Pronoun: его свое свой принадлежащий ему


his belled cap - его шляпа с колокольчиками

at the bottom of his garden - в конце сада

to bring smb. to himself, to bring smb. to his senses - приводить кого-л. в сознание

his poor broken-down animal - его бедное обессилевшее животное

his money burns a hole in his pocket - деньги жгут ему карман

with a flower in his buttonhole - с цветком в петлице

to carry smb. off his feet - впечатлять, ошеломлять

causticity of his tongue - язвительность его языка

his celestial protectress - его небесная покровительница

at his own charge(s) - на его собственный счёт

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This ball is his. - Это его мяч.

John sold his house. - Джон продал свой дом.

His nose is very long. - У него очень длинный нос.

I saw her parents but I didn't see his. - Её-то родителей я видел, а вот его родителей — нет.

He brought my coat and his. - Он принёс моё и своё пальто.

He bought his own house. - Он купил себе дом.

His house is out in the country. - Его дом находится в сельской местности.

He knows his physics. - Он знает физику (в полагающемся ему объеме).

I would like to read some of his essays. - Я хотел бы прочесть некоторые из его сочинений.

It's his turn to play. - Его очередь играть.

He sat quietly at his desk. - Он спокойно сидел за своим столом.

He was jailed for three years for his crime. - За совершённое преступление его на три года посадили в тюрьму.

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Связанные термины:

bahuvrihi: a class of compound words consisting of two elements the first of which is a specific feature of the second

binghi: an Aboriginal person

of his: belonging to or associated with him

his/her: his or her

his/hers: his or hers

his nibs: a mock title used of someone in authority

his and hers: (of paired objects) for a man and woman respectively

nob: If you refer to a group of people as the nobs, you mean they are rich or come from a much higher social class than you do.

one for his nob: the call made with this jack, scoring one point

what's-his-name: a boy or man whose name is unknown, temporarily forgotten, or deliberately overlooked

every dog has his day: something good or lucky happens to everyone at one time or another

give the devil his due: to acknowledge the talent or the success of an opponent or unpleasant person

Your Excellency His Excellency Her Excellency: You use expressions such as Your Excellency or Her Excellency when you are addressing or referring to officials of very high rank, for example ambassadors or governors .

all the world and his wife: a large group of people of various kinds

beard the lion in his den: to approach a feared or influential person, esp in order to ask a favour

sweep someone off his feet: to inspire strong and immediate enthusiasm, love, etc. in someone

take someone at his word: to take someone's words literally or seriously and, often, act accordingly

clear your debts: A debt is a sum of money that you owe someone.

a man/woman of his/her word: If you refer to someone as a man of his word or a woman of her word, you mean that they always keep their promises and can be relied on.

beard the lion (in his den): to approach, oppose, etc. an influential or feared person, as in a place where that person has the advantage

give a person his or her due: to give or allow a person what is deserved or right

give someone his or her head: to allow a person greater freedom or responsibility

express your opinion: Your opinion about something is what you think or believe about it.

voice your opinion: Your opinion about something is what you think or believe about it.

all his or her geese are swans: he or she constantly exaggerates the importance of a person or thing

an Englishman's home is his castle: said to mean that people have the right to do what they want in their own home, and that other people or the state have no right to interfere in people's private lives

put someone in his or her place: to humble someone who is arrogant, conceited, forward, etc

take someone at his or her word: to assume that someone means, or will do, what he or she says

consider your options: An option is something that you can choose to do in preference to one or more alternatives .

a fool and his money are soon parted: said to mean that it is easy to persuade someone who is not sensible to spend their money on worthless things

bring someone to his or her knees: to force someone into submission

man (or woman) of his (or her) word: a person who keeps his (or her) promises

put someone through his or her paces: to test the ability of someone

send someone about his or her business: to dismiss or get rid of someone

walk a person off his or her feet: to make someone walk so fast or far that he or she is exhausted

his or her bark is worse than his or her bite: he or she is bad-tempered but harmless

a man of his years/a woman of her years: You can say a man of his years or a woman of her years to refer to that person's age in relation to something else you are talking about.

leave someone to his or her own devices: to leave someone alone to do as he or she wishes

meet someone on his or her own ground: to meet someone according to terms he or she has laid down himself or herself

pay someone back in his or her own coin: to treat a person in the way that he or she has treated others

everyone has their price: said to mean that everyone can be persuaded to do something dishonest or immoral, if they are offered a large enough amount of money

make someone turn (over) in his (or her) grave: to be or do something that would have shocked or distressed someone now dead

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Однокоренные слова:

hissing - шипение, свист, шипящий

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