Verb: слышать слушать заслушивать выслушивать


to hear / try a case - заслушивать судебное дело

to hear all the chit-chat and gossip - выслушать все слухи и пересуды

ability to hear - способность слышать

to hear the demurrer's reasons - выслушивать аргументы того, кто сомневается

glad to hear it - рад это слышать

to hear mass - посещать обедню

to hear witnesses - заслушивать свидетелей

you'll hear of it - вам за это попадёт

to hear testimony - слушать, заслушивать свидетельские показания

to hear smth. from smb.'s lips - услышать что-л. из чьих-л. уст

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Can you hear me? - Ты меня слышишь?

Do you hear that music? - Слышишь эту музыку?

Speak up, we can't hear you. - Говорите громче, мы вас не слышим.

I hear the baby crying. - Я слышу, что малыш плачет.

He is dull of hearing. - Он плохо слышит.

We wouldn't hear of it. - Мы об этом и слушать не хотим.

Hear! Hear! - Правильно! Правильно! (возглас, выражающий согласие с выступающим)

Sorry to hear the sad news. - Мне очень жаль это слышать.

Speak out, we can't hear you. - Погромче, мы вас не слышим.

We must hear the expert before we make a decision. - Мы должны выслушать специалиста, прежде чем принять какое-то решение.

I could hear the clock tick. - Я слышал, как тикают часы.

Sing up, boys, I can't hear you! - Пойте громче, мальчики, я вас не слышу!

Where did you hear that? - Где ты это слышал?

Just hear me out, will you? - Да выслушай же меня, а?

I didn't hear zilch about it. - Я ничегошеньки /ни слова, ни хрена и т.п./ об этом не слышал.

We ask you to hear our petition. - Мы просим вас выслушать наше прошение.

I thought I heard him leave. - По-моему, я слышал, как он ушёл.

Can you hear my heart beating? - Слышишь, как бьётся сердце?

Do you hear that ringing sound? - Слышишь этот звон?

Do you hear the birds singing? - Слышишь, как поют птицы?

Do you hear that rattling noise? - Слышишь этот грохот?

I am dying to hear the news. - Мне не терпится поскорее услышать эту новость.

I could hear a beeping noise. - Я слышал, как что-то пикает.

He can hear the snap of a twig. - Он может услышать треск ветки.

It gripes me to hear a man cry. - Мне мучительно слышать, как плачет мужчина.

I hear he's leaving town. - Я слышал, что он уезжает из города.

I could hear a dog barking. - Я слышал собачий лай.

He loves to hear himself talk. - Он обожает слушать звук собственного голоса.

I could hear the gears grinding. - Я слышал скрежет шестерёнок.

She heard Tom go upstairs. - Она услышала, как Том поднимается по лестнице.

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

hear! hear!: During political debates and public meetings, people sometimes say ' Hear hear! ' to express their agreement with what the speaker is saying .

hear from: to get a letter, telegram, etc. from

hear out: If you hear someone out, you listen to them without interrupting them until they have finished saying everything that they want to say .

hear tell: to be told (about); learn (of)

hear music: Music is the pattern of sounds produced by people singing or playing instruments.

hear-through: (of headphones ) allowing a user to be aware of ambient sounds

hear a peep: If you say that you don't hear a peep from someone, you mean that they do not say anything or make any noise .

not hear of: to forbid or refuse to consider

hear a rumour: A rumour is a story or piece of information that may or may not be true, but that people are talking about.

hear a scream: When someone screams, they make a very loud, high-pitched cry, for example because they are in pain or are very frightened .

hear the message: The message that someone is trying to communicate, for example in a book or play, is the idea or point that they are trying to communicate.

do/did you hear (me)?: If you say ' Do you hear ? ' or ' Did you hear me? ' to someone, you are telling them in an angry or forceful way to pay attention to what you are saying .

won't/wouldn't hear of sth: If you say that you won't hear of someone doing something, you mean that you refuse to let them do it.

you can't hear yourself think: If you say that you can't hear yourself think, you are complaining and emphasizing that there is a lot of noise, and that it is disturbing you or preventing you from doing something.

hear something through the grapevine: to hear about something informally,from the people you know

you could have heard a pin drop you could hear a pin drop: You can say you could have heard a pin drop when a place is extremely quiet, especially because everyone is waiting for someone to speak or when someone has made a shocking remark .

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Однокоренные слова:

hear out - выслушать, давать высказаться

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