slaying of a fugitive, outlaw, etc

head nurse: the chief nurse in a hospital ; matron

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Однокоренные слова:

head back - вернуться назад, преграждать путь, преграждать
head in - свернуть на боковой путь, сближаться
head off - препятствовать, мешать, преграждать, отвлекать, отражать
head up - давать заголовок, шапку, возглавлять, завиваться

Связанные слова: