Adverb: дома домой туго крепко
Noun: дом жилище родина приют
Adjective: домашний родной внутренний отечественный
Verb: жить возвращаться домой посылать домой доходить


home is where the heart is - дом там, где сердце

there's no place like home - в гостях хорошо, а дома лучше; нет ничего лучше дома

a home by a lake - дом рядом с озером

home / domestic commerce - внутренняя торговля

within a two-hour commute from my home - в двух часах езды от моего дома

craftsman working at home - надомник

to abduct a child from its home - похитить ребёнка из его дома

to drive home one's point - втолковать свою точку зрения

to drive home - вбивать до отказа

city / home edition - городской выпуск

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Daddy's home! - Папа дома!

I'll take her home. - Я возьму её домой.

He is to go home. - Он должен пойти домой.

Make yourself at home. - Чувствуйте себя как дома.

Jack left home when he was 16. - Джек покинул дом, когда ему было шестнадцать лет.

He was spending more and more time away from home. - Он проводил все больше времени вдали от дома.

and so home and to bed - а потом домой и спать

I decided to stay home. - Я решила остаться дома.

He hit a home run. - Он выбил хоум-ран (удар в бейсболе, после которого мячик улетает за пределы поля).

When did you get home? - Когда ты пришёл домой?

Yankee, go home! - Янки, прочь отсюда! (лозунг антиамериканской пропаганды)

I'll drive you home. - Я отвезу вас домой.

I'll be home tomorrow - Завтра я буду дома.

You'd best stay at home. - Тебе лучше всего остаться дома.

She took some work home. - Часть работы она брала домой.

You had better go home. - Шли бы вы лучше домой.

Hello, welcome home. - Здравствуйте, добро пожаловать домой.

Shall I run you home? - Отвезти /проводить/ тебя домой?

We left home at noon. - Мы вышли из дома в полдень.

I daren't go home. - Я не решался идти домой.

Strike the nail home. - Забей гвоздь до конца.

I want to go home now! - Я хочу домой, прямо сейчас!

The home team has won. - Команда хозяев одержала победу.

They beetled off home. - Они стремглав понеслись домой.

She is on her way home. - Она направляется домой.

I'll go home and pack. - Я пойду домой и уложу вещи.

I turned towards home. - Я повернул по направлению к дому.

It's great to be home. - Здорово быть дома.

I vote that we go home. - Я за то, чтобы пойти домой.

He was miles from home. - Он был далеко от дома.

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Фразовые глаголы:

If you home in on one particular aspect of something, you give all your attention to it.

Связанные термины:

at-home: If you feel at home, you feel comfortable in the place or situation that you are in.

home in: If you home in on one particular aspect of something, you give all your attention to it.

re-home: to give (an animal, such as one that has been abandoned or is a stray ,) a new home and owners

care home: A care home is a large house or institution where people with particular problems or special needs are looked after.

come home: (of an anchor ) to fail to hold

down-home: of, relating to, or reminiscent of rural life, esp in the southern US; unsophisticated

hit home: if a situation or what someone says hits home or strikes home, people realize that it is real or true, even though it may be painful for them to accept it

home aid: a person who is paid to do domestic chores for persons unable to look after themselves adequately

home base: the place where a person has their home and feels comfortable

home brew: Home-brew is beer or wine that is made in someone's home, rather than in a brewery .

home care: a service provided by a local authority social services department to those whom it judges most need it

home farm: (esp formerly) a farm belonging to and providing food for a large country house

home free: beyond the point of doubt in approaching success or victory

home game: a game played on a team's home ground

home help: A home help is a person who is employed to visit sick or old people at home and help with their cleaning or cooking .

home life: a person's life at home ; private life

home loan: an agreement under which a person borrows money to buy property, esp a house, and the lender may take possession of the property if the borrower fails to repay the money

home-made: Something that is home-made has been made in someone's home, rather than in a shop or factory .

home news: news of events in the home country, as opposed to foreign news

home page: On the internet, a person's or organization's home page is the main page of information about them, which often contains links to other pages about them.

home port: the port where a ship is based

home row: the row on a computer or typewriter keyboard that contains the keys ( home keys ) to which four fingers of each hand return as a base, on a QWERTY keyboard being A, S, D, and F for the left hand and J, K, L, and the semicolon for the right

home rule: If a country or region has home rule, it has its own independent government and laws.

home run: a hit that enables the batter to run round all four bases, usually by hitting the ball out of the playing area

home side: the team that is playing on its home ground

home team: a team which is playing on its own ground

home time: time to go home

home town: the town where a person lives, or where they come from

home unit: a self-contained residence which is part of a series of similar residences

main home: Someone's home is the house or flat where they live.

near home: concerning one deeply

rest-home: A rest home is the same as anold people's home .

romp home: to win a race easily

show home: a house on a new estate that is decorated and furnished for prospective buyers to view

drive home: to cause to penetrate to the fullest extent

foster home: the home of a person who fosters a child or animal

group home: an establishment, usually resembling a private home and located in a residential neighborhood, for providing a small group of persons with special needs, as handicapped or elderly persons, with lodging and supervised care

home-alone: (esp of a young child) left in a house, flat, etc unattended

home-baked: baked at home; home-made

home baking: such things as bread, cakes and biscuits that are baked at home

home birth: If a woman has a home birth, she gives birth to her baby at home rather than in a hospital .

home brand: an item packaged and marketed under the brand name of a particular retailer, usually a large supermarket chain, rather than that of the manufacturer

home-built: built at home

home-buying: the purchase of a house or flat

home field: A sports team's home field is their own playing field, as opposed to that of other teams .

home fries: raw or boiled potatoes, sliced and fried in a frying pan

home front: If something is happening on the home front, it is happening within the country where you live .

home ground: A sports team's home ground is their own playing field, as opposed to that of other teams .

home-grown: Home-grown fruit and vegetables have been grown in your garden, rather than on a farm, or in your country rather than abroad .

Home Guard: a volunteer part-time military force recruited for the defence of the United Kingdom in World War II

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Однокоренные слова:

homage - уважение, почтение, принесение феодальной присяги
homeless - бездомный, беспризорный, бесприютный, бездомный, беспризорный
homelike - домашний, уютный, дружеский
homely - домашний, уютный, невзрачный, простой, некрасивый, хороший, скромный, обыденный
homer - почтовый голубь
homeward - домой, к дому, идущий к дому, ведущий к дому
homewards - домой, к дому
homily - проповедь, поучение, нотация
homing - самонаводящийся, приводной, наведение, привод, возвращение домой
homish - папистский, католический

Связанные слова: