Noun: дыра отверстие дырка скважина
Verb: просверлить пробить продырявливать прорыть


his money burns a hole in his pocket - деньги жгут ему карман

hole and corner transactions - тайные махинации

to dig oneself into a hole - угодить в неприятную ситуацию по собственной вине

having a hole - дырявый

to bore a hole - сверлить отверстие

hole in a tooth - дупло в зубе

hole in law - лазейка в законе

to trip in a hole - спускать в скважину

to wear a hole - протереть дыру, заносить до дыр

peep hole - визирное отверстие, глазок, смотровое окно

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The dog dug a deep hole. - Собака вырыла глубокую яму.

I have a hole in my sock. - У меня дырявый носок.

The theory is full of holes. - Эта теория полна недостатков.

You've put me in a bad hole. - Вы поставили меня в очень неприятное положение.

The hole was freshly dug. - Яма была выкопана недавно.

a mouse hole in the wall - мышиная норка в стене

The bomb left a big hole in the ground. - От бомбы осталась глубокая воронка в земле.

I have a hole in my pocket. - У меня дыра в кармане.

He fixed the hole in the roof. - Он залатал дыру в крыше.

The golf course has 18 holes. - На этом поле для гольфа 18 лунок.

I began digging a hole for the plant. - Я начал копать для растения яму.

Dig a hole three feet deep. - Выкопайте яму глубиной три фута.

I've got to get out of this hole. - Я должен выбираться из этой дыры.

There are holes in your logic. - В твоём рассуждении есть несколько слабых мест.

I have a hole in my coat. - У меня в пальто дырка.

He wore a hole in his pants. - У него была дырка на штанах.

He shot holes in my argument. - Он разбил мои аргументы вдребезги. / Он не оставил камня на камне от моей аргументации.

Keep yourself from being holed. - Смотри, чтобы тебя не продырявили.

Drill a hole into the wall. - Просверлите в стене отверстие.

Drill a hole in each corner. - Просверлите отверстие в каждом из углов.

These socks are full of holes. - В этих носках полно дыр. / Эти носки дырявые, как решето.

My sock has a hole in the toe. - У меня дырка на носке, где палец.

The idea of the game is to hole out in as few strokes as possible. - Суть игры в том, чтобы загнать мяч в лунку за минимальное число ударов.

She eagled the hole. - Она заработала "игл" /выиграла два удара/ на этой лунке (о гольфе).

Make a hole in the paper. - Проделайте в бумаге отверстие.

Chop a hole in the ground. - Проделайте в земле отверстие .

The last hole is a par five. - На последней лунке пар составляет пять ударов (о гольфе).

She birdied the second hole. - На второй лунке она заработала "бёрди" /выиграла один удар/ (о гольфе).

He holed the putt with ease. - Он легко забил в лунку патт (вид удара в гольфе).

He made par on the ninth hole. - На девятой лунке он сделал пар (о гольфе).

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

hole up: If you hole up somewhere, you hide or shut yourself there, usually so that people cannot find you or disturb you.

air hole: a hole that allows the passage of air, esp for ventilation

beam hole: a hole in the shield of a nuclear reactor through which a beam of radiation, esp of neutrons, is allowed to escape for experimental purposes

bolt hole: If you say that someone has a bolt-hole to go to, you mean that there is somewhere that they can go when they want to get away from people that they know .

dene hole: a hole or shaft excavated in the chalk of southern England or northern France, of uncertain origin and purpose

dry hole: (in the oil industry ) a well that is drilled but does not produce oil or gas in commercially worthwhile amounts

hidy-hole: a hiding place

hole card: a card dealt face down in stud poker

hole high: at a spot on or near the green that is as far as the hole is from where the ball was hit

hole out: to hit the ball into the hole

hole saw: a hollow cylinder with teeth on the bottom edge attached by means of a bit, as to a portable electric drill, and used for cutting circles

lamp-hole: a hole in the ground for lowering a lamp down into a sewer

moth-hole: a hole in a piece of material or item clothing caused by a moth eating it

nine-hole: (of a golf course ) having nine holes ; relating to a course having nine holes

pie-hole: a person's mouth

shit-hole: a very bad place; a disgusting place

shot hole: a drilled hole into which explosive is put for blasting

snow hole: a shelter dug in deep usually drifted snow

the hole: → solitary confinement ; also, a cell used for solitary confinement

top-hole: excellent ; splendid

black hole: Black holes are areas in space, where gravity is so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape from them. Black holes are thought to be formed by collapsed stars .

bogey hole: a natural pool used for swimming

bullet hole: hole made by a bullet

cased hole: A cased hole is the part of the wellbore with metal casing and cementing .

cubby-hole: A cubby-hole is a very small room or space for storing things.

finger hole: one of a set of holes for the finger on the rotating dial of a telephone

glory hole: a room, cupboard, or other storage space that contains an untidy and miscellaneous collection of objects

gnamma hole: a natural well in a rock

in a hole: If you say that you are in a hole, you mean that you are in a difficult or embarrassing situation .

judas hole: a peephole or a very small window in a door

kettle hole: a round hollow formed by the melting of a mass of buried ice

namma hole: a natural well in a rock

ozone hole: an area of the atmosphere where the ozone layer is particularly thin or absent

pigeon-hole: A pigeon-hole is one of the sections in a frame on a wall where letters and messages can be left for someone, or one of the sections in a writing desk where you can keep documents .

priest-hole: a secret chamber in certain houses in England, built as a hiding place for Roman Catholic priests when they were proscribed in the 16th and 17th centuries

rabbit hole: a hole in the ground dug by wild rabbits and leading to a warren

sound hole: any of variously shaped apertures in the sounding board of certain stringed instruments, such as the ' f ' shaped holes of a violin

spider hole: a foxhole with a camouflaged lid or cover in which a sniper hides

water hole: In a desert or other dry area, a water hole is a pool of water where animals can drink.

white hole: a hypothetical region which cannot be entered but from which matter can escape

Wookey Hole: a village in SW England, in Somerset, near Wells : noted for the nearby limestone cave in which prehistoric remains have been found

doughnut hole: a funding shortfall in the standard drug benefit offered by many Medicare prescription drug plans

lubber's hole: a hole in a top or platform on a mast through which a sailor can climb

swallow hole: a depression in the ground surface, esp in limestone, where a surface stream disappears underground

swimming hole: a pond or a deep place in a river, creek, etc. used for swimming

watering hole: You can refer to a pub or bar where people go to drink and meet their friends as a watering hole .

a hole card: something that you keep secret or hidden until you are ready to use it to gain an advantage over other people

hole in one: a shot from the tee that finishes in the hole

in the hole: in debt

nineteenth hole: the bar in a golf clubhouse

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Однокоренные слова:

hole up - отсиживаться, прятаться от людей, быть в зимней спячке

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