Adjective: святой священный праведный безгрешный
Noun: святыня святилище всевышний


hallowed ground, holy ground - священная земля

holy day - религиозный праздник

the Holy Writ - уст.; рел. Священное Писание, Библия

by the holy poker! - ей-ей!, ей-богу!

holy terror - надоедливый ребенок

the holy ampulla - священный сосуд

cathedral of the holy virgin mary - собор Святой Богородицы

chest with holy relics - ларец с мощами

holy cow - священная корова

holy-day - церковный праздник

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Holy Russia - Святая Русь

Holy City - Священный город (Иерусалим, Рим и т. п.)

Holy Spirit - Святой Дух

Holy Father - Святейший отец (папа римский)

Holy mackerel! - Ничего себе! Вот это да!

They were joined together in holy matrimony. - Они были соединены священными узами брака.

a holy war against the infidels - священная война против неверных

We don't treat the items as holy relics. - Мы не считаем эти предметы священными реликвиями.

Holy /Sacred/ Writ - Библия, Священное писание

the emanation of the Holy Spirit - исхождение Святого Духа

She was a holy woman, innocent and chaste. - Она была святой женщиной, чистой и непорочной.

Denmark was never a province of the Holy Roman Empire. - Дания никогда не была провинцией Священной Римской Империи.

Holy Sepulchre - рел. гроб господень

Holy / Spy Wednesday - Святая Среда (на Страстной неделе)

...the bonds of holy matrimony. - ...узами священного брака.

Hope is against the holy ghost. - Надежда пребывает в духе святом.

the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit - Отец, Сын и Святой Дух

a holy relic worn by one of the saints - священная реликвия, которую носил один из этих святых

He sprinkled the coffin with Holy Water. - Он окропил гроб святой водой.

They prefer cursed bad wine to holy water. - Они предпочитают мерзкое, ужасное вино святой воде.

He was a communicant of Holy Cross Church. - Он был прихожанином церкви Святого Креста.

He joined the happy couple in holy wedlock. - Он соединил счастливую пару святыми узами брака.

These children are venerated as holy beings. - Этих детей почитают как святых.

The two domes which surmount the Holy Sepulchre. - Два купола, увенчивающие Храм Гроба Господня.

the justification of barbarous means by holy ends - оправдание варварских методов праведными целями

The Holy Spirit is the indweller of the church and its members. - Святой Дух присутствует внутри церкви и её прихожан.

Finding a cure for cancer is the holy grail of medical researchers. - Нахождение лекарства от рака является заветной мечтой исследователей-медиков.

the doctrine of the procession of the Holy Spirit from the Father and the Son - догма об исхождении Святого Духа от Отца и Сына

Both sides in the conflict agreed to an armistice during the solemn holy days. - Стороны конфликта договорились о перемирии на время религиозных праздников.

Yom Kippur is the holy day on which Jews are expected to expiate sins committed during the past year. - Йом-Кипур является праздником, в который у иудеев принято искупать грехи, совершённые в течение прошлого года.

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Связанные термины:

Holy Ark: the cupboard at the front of a synagogue, usually in the eastern wall, in which the Torah scrolls are kept

holy book: A book is a number of pieces of paper, usually with words printed on them, which are fastened together and fixed inside a cover of stronger paper or cardboard . Books contain information, stories, or poetry, for example .

Holy City: Jerusalem, esp when regarded as the focal point of the religions of Judaism, Christianity, or Islam

holy day: a day on which a religious festival is observed

Holy Hour: an hour set aside for prayer and reflection

Holy Joe: a minister or chaplain

Holy Land: → Palestine (the region)

holy man: a very holy, religious or saintly person

Holy Mary: a pietistic person

holy men: → holy man

holy moly: (used as an exclamation to express surprise or astonishment )

holy oil: a consecrated oil used in Christian ceremonies such as baptisms and (in Catholicism ) Confirmations

holy rood: a cross or crucifix, esp one placed upon the rood screen in a church

Holy See: the see of the pope as bishop of Rome and head of the Church

holy tide: a time or season for special religious observance

holy war: a war waged in the cause of a religion

Holy Week: In the Christian religion, Holy Week is the week before Easter, when Christians remember the events leading up to the death of Christ .

Holy Writ: the Bible

Holy Year: a period of remission from sin, esp one granted every 25 years

the holy: a sacred place

Holy Bible: → Bible (sense 1 ) Bible (sense 2 ) Bible (sense 3 )

Holy Cross: Mount of the peak in WC Colo.: snow-filled crevices on it form a large cross: 13,996 ft (4,266 m)

Holy Family: → the Holy Family

Holy Father: In the Catholic Church, the Holy Father is the Pope.

Holy Ghost: The Holy Ghost is the same as theHoly Spirit .

Holy Grail: (in medieval legend ) the bowl used by Jesus at the Last Supper . It was allegedly brought to Britain by Joseph of Arimathea, where it became the quest of many knights

Holy Island: an island off the NE coast of Northumberland, linked to the mainland by road but accessible only at low water: site of a monastery founded by St Aidan in 635

Holy Moley!: an exclamation indicating surprise or astonishment

Holy Office: a congregation established in 1542 as the final court of appeal in heresy trials ; it now deals with matters of doctrine

holy orders: Someone who is in holy orders is a member of the Christian clergy .

holy place: the outer chamber of a Jewish sanctuary

Holy Roller: a member of a sect that expresses religious fervour in an ecstatic or frenzied way

Holy Spirit: In the Christian religion, the Holy Spirit is one of the three aspects of God, together with God the Father and God the Son .

holy synod: the governing body of any of the Orthodox Churches

holy terror: a difficult or frightening person

holy water: water that has been blessed by a priest for use in symbolic rituals of purification

Holy Willie: a person who is hypocritically pious

Holy Alliance: a document advocating government according to Christian principles that was signed in 1815 by the rulers of Russia, Prussia, and Austria

holy picture: a picture of a person or thing that is of religious importance

Holy Saturday: the Saturday before Easter Sunday

Holy Thursday: the Thursday before Easter

Holy Trinity: a religious order founded in 1198

Holy Communion: Holy Communion is the most important religious service in the Christian church, in which people share bread and wine as a symbol of the Last Supper and the death of Christ .

Holy Eucharist: the celebration of the Eucharist

holy matrimony: a Christian phrase used to describe marriage, esp by a priest or minister in a wedding ceremony

Holy Scripture: the Bible : among Jews, the Pentateuch, the Prophets, and the Hagiographa ; among Christians, the Old and New Testaments

Holy Sepulchre: the tomb in which the body of Christ was laid after the Crucifixion

the Holy One: God

holy of holies: A holy of holies is a place that is so sacred that only particular people are allowed to enter ; often used in informal English to refer humorously to a place where only a few special people can go .

in holy orders: ordained

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Однокоренные слова:

holer - бурильщик, забойщик
holly - падуб, остролист
unholy - нечестивый, порочный, ужасный, злобный, страшный
holiness - святость, благочестие, праведность
holed - дырявый, перфорированный, с отверстиями
holily - свято, благочестиво, добросовестно, торжественно
holism - холизм, теория, акцентирующаяся на целостном восприятии объекта

Связанные слова: