Adverb: здесь сюда вот тут
Noun: настоящее место


here is the choice of the whole garden - это лучшее, что есть в саду

two flights (of stairs) down from here - двумя этажами ниже

between here and the town - между этим местом и городом

this book belongs here - этой книге полагается лежать здесь

the road forks here - здесь дорога разветвляется

here goes - начнем, приступим

it's good to be here - приятно быть здесь

his house is far from here - его дом отсюда далеко

here's how - разг. (в качестве тоста)

here you are - вот то что вам нужно; вот, пожалуйста; вот возьмите

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I work here. - Я работаю здесь.

Here's your tea. - Вот ваш чай.

I'm here to help you. - Я здесь, чтобы помочь вам.

Here we agree. - С этим мы согласны.

John! here! quick. - Джон, сюда, скорее!

What do we have here? - Что тут у нас?

Come on. I'm over here. - Давай же, иди сюда. Я здесь.

Shall we eat here? - Давайте здесь поедим?

Bring them here at once. - Немедленно приведите их сюда.

What are you doing here? - Что ты здесь делаешь?

Here it's morning already. - Здесь уже утро.

Where do we go from here? - Ну, а дальше что?

Here is half the summer past. - Вот и прошла половина лета.

Here is where the trouble starts. - Вот тут-то и начинаются проблемы. / В этом-то и вся загвоздка.

Here is your chance to change your life. - Вот ваш шанс изменить свою жизнь.

When will you get here? - Когда ты здесь будешь? / Когда вы сюда доберётесь?

Come here for a minute. - Подойди-ка сюда на минутку.

I've come here to help you. - Я пришёл сюда, чтобы помочь вам.

There is no space to discuss this issue here. - Здесь не то место, чтобы обсуждать этот вопрос.

Would you close the window? It's cold in here. - Не могли бы вы закрыть окно? Здесь как-то холодно.

Spring is here at last. - Наконец-то пришла весна.

My friend here was a witness of the accident. - Вот мой друг был очевидцем происшествия.

Will you be back here tonight? - Ты вернёшься сюда сегодня вечером?

I'm not sure what you mean here. - Тут я вас не вполне понимаю.

They have lived here for 30 years. - Они прожили здесь тридцать лет.

I'm resigning here and now. - Я ухожу в отставку, прямо здесь и сейчас.

There are no good pubs round here. - Тут поблизости нет хороших пабов.

This switch here controls the lights. - Вот этот переключатель управляет этими лампочками.

I'm planning to be back here by 6:00. - Я планирую вернуться сюда к шести ноль-ноль.

radio waves received here on Earth - радиоволны, полученные здесь, на Земле

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Связанные термины:

heres: an heir

here goes: You say ' here goes ' when you are about to do or say something difficult or unpleasant .

look here: You say look here when you are going to say something important to someone, especially when you are angry at what they have done or said .

over here: Over here means near you, or in the country you are in.

this here: → this (sense 7 )

here's to: a formula used in proposing a toast to someone or something

listen here: You say listen here when you are going to say something important to someone, especially when you are angry at what they have done or said .

here sb is: You say ' here we are ' or ' here you are ' when the statement that you are making about someone's character or situation is unexpected .

here and now: You use here and now to emphasize that something is happening at the present time, rather than in the future or past, or that you would like it to happen at the present time.

here's how!: (as a toast ) good health !

here to stay: If you say that something is here to stay, you mean that people have accepted it and it has become a part of everyday life.

here we are: You say ' here we are ' when you have just found something that you have been looking for.

here and there: If something happens here and there, it happens in several different places.

get outta here!: go away!

here's to sth: You use expressions such as ' here's to us ' and ' here's to your new job ' before drinking a toast in order to wish someone success or happiness.

here we go again: You use expressions such as ' here we go ' and ' here we go again ' in order to indicate that something is happening again in the way that you expected, especially something unpleasant .

the here and now: the present time

the buck stops here: said to mean that a problem is your responsibility, and that you are not expecting anyone else to deal with it

here today, gone tomorrow: said to mean that someone or something is only present for a short time. You often use this expression to suggest that this is a bad thing.

neither here nor there: If you say that something is neither here nor there, you mean that it does not matter because it is not a relevant point.

here's mud in your eye: a humorous drinking toast

what is sb/sth doing here: If you ask what someone or something is doing in a particular place, you are asking why they are there.

where do we go from here?: If someone says ' Where do we go from here? ' they are asking what should be done next, usually because a problem has not been solved in a satisfactory way .

the buck stops here/with me: If you say ' The buck stops here ' or ' The buck stops with me', you mean that you have to take responsibility for something and will not try to pass the responsibility on to someone else.

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Однокоренные слова:

inhere - быть присущим, быть неотъемлемым, принадлежать
hership - голод, разорение, награбленное добро, трофеи, грабеж, мародерство

Связанные слова: