Adjective: горячий жаркий острый теплый
Adverb: горячо жарко
Verb: горячить нагреваться нагревать подогревать
Noun: пустая болтовня


to bend hot - гнуть в горячем состоянии

hot-water bottle - грелка

a journal box is hot - букса горит

to go / sell like hot cakes - раскупаться, продаваться нарасхват

to drink hot chocolate - выпить горячего шоколада

to get hot under the collar - рассердиться, выйти из себя

to drop smth. like a hot potato - поспешить избавиться от чего-л.

fanny full of hot tea - полная кружка горячего чая

hot-air furnace - печь, работающая на горячем воздухе

electric heater, hot-water heater - кипятильник

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I detest hot weather. - Я терпеть не могу жару.

The wine made her feel hot. - От вина ей стало жарко.

Is there any hot news on the election results? - Есть ли уже новая информация о результатах выборов?

Bake the cookies in a hot oven. - Выпекайте печенье в горячей духовке.

The other car was hot on his tail. - Другая машина села ему на хвост.

The coffee was scalding hot. - Кофе был обжигающе горячим.

I don't understand why people are getting so hot under the collar about it. - Я не понимаю, почему люди так из-за этого бесятся.

a hot young guitar player - страстный молодой гитарист

The bar serves hot and cold food. - В баре подают горячие и холодные блюда.

You're hot from all that exercise. - Ты разгорячился от всех этих упражнений.

Do you want to hear about all the latest hot gossip? - Хочешь узнать самые свежие сплетни?

It was a hot little car. - Это была малютка с мощным двигателем.

I was feeling hot and tired. - Мне было жарко, и я устал.

Her new book is a hot seller. - Её новую книгу разбирают влёт.

She has a hot date with Michel. - У неё любовное свидание с Мишелем.

Be careful, the water's very hot. - Будьте осторожны, вода очень горячая.

The girls all think he's hot stuff. - Все девчонки думают, что он классный /крутой, обалденный/.

This sweater's too hot to wear inside. - Этот свитер слишком жаркий, чтобы носить его в помещении.

His new film is hot stuff (=very good). - Его новый фильм — обалденный.

a hot piece of software - обалденная программа

The handle was red hot. - Ручка была накалена докрасна.

one of the hot young talents - один из этих юных дарований

Serve the soup piping hot. - Суп подавать очень горячим, с пылу с жару.

a hot week on the stock market - горячая неделя на фондовом рынке

She's pretty hot at swimming too. - И плавает она тоже обалденно.

The chicken was fried in hot oil. - Курицу обжарили в горячем масле.

I was hot and tired after the journey. - После путешествия я разгорячился и устал.

We worked all afternoon in the hot sun. - Мы работали весь день под палящим солнцем.

The office gets unbearably hot in summer. - Летом в офисе становится невыносимо жарко.

Cabbage Patch Dolls were hot last season. - В прошлом сезоне куклы "Cabbage Patch Dolls" пользовались большой популярностью.

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

hot on: very severe

hot up: When something hots up, it becomes more active or exciting.

Hotan: an oasis in W China, in the Taklimakan Shamo desert of central Xinjiang, around the seasonal Hotan River

get hot: to act, perform, etc. with great spirit or enthusiasm

hot air: If you say that someone's claims or promises are just hot air, you are criticizing them because they are made mainly to impress people and have no real value or meaning .

hot dog: A hot dog is a long bread roll with a hot sausage inside it.

hot key: A hot key is a key, or a combination of keys, on a computer keyboard that you can press in order to make something happen, without having to type the full instructions .

hot pot: meat or fish and potatoes cooked together in a tightly covered pot

hot rod: A hot rod is a fast car used for racing, especially an old car fitted with a new engine .

hot tub: A hot tub is a very large, round bath which several people can sit in together .

hot war: actual warfare

red-hot: Red-hot metal or rock has been heated to such a high temperature that it has turned red.

crash-hot: extremely impressive

hot cake: → pancake

hot cell: a protected enclosure, usually made of concrete, containing shielded windows and manipulators operated by remote control, used to handle radioactive materials, as for processing, testing, etc.

hot comb: a comblike device that is heated, usually electrically, and used to straighten or style the hair

hot-desk: If employees hot-desk, they are not assigned particular desks and work at any desk that is available.

hot fence: an electric fence surrounding a farm

hot flash: A hot flash is the same as a → hot flush .

hot flush: A hot flush is a sudden hot feeling in the skin which women often experience at the time of the menopause.

hot-foot: If you hot-foot it somewhere, you go there in a hurry .

hot issue: a hot issue is a shares issue which sells at more than the public offer price on the first day of trading

hot jazz: jazz which is extremely emotionally intense and features a lot of improvisation

hot light: a powerful light used in television production

hot line: a means of direct communication for use in emergency or crisis ; specif., a direct telephone line between government leaders

hot link: A hot link is a word or phrase in a hypertext document that can be selected in order to access additional information .

hot metal: metallic type cast into shape in the molten state

hot money: capital transferred from one financial centre to another seeking the highest interest rates or the best opportunity for short-term gain, esp from changes in exchange rates

hot pack: a hot towel, dressing, or the like, applied to the body to reduce swelling, relieve pain, etc

hot pants: very brief skin-tight shorts, worn by young women

hot plate: a small, portable device for cooking food, usually with only one or two gas or electric burners

hot pool: a pool or spring that is heated geothermally

hot press: a hot press is an airing cupboard for clothes

hot sauce: any of several highly spiced, pungent condiments, esp. one containing some type of pepper or chili

hot seat: a precarious, difficult, or dangerous position

hot shit: If you say that someone thinks they are hot shit, you mean they think are very good at their job or career, or impressive in some other way, but you think they are not

hot shoe: an accessory shoe on a camera through which electrical contact is made to an electronic flash device

hot spot: You can refer to an exciting place where there is a lot of activity or entertainment as a hot spot .

hot stuff: If you think that someone or something is hot stuff, you find them exciting or sexually attractive.

hot take: a piece of journalism or commentary in which a personal opinion is presented forcefully without supporting evidence

hot trend: To set a trend means to do something that becomes accepted or fashionable, and that a lot of other people copy .

hot water: trouble ; difficulty

hot-wire: If someone, especially a thief, hot-wires a car, they start its engine using a piece of wire rather than the key .

hot-work: to shape (metal) when hot

hot yoga: a form of yoga in which traditional exercises are performed at high temperature and humidity

hot zone: a variable area towards the end of a line of text that informs the operator that a decision must be taken as to whether to hyphenate or begin a new line

shit-hot: very good

white-hot: If something is white-hot, it is extremely hot .

hot-blooded: If you describe someone as hot-blooded, you mean that they are very quick to express their emotions, especially anger and love .

hot button: A hot button is a subject or problem that people have very strong feelings about.

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Однокоренные слова:

hot up - нагревать, подогревать, усиливать, разжигать, усиливаться, раскаляться

Связанные слова: