Adverb: как каким образом сколько


an artist who knows how to breathe life into a picture - художник, который знает, как вдохнуть жизнь в картину

to see how the gander hops - ждать дальнейшего развития событий

to learn how to handle one's feelings - научиться управлять своими чувствами

the how of it - как это делается

to know how to read - уметь читать

to see how the land lies - выяснить, как обстоят дела

no matter how small - сколь бы мало ни было

there's no knowing how long it will last - неизвестно, сколько это продлится

to study how to survive in the wilderness - учиться выживать в условиях дикой местности

to see how /which way/ the cat jumps - выжидать, как развернутся события

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How do you mean? - Это как? / То есть?

How do you do? - Как поживаете?

How are you? - Как поживаете? / Как дела? / Как жизнь?

How so? - Как это? / Как же так? / Как так получилось? / В каком смысле?

How funny! - Как забавно!

How is the baby? - Как чувствует себя ребенок?

How are you doing? - Как у вас дела?

How old are you? - Сколько вам лет?

How can I help you? - Как я могу вам помочь?

How much are the tickets? - Сколько стоят билеты?

How do you know that? - Откуда вы это знаете?

How do you spell your name? - Как пишется ваше имя?

How was the film? - Как фильм?

How seldom we meet! - Как же редко мы встречаемся!

How did you find us? - Как вы узнали о нас? / Как ты нас нашёл?

How can you talk such nonsense? - Как вы можете нести такую чепуху?

How lovely to see you! - Как я рада тебя видеть!

How did your exams go? - Как прошли экзамены?

How are these cars sold? - Насколько успешно продаются эти машины?

How could you have known? - Откуда тебе было знать?

How many kids do they have now? - Сколько у них сейчас детей?

How and where did you meet him? - Как и где ты с ним познакомился?

How big is the state of Louisiana? - Насколько велик штат Луизиана?

How the crowd loved it! - Как же толпе это нравилось!

Be careful how you act. - Будь аккуратнее в том, как ты действуешь.

How difficult was the test? - Насколько сложным был тест?

How is one to interpret such actions? - Как можно трактовать эти действия?

He was impressed at how well she could read. - Он был удивлён тем, как хорошо она читает.

How does the car move? - Как у этой машины с ходом?

She told us how he was honest and could be trusted. - Она объяснила, что он честен, и что ему можно доверять.

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Связанные термины:

how's: how is

as how: that

how do: → another name for how do you do

how so?: how is it so? why?

how-to: (of a book or guide ) giving basic instructions to the lay person on how to do or make something, esp as a hobby or for practical purposes

how far?: to what extent, distance, or degree?

how now?: what is the meaning of this?

and how!: very much so!

how about?: You use how about to introduce a new subject which you think is relevant to the conversation you have been having.

how come?: what is the reason that?

how then?: what is the meaning of this?

know-how: Know-how is knowledge of the methods or techniques of doing something, especially something technical or practical .

here's how!: (as a toast ) good health !

how's that?: If you say ' How's that? ' to someone, you are asking whether something is acceptable or satisfactory .

how are you?: what is your state of health ?

how dare you: You say ' how dare you ' when you are very shocked and angry about something that someone has done .

how d'ye do: → another name for how do you do

how's tricks?: how are you?

how do you do?: a conventional formula when being introduced

how come/how so: You ask ' How come ? ' or ' How so? ' when you are surprised by something and are asking why it happened or was said .

how about that!: isn't that interesting!

how do you mean: If you say ' How do you mean? ' to someone, you are asking them to explain or give more details of what they have just said .

how's that for…?: is this satisfactory as regards…?

mind how you go: Some people say ' Mind how you go ' when they are saying goodbye to someone who is leaving .

how about something?: what is your wish, opinion, or information concerning something (or someone)?

how's-your-father: sexual intercourse

how the land lies: the prevailing conditions or state of affairs

how the wind blows: what appears probable

how are you keeping?: how are you?

I don't know how/what: You use I don't know in expressions which indicate criticism of someone's behaviour . For example, if you say that you do not know how someone can do something, you mean that you cannot understand or accept them doing it.

what/how/why the devil: When you want to emphasize how annoyed or surprised you are, you can use an expression such as what the devil, how the devil, or why the devil .

how the other half lives: used for describing the lives of people who are very different from you, for example very rich or very poor, or living in a different country

I know (how you feel, etc): You use ' I know ' to express sympathy and understanding towards someone.

how stupid/lucky can you get: You can say, for example, ' How lucky can you get ? ' or ' How stupid can you get? ' to show your surprise that anyone could be as lucky or stupid as the person that you are talking about.

which way/how the wind is blowing: If you realize or find out which way the wind is blowing or how the wind is blowing, you realize or find out what is likely to happen, for example whether something is likely to succeed .

sb wasn't to know/how was sb to know: You can say ' How was I to know ? ', or in British English ' I wasn't to know ', to mean that you cannot be blamed or criticized for something you did, because you did not have enough information to realize that it was wrong .

see which way the wind is blowing: to understand or realize how a situation is developing and use this in deciding what to do

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