Verb: повесила


hung jury - суд присяжных, не выработавший единого решения

side-hung carriage - боковой суппорт

hung ceiling - висячее перекрытие; подвесной потолок; висячий потолок

children hung back out through shyness - от смущения дети держались в стороне

the children hung back out of shyness - от смущения дети держались в стороне

the children hung back out through shyness - от смущения дети держались в стороне

be hung up on - иметь навязчивую идею; помешаться

dog hung out its tongue - собака высунула язык

heavy silence hung over those present - воцарилось тяжелое молчание; наступило тяжелое молчание

hung over - страдающий от тяжёлого похмелья; страдающий с похмелья; похмельный

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A lamp hung over the table. - Лампа висела над столом.

The picture hung askew. - Картина висела криво.

Dogs hung to the trail. - Собаки не теряли следа.

She hung on his arm. - Она повисла на его руке. / Она вцепилась в его руку.

Doom hung over the nation. - Злой рок навис над страной.

He hung on her every word. - Он жадно ловил каждое её слово.

He hung a quick U-turn. - Он резко развернулся на 180 градусов.

Her dress hung in soft folds. - Её платье свисало мягкими складками.

I hung the picture on the wall. - Картину я повесил на стену.

Sarah hung her coat on the peg. - Сара повесила пальто на крючок.

A thick mist hung over the town. - Над городом висел густой туман.

You hung the picture upside down! - Ты повесил картину вверх ногами!

Her hair hung loosely down her back. - Ее волосы свободно спадали на спину.

I said goodbye and hung up. - Я попрощался и повесил трубку.

She hung her coat on a hook. - Она повесила пальто на крючок.

His tawny skin hung flabbily. - Его смуглая кожа свисала дряблыми складками.

A canopy hung over the altar. - Над алтарём нависал балдахин.

Time hung heavy on their hands. - Время для них тянулось ужасно медленно.

Apples hung thick on the trees. - На деревьях было полным-полно яблок.

A light haze hung over the city. - Лёгкая дымка повисла над городом.

He hung the painting on the wall. - Он повесил картину на стену.

Daphne had hung her head in shame. - Дафна уже понурила голову от стыда.

A bunch of keys hung from his belt. - С его ремня свисала связка ключей.

A chandelier hung directly overhead. - Прямо над головой висела люстра.

They hung a mirror above the mantel. - Они повесили над каминной полкой зеркало.

She hung on to the side of the cart. - Она крепко держалась за борт телеги.

The rooms were hung with tapestries. - Комнаты были завешаны гобеленами.

She took her coat off and hung it up. - Она сняла пальто и повесила его на крючок.

Her hair hung loose to her shoulders. - Её волосы свободно падали на плечи.

His broken arm hung slack at his side. - Его сломанная рука вяло болталась сбоку.

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Связанные термины:

hang: If something hangs in a high place or position, or if you hang it there, it is attached there so it does not touch the ground.

suspercollate: to hang

hung up: If you say that someone is hung up about a particular person or thing, you are criticizing them for thinking or worrying too much about that person or thing.

Hung-wu: title of Chu Yuan-Zhang (or Chu Y üan-Chang ), 1328–98, first emperor (1368–98) of the Ming dynasty, uniting China under his rule by 1382

hung jury: a jury that is unable to reach a decision

hung over: suffering from the effects of a hangover

well-hung: If someone says that a man is well-hung, they are saying that he has a large penis .

double-hung: (of a window ) having two vertical sashes, the upper one sliding in grooves outside those of the lower

hung up on: obsessively or exclusively interested in

hung parliament: a parliament that does not have a party with a working majority

hung up (on): emotionally disturbed (by); neurotic, repressed, etc.

hang in: to persist

hang on: If you ask someone to hang on, you ask them to wait or stop what they are doing or saying for a moment .

hang out: If you hang out clothes that you have washed, you hang them on a clothes line to dry .

hang up: If you hang up or you hang up the phone, you end a phone call . If you hang up on someone you are speaking to on the phone, you end the phone call suddenly and unexpectedly.

tab-hang: to eavesdrop

Hung Hsiu-ch'uan: 1814–64, Chinese religious leader and revolutionary . Claiming (1851) to be Christ's brother, he led the Taiping rebellion ; died by suicide when it was defeated

hang about: to waste time; loiter

hang a flag: A flag is a piece of cloth which can be attached to a pole and which is used as a sign, signal, or symbol of something, especially of a particular country.

hang back: If you hang back, you move or stay slightly behind a person or group, usually because you are nervous about something.

hang with: to frequent the company of (someone)

hungover: Someone who is hungover is unwell because they drank too much alcohol on the previous day.

hang around: If you hang around, hang about, or hang round, you stay in the same place doing nothing, usually because you are waiting for something or someone.

hang behind: to remain in a place after others have left ; linger

be hung out to dry: to be in a very difficult situation where you have been abandoned by the people who previously supported you

hang together: If two people or groups hang together, they stay with each other and support each other even though they may disagree on some things.

Hong Xiu Quan: 1814–64, Chinese religious leader and revolutionary . Claiming (1851) to be Christ's brother, he led the Taiping rebellion ; died by suicide when it was defeated

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Однокоренные слова:

hunger - голод, жажда, голодание, голодуха, голодать, жаждать, быть голодным
overhung - нависающий, выступающий, висячий
underhung - выступающий вперед
unhung - снимать
hungary - Венгрия

Связанные слова: