Noun: дом здание жилой дом палата
Verb: жить вмещаться вмещать приютить


ben the house - в дом, внутрь дома

to call at a house - зайти в дом

dead house - мертвецкая, морг

to put down a deposit on a new house - вносить первый взнос за новый дом

house of detention - камера предварительного заключения

the House divided - в палате было проведено голосование

in-house document - служебный документ

house dust - домашняя пыль

to be allergic to house dust - иметь аллергию на домашнюю пыль

dwelling house - жилой дом, жилое здание

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Get out of my house! - Убирайтесь из моего дома!

I lost my house keys. - Я потерял ключи от дома.

He is inside the house. - Он в этом доме.

What a lovely house! - Какой чудесный дом!

House of Commons - Палата общин (нижняя палата британского парламента)

The house was in flames. - Дом был охвачен пламенем.

Hanoverian House - Ганноверская династия

This house is ours. - Этот дом — наш.

We drove past the house. - Мы проехали мимо этого дома.

He bought his own house. - Он купил себе дом.

House of Lords - Палата лордов (верхняя палата британского парламента)

John sold his house. - Джон продал свой дом.

The ball hit the house. - Мяч угодил в дом.

Fog enveloped the house - Дом окутал туман.

We met at Alison's house. - Мы познакомились в доме у Элисон.

The house was gated. - В доме были ворота.

The house looks north. - Дом смотрит на север.

a house set on a hilltop - дом, который находится на вершине холма

The house is very drafty. - Дом сильно продувается. / В доме сильный сквозняк.

House of Chiefs - Палата вождей (высший совещательный орган в Ботсване, государстве на юге Африки)

The house caught fire. - Дом охватило огнём.

I call this a good house. - Я нахожу, что это хороший дом.

His house is a slum. - Его дом — трущобы.

The house is on fire! - В доме пожар! / Дом горит!

a huge barn of a house - дом, похожий на огромный сарай

The house still stands. - Дом всё ещё держится.

Fire devoured the house. - Дом сгорел дотла.

House of Representatives - Палата представителей (нижняя палата конгресса США)

The house faces the park. - Дом смотрит на парк.

The house was half empty. - Дом был наполовину пуст.

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Связанные термины:

art-house: An art-house film is a film that is intended to be a serious artistic work rather than a piece of popular entertainment .

big house, the: a penitentiary

end house: the last house in a row, terrace, or street, from the viewpoint of the speaker

fun house: an attraction at a funfair, carnival, etc, with a variety of entertainment such as clowns, distorting mirrors, etc

house red: a red wine sold unnamed by a restaurant, at a lower price than wines specified on the wine list

house-sat: to live in and look after a house during the absence of its owner or owners

house-sit: to live in and look after a house during the absence of its owner or owners

ice house: a building for storing ice

in-house: In-house work or activities are done by employees of an organization or company, rather than by workers outside the organization or company.

row house: A row house is one of a row of similar houses that are joined together by both of their side walls .

the House: → House of Commons

Acid House: Acid house is a type of electronic dance music with a strong, repeated rhythm .

beach house: a holiday house overlooking a beach

black house: a type of thatched house, usually made of turf, formerly found in the highlands and islands of Scotland

Buck House: the London residence of the British sovereign : built in 1703, rebuilt by John Nash in 1821–36 and partially redesigned in the early 20th century

bush house: a shed or hut in the bush or a garden

Bute House: a house in Charlotte Square, Edinburgh : official residence of the First Minister of Scotland

clean house: to clean and put a home in order

coach house: a building in which a coach is kept

crack house: a house or flat where drugs are dealt and used

crazy house: a psychiatric hospital

death house: the section of a prison containing an execution chamber and the cells in which persons condemned to die are housed in the days just before their execution

dock house: traditionally a building situated at the dock where a harbourmaster works and resides

doss-house: A doss-house is a kind of cheap hotel in a city for people who have no home and very little money.

dower house: a house set apart for the use of a widow, often on her deceased husband's estate

field house: a building in which athletes can get changed, showered, etc

frame house: a house that has a timber framework and cladding

free house: In Britain, a free house is a pub which is not owned by a particular company and so can sell whatever beers it chooses .

full house: If a theatre has a full house for a particular performance, it has as large an audience as it can hold.

guest house: A guest house is a small hotel .

hash house: a cheap café or restaurant

hell house: (in the US) a visitor attraction provided by fundamentalist Christians, in which each room contains a gruesome tableau of a sin and its divine punishment, intended to encourage the spectator to seek salvation in Christ

house agent: Britishanother name for estate agent

house call: a visit made by a doctor, repair person, etc, to a patient or customer in his or her own home

house-clean: to clean the inside of a person's house

house-craft: skill in domestic management

house finch: a brownish Old World finch, Acanthis cannabina : the male has a red breast and forehead

house group: a group of Christians who regularly meet to worship, study the Bible, etc, in someone's house

house guest: A house guest is a person who is staying at someone's house for a period of time.

house-hunt: to search for a house to buy or rent

house moth: either of two species of micro moth, esp the brown house moth ( Hofmannophila pseudospretella ) which, although it usually inhabits birds' nests, sometimes enters houses where its larvae can be very destructive of stored fabrics and foodstuffs

house mouse: any of various greyish mice of the Old World genus Mus, esp M. musculus, a common household pest in most parts of the world: family Muridae

House music: a type of disco music originating in the late 1980s, based on funk, with fragments of other recordings edited in electronically

house organ: a periodical published by an organization for its employees or clients

house owner: A house owner is a person who owns a house.

house party: A house party is a party held at a big house in the country, usually at a weekend, where the guests stay for a few days.

house plant: A house plant is a plant which is grown in a pot indoors.

house-proud: proud of the appearance, cleanliness, etc, of one's house, sometimes excessively so

house rosé: a rosé wine sold unnamed by a restaurant, at a lower price than wines specified on the wine list

house rule: a rule adopted and adhered to by a family living together in a house

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Однокоренные слова:

house up - за болезни, оставлять дома, не разрешать выходить

Связанные слова: