the key must be held down - эта клавиша должна удерживаться в нажатом состоянии

to be held in low repute - иметь дурную репутацию

to be held in respect - пользоваться уважением

hand-held calculator - карманный калькулятор

closely held corporation - корпорация закрытого типа

internally held public debt - внутренний государственный долг

hand-held device - ручной привод

hand-held key entry device - ручной прибор ввода ключей

be held in high estimation - пользоваться большим уважением

be held - состояться; проходить; бывать

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He held up his hand. - Он поднял руку.

Heavy rain held us back. - Нас задержал сильный дождь.

The frost still held. - По-прежнему стояли морозы.

I held the baby in my arms. - Я держал малыша на руках.

She held her face averted. - Она так и не повернула головы.

Rain held up play for an hour. - Дождь задержал игру на час.

data-word-id="25">All data is held centrally. - Все данные хранятся централизованно.

I have been held up in traffic. - Я застрял в (дорожной) пробке.

He held her close and kissed her. - Он прижал её к себе и поцеловал.

San Francisco held on to win 4-2. - Команда Сан-Франциско удержала победный счёт 4:2.

A wedge held the door open. - Двери не давал закрыться клин.

He held my arm like a vice. - Он сжал мою руку словно тисками.

She held out her left hand. - Она протянула левую руку.

He held her in a warm embrace. - Он держал ее в теплых объятиях.

Worship services are held daily. - Богослужения проводятся ежедневно.

His funeral will be held on Friday. - Его похороны состоятся в пятницу.

She held the banister tightly. - Она крепко держалась за перила.

He held a knife to her throat. - Он держал нож у ее горла.

She held the baby in her arms. - Она держала малыша на руках.

She held herself like a queen. - Она держалась, как королева.

He held the shovel by the handle. - Он держал лопату за ручку.

This view is not widely held. - Эта точка зрения не пользуется широкой поддержкой.

The property is held on trust. - Имущество управляется по доверенности.

They held fast to their beliefs. - Они твёрдо держались своих убеждений.

The bridge was held for some time. - Некоторое время они удерживали мост.

a quiz night held in the local pub - викторина, которую проводили в местном пабе

The singer held the note too long. - Певец слишком долго держал эту ноту.

This view was not widely held. - Эта точка зрения была распространена не так широко.

The bridge is held up by cables. - Мост подвешен на тросах.

Norway held Holland to a 2-2 draw. - Сборная Норвегии удержала ничейный счёт 2:2 в матче с Голландией.

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Связанные термины:

hold: When you hold something, you carry or support it, using your hands or your arms.

overwithhold: to deduct more ( withholding tax ) than is owed

hand-held: A hand-held device such as a camera or a computer is small and light enough to be used while you are holding it.

hold in: If you hold in an emotion or feeling, you do not allow yourself to express it, often making it more difficult to deal with.

hold off: If you hold off doing something, you delay doing it or delay making a decision about it.

hold on: If you hold on, or hold onto something, you keep your hand on it or around it, for example to prevent the thing from falling or to support yourself.

hold out: If you hold out your hand or something you have in your hand, you move your hand away from your body, for example to shake hands with someone.

hold-up: If you hold up your hand or something you have in your hand, you move it upwards into a particular position and keep it there.

hand-held device: A device is an object that has been invented for a particular purpose, for example for recording or measuring something.

hold back: If you hold back or if something holds you back, you hesitate before you do something because you are not sure whether it is the right thing to do.

hold down: If you hold down a job or a place in a team, you manage to keep it.

hold forth: to speak for a long time or in public

hold on to: If you hold on to something that gives you an advantage, you succeed in keeping it for yourself, and prevent it from being taken away or given to someone else.

hold over: If you hold something over someone, you use it in order to threaten them or make them do what you want .

hold with: If you do not hold with an activity or action, you do not approve of it.

hold against: If you hold something against someone, you let their actions in the past influence your present attitude towards them and cause you to deal severely or unfairly with them.

hold together: If you hold a group of people together, you help them to live or work together without arguing, although they may have different aims, attitudes, or interests.

privately held corporation: A privately held corporation is a company whose shares cannot be bought by the general public.

hold a reservation: If a hotel holds a reservation, it keeps a room for someone, and does not give it to someone else.

be called/held/brought to account: If someone is called, held, or brought to account for something they have done wrong, they are made to explain why they did it, and are often criticized or punished for it.

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