Adjective: тяжелый сильный густой серьезный
Adverb: тяжело сильно тягостно
Noun: тяжеловес тяжелое орудие тяжелые орудия тяжелая машина


hard / heavy / severe blow - сильный, тяжёлый удар

heavy bomber - тяжёлый бомбардировщик

to bear a heavy load - нести тяжёлый груз

heavy / incomprehensible / thick brogue - сильный акцент

heavy build - крепкое телосложение

heavy calibre - большой, тяжёлый калибр

heavy / serious casualties - тяжёлые, серьёзные потери

heavy defeat - тяжёлое поражение

habitual / heavy / inveterate smoker - пристрастившийся, закоренелый, заядлый курильщик

heavy tank - тяжёлый танк

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How heavy are you? - Сколько вы весите?

Heavy rain held us back. - Нас задержал сильный дождь.

I have been a very heavy drinker. - Я очень много пил.

The food was heavy and greasy. - Еда была тяжёлой и жирной.

I used to be a heavy smoker. - Раньше я был заядлым курильщиком.

The heavy door swung shut. - Тяжелая дверь захлопнулась.

Suspicion is a heavy armour. - Подозрение - мощная защита.

He was on the heavy side. - Он страдал от избыточного веса.

He has a heavy southern accent. - У него сильный южный акцент.

The army sustained heavy losses. - Армия понесла тяжёлые потери.

England's heavy defeat in yesterday's match. - Тяжелое поражение Англии во вчерашнем матче.

heavy showers of rain and hail - сильные ливневые дожди и град

She let out a big heavy sigh. - Она испустила тяжёлый вздох.

a climate marked by heavy fogs - климат, который отличается сильными туманами

Heavy rains swelled the river. - Из-за проливных дождей уровень воды в реке сильно поднялся.

The car's rather heavy on oil. - Этот автомобиль потребляет /ест/ довольно много масла.

We got caught in heavy traffic. - Мы попали в сильную пробку.

Heavy waves pounded the shore. - О берег бились огромные волны.

We have a heavy caseload today. - У нас сегодня очень большая нагрузка (много клиентов, заказов, посетителей и т.п.).

Heavy rains flooded the valley. - Проливные дожди затопили долину.

She's in bed with a heavy cold. - Она слегла с сильной простудой.

His death is a heavy load to bear. - Его смерть — это тяжёлое бремя.

I need to purchase a new heavy coat. - Мне нужно купить новое теплое пальто.

a slow and heavy funeral song - медленная и тяжёлая похоронная песня

Time hung heavy on their hands. - Время для них тянулось ужасно медленно.

Heavy rains deluged the region. - Область затопили ливневые дожди.

the heavy tread of tired troops - тяжелая поступь усталых солдат

John started off in heavy drama. - Джон начинал с трагедии.

My head can stand a heavy clour. - Моя голова может выдержать сильный удар.

His eyes felt heavy with fatigue. - Глаза его смыкались от усталости.

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Связанные термины:

heavy mob: → the heavy mob

heavy mud: a dense substance made of a mixture of the mineral barite and water that is thickened with polymers

heavy oil: a hydrocarbon mixture, heavier than water, distilled from coal tar

heavy on: using large quantities of

heavy-set: Someone who is heavy-set has a large solid body.

top-heavy: Something that is top-heavy is larger or heavier at the top than at the bottom, and might therefore fall over.

hang heavy: to pass tediously; drag

heavy chain: a type of polypeptide chain present in an immunoglobulin molecule

heavy cream: Heavy cream is very thick cream.

heavy crude: a type of crude oil that does not flow easily and has greater viscosity and specific density than other types of crude

heavy-duty: A heavy-duty piece of equipment is very strong and can be used a lot .

heavy earth: a white or yellowish-white poisonous heavy powder used esp as a dehydrating agent . Formula: BaO

heavy fire: You can use fire to refer to the shots fired from a gun or guns.

heavy going: a soft and muddy surface to race on

heavy-laden: carrying a heavy load

heavy metal: Heavy metal is a type of very loud rock music with a fast beat.

heavy rain: Rain is water that falls from the clouds in small drops .

heavy seas: You use seas when you are describing the sea at a particular time or in a particular area.

heavy spar: → barite

heavy type: type that is thicker and blacker than normal type

heavy user: A user is a person or thing that uses something such as a place, facility, product, or machine.

heavy water: water that has been electrolytically decomposed to enrich it in the deuterium isotope in the form HDO or D 2 O

tail-heavy: (of an aircraft) having too much weight at the rear because of overloading or poor design

heavy bomber: a large plane capable of carrying heavy bomb loads for long distances, esp. at high altitudes

heavy cruiser: a cruiser with greater tonnage and heavier armament than a conventional cruiser

heavy element: any element heavier than helium

heavy-footed: having a heavy or clumsy tread

heavy-handed: If you say that someone's behaviour is heavy-handed, you mean that they are too forceful or too rough .

heavy-hearted: sad ; melancholy

heavy hitter: a baseball player who hits many home runs and other extra-base hits

heavy showers: A shower is a short period of rain, especially light rain.

a heavy hand: If you say that someone such as the ruler of a country treats people with a heavy hand, you are criticizing them because they are very strict and severe with them.

heavy artillery: guns and howitzers of large caliber

heavy breather: a person who breathes stertorously or with difficulty

heavy breathing: stertorous breathing or breathing done with difficulty

heavy criticism: Criticism is the action of expressing disapproval of something or someone. A criticism is a statement that expresses disapproval.

heavy downpour: A downpour is a sudden and unexpected heavy fall of rain.

heavy emphasis: Emphasis is special or extra importance that is given to an activity or to a part or aspect of something.

heavy-heartedly: in a heavy-hearted manner

heavy hydrogen: → deuterium

heavy industry: Heavy industry is industry in which large machines are used to produce raw materials or to make large objects .

heavy machinery: You can use machinery to refer to machines in general, or machines that are used in a factory or on a farm .

heavy reliance: A person's or thing's reliance on something is the fact that they need it and often cannot live or work without it.

heavy schedule: A schedule is a plan that gives a list of events or tasks and the times at which each one should happen or be done.

heavy middleweight: a professional wrestler weighing 177–187 pounds (81–85 kg)

the heavy mob: a group of heavies or enforcers

heavy crude oil: a type of crude oil that does not flow easily and has greater viscosity and specific density than other types of crude

heavy responsibility: Your responsibilities are the duties that you have because of your job or position.

heavy with child: pregnant

make heavy weather: to roll and pitch in heavy seas

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Однокоренные слова:

heaven - небо, небеса, бог, провидение
heaver - грузчик, вага, рычаг, драек
heavily - сильно, тяжело, с трудом, медленно, тягостно
heaviness - тяжесть, грузность, инертность, медлительность, депрессия, подавленность
nose-heavy - перетяжеленный на нос
top-heavy - перевешивающий в верхней части, неустойчивый, пьяный, переоценённый, имеющий
heavies - боевая техника, боетехника
heavyish - тяжеловатый
topheavy - неустойчивый, грудастая
heaving - подъем, перемещение, бросание, швыряние, поднимать

Связанные слова: