Adjective: высокий большой сильный с высоким содержанием
Adverb: высоко сильно интенсивно резко
Noun: максимум высшая точка средняя школа состояние наркотического опьянения


high-powered / powerful binoculars - сильный бинокль

elevated / high blood pressure - повышенное, высокое кровяное давление

exclusive / select / high circle - элита, элитарное общество

the cream of the world's high society - цвет высшего общества со всего мира

high crowned - с высокой тульей

high cube container - контейнер повышенной вместимости

to achieve a high degree of proficiency - достичь высокого уровня профессионализма

high-calorie diet - высококалорийная диета

high-fibre diet - диета с большим употреблением клетчатки

high distinction - отлично (с отличием)

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She holds her head high. - Она высоко держит голову.

How high can you jump? - Как высоко ты можешь прыгнуть?

Feelings ran high. - Страсти разгорелись.

One must have high ideals. - Человек должен иметь возвышенные идеалы.

Most people there were high on cocaine. - Большинство людей там были "под кокаином".

The river is at its highest in spring. - Весной эта река поднимается (выходит из берегов).

Buy low and sell high. - Покупай дёшево, продавай дорого.

The sun was high in the sky. - Солнце стояло уже высоко в небе.

A ski lift whisks you high into the mountains. - Горнолыжный подъёмник уносит вас высоко в горы.

She earns a high salary. - Она получает высокую зарплату.

We had high hopes for her. - Мы возлагали на неё большие надежды.

He has a high opinion of himself. - Он высокого мнения о себе.

It's high time you got a job. - Тебе давно пора найти работу.

His books are in high demand. - Его книги пользуются большим спросом.

The stakes are too high. - Ставки слишком высоки.

How high is the Eiffel Tower? - Какова высота Эйфелевой башни?

You must not task me too high. - Нельзя требовать от меня слишком многого.

Hotel Miramar is situated high above the bay. - Гостиница "Miramar" расположена высоко над заливом.

An angel came from on high. - С небес сошёл ангел.

The clouds were riding high. - Высоко по небу плыли облака.

Cream has a high fat content. - У сливок высокая жирность.

The grass was knee-high. - Трава была по колено.

We are enslaved by high tech. - Мы стали пленниками высоких технологий.

If you want better public services, you'll have to pay higher taxes - it's as simple as that. - Если хотите, чтобы госслужбы работали лучше, придётся платить более высокие налоги — только и всего.

The bush is six feet high. - Высота этого куста — шесть футов.

I was still high from the applause. - Я был по-прежнему в приподнятом настроении из-за аплодисментов.

He kicked the ball high into the air, over the heads of the crowd. - Он выбил мяч высоко в воздух, над головами толпы.

High Court of Parliament - юр. Высокий суд парламента

Their prestige went sky high. - Их престиж вырос до небес.

He got high marks for honesty. - Он был в высшей степени честным человеком. / Его честность была достойна наивысших похвал.

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Связанные термины:

high C: the note two octaves above middle C, deemed to be a test of a singer's ability

high on: enthusiastic about; very interested in or impressed by

high up: If something is high up, it is a long way above the ground, above sea level, or above a person or thing.

on high: If you say that something came from on high, you mean that it came from a person or place of great authority.

ace-high: esteemed ; respected

confidence is sky-high: If you have confidence, you feel sure about your abilities, qualities, or ideas.

fly high: to have a high aim

high bar: a raised bar on which swinging and vaulting exercises are performed

high beam: a function of vehicle headlights providing allowing you to see further

high camp: effeminate ; affected in mannerisms, dress, etc

high-carb: having a high carbohydrate content

high day: a day of celebration; festival (esp in the phrase high days and holidays )

high dive: the performance of a dive from a high board

high-end: High-end products, especially electronic products, are the most expensive of their kind.

high five: If you give someone a high five, you put your hand up and hit their open hand with yours, especially after a victory or as a greeting.

high gear: the highest gear in a car or other motor vehicle

high hand: → to rule sb with a high hand

high hat: a snobbish person

high jump: The high jump is an athletics event which involves jumping over a raised bar .

high-key: (of a photograph, painting, etc) having a predominance of light grey tones or light colours

high life: You use the high life to refer to an exciting and luxurious way of living that involves a great deal of entertainment, going to parties, and eating good food.

high-low: a game of poker in which both high and low hands are eligible to win, the pot usually being split equally between the player with the highest hand and the player with the lowest hand

High Mass: High mass is a church service held in a Catholic church in which there is more ceremony than in an ordinary mass.

high noon: High noon means the same as noon.

high-rise: High-rise buildings are modern buildings which are very tall and have many levels or floors .

high-risk: denoting a group, part, etc, that is particularly subject or exposed to a danger

high road: A high road is a main road.

high sea: the sea or ocean beyond the three-mile limit or territorial waters of a country

high seas: The high seas is used to refer to the sea.

high sign: a prearranged and usually covert signal to someone to tell them that they can do something

high spot: The high spot of an event or activity is the most exciting or enjoyable part of it.

high-tail: to leave or go in a hurry ; scurry off

high tea: In Britain, some people have a meal called high tea in the late afternoon instead of having dinner or supper later in the evening .

high tech: High-tech activities or equipment involve or result from the use of high technology .

high-test: meeting difficult requirements

high tide: At the coast, high tide is the time when the sea is at its highest level because the tide is in.

high time: the latest possible time; a time that is almost too late

high-top: a sneaker or athletic shoe extending over the ankle

high tops: training shoes that reach above the ankles

high wire: A high wire is a length of rope or wire stretched tight high above the ground and used for balancing acts.

hole high: at a spot on or near the green that is as far as the hole is from where the ball was hit

knee-high: Something that is knee-high is as tall or high as an adult's knees.

live high: to live in luxury

ride high: to be very popular or successful at the present time

run high: If people's feelings are running high, they are very angry, concerned, or excited .

type-high: having the height of a piece of type, standardized as 0.918 inches

high altar: the principal altar of a church

High Arctic: the regions of Canada, esp the northern islands, within the Arctic Circle

high beams: A vehicle's high beams are its headlights when they are set to shine their brightest .

high board: the diving board at the highest level in a swimming pool

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Однокоренные слова:

higher - высший, верхний
highly - высоко, очень, весьма, сильно, чрезвычайно, в высшей степени, благоприятно
highness - высота, возвышенность, величина, высокая степень, большой размер

Связанные слова: