Noun: холм гора возвышенность возвышение
Verb: окучивать насыпать кучу


the hang of the hill - склон холма

headlong hill - крутой холм

to come down a hill - спускаться по холму

to go up a hill - подниматься по холму

lengthy hill - высокий холм

house on the hill - дом на холме

on the pitch of a hill - на склоне холма

hill cattle - горный скот

church tops the hill - церковь возвышается на холме

hill clerk - весовщик

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The house stood on a hill. - Дом стоял на холме.

The child rolled down the hill - Ребенок скатился с горы

The path led down the hill. - Тропинка вела вниз по склону.

We walked slowly up the hill. - Мы медленно поднимались по склону.

The hill commands a good view. - С холма открывается красивый вид.

He panted up a hill. - Он пыхтел, взбираясь на холм.

He plodded on up the hill. - Он медленно взбирался на вершину холма.

The children ran down the hill. - Дети побежали вниз по склону.

Capitol Hill - а) Капитолийский холм (в Вашингтоне); б) конгресс США

The truck laboured up the hill. - Грузовик с трудом взбирался вверх по склону.

...a gorgeous château on a hill... - ...великолепный замок на холме...

He ran furiously up against a hill. - Как бешеный, он взбежал на холм.

He hared down the hill. - Он пустился бежать вниз по склону.

She trudged up the hill. - Она с трудом взбиралась на гору.

There's a steep hill ahead. - Впереди — крутой холм.

The road dips over the hill. - За холмом дорога спускается вниз.

A hill loomed ahead of them. - Впереди виднелись очертания холма.

the landward side of the hill - обращённый к берегу склон холма

The horse plodded up the hill. - Лошадь медленно брела в гору.

The truck labored up the hill. - Грузовик с трудом взбирался на гору.

The bikers puffed up the hill. - Велосипедисты, пыхтя от натуги, поехали в гору.

It was a long pull up the hill. - Это был долгий подъём в гору.

They toiled slowly up the hill. - Они медленно и с огромным трудом взбирались на гору.

the long trudge back up the hill - долгое восхождение обратно на гору

The children rolled down the hill. - Дети скатились с горки.

The DMZ begins right over the hill. - Демилитаризованная зона начинается прямо за горой.

Mr Hill took a real fancy to Clara. - Мистер Хилл по-настоящему влюбился в Клару.

Our driveway is a long, steep hill. - Наша подъездная дорога — это длинный крутой подъём.

General Hill fights his troops well. - Генерал Хилл прекрасно управляет своими войсками.

Fork left at the bottom of the hill. - (На развилке) у подножия холма сверните налево.

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Связанные термины:

ant hill: a mound of soil, leaves, etc, near the entrance of an ants ' nest, carried and deposited there by the ants while constructing the nest

hill farm: a farm in a high area, usually concentrating on sheep, because of the lack of winter fodder

hill myna: an Asiatic myna bird ( Gracula religiosa ) with the ability to mimic human speech: often kept as a pet

Sam Hill: → hell

the Hill: → Capitol Hill

Broken Hill: a town in SE Australia, in W New South Wales : mining centre for lead, silver, and zinc . Pop: 19 834 (2001)

Bunker Hill: the first battle of the American Revolution, actually fought on Breed's Hill, next to Bunker Hill, near Boston, on June 17, 1775. Though defeated, the colonists proved that they could stand against British regular soldiers

bunny hill: a nursery slope

Cherry Hill: city in SW N. J ., east of Camden : pop. 70,000

Ennis-Hill: Dame Jessica (née Ennis ). born 1986, English athlete : won gold for Britain in the heptathlon at the World Championships (2009) and the Olympics (2012)

hill climb: a competition in which motor vehicles attempt singly to ascend a steep slope as fast as possible

hill farmer: a farmer on a hill farm

hill mynah: a starling, Gracula religiosa, of S and SE Asia: a popular cage bird because of its ability to talk

hill start: the act of starting a car or other vehicle on an incline

hill walker: a person who takes part in hill walking

Kerry Hill: a breed of sturdy sheep having black-and-white markings on the head and legs and a dense fleece, originating from Powys, on the English-Welsh borders

Smoky Hill: river flowing from E Colo. eastward through Kans., joining the Republican River to form the Kansas River: 540 mi (869 km)

Breed's Hill: a hill in E Massachusetts, adjoining Bunker Hill: the true site of the Battle of Bunker Hill (1775)

Capitol Hill: the area around the Capitol in Washington, DC

hill climber: a person who takes part in hill walking

hill climbing: the activity of walking through hilly country for pleasure

hill country: (in North Island) elevated pasture land for sheep or cattle

hill farming: the activity and business of having a hill farm

hill station: (in northern India) a settlement or resort at a high altitude

hill walking: the activity of walking through hilly country for pleasure

Malvern Hill: plateau near Richmond, Va.: site of a battle (1862) of the Civil War in which Union troops repulsed Confederate attacks but withdrew the next day

Hill of Tara: → the Hill of Tara

hill of beans: a very small amount or value; trifle

over the hill: If you say that someone is over the hill, you are saying rudely that they are old and no longer fit, attractive, or capable of doing useful work.

San Juan Hill: hill near Santiago de Cuba : captured by U.S. troops in a battle (1898) of the Spanish-American War

anthill: An anthill is a pile of earth formed by ants when they are making a nest .

king of the hill: a game in which each player attempts to climb to the top of some point, as a mound of earth, and to prevent all others from pushing or pulling him or her off the top

the Hill of Tara: the historic seat of the ancient Irish kings, in Co Meath near Dublin

up hill and down dale: strenuously and persistently

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Однокоренные слова:

hilling - окучивание
hiller - окучник, культиватор для нарезки гряд и борозд
hilliness - холмистость

Связанные слова: