Noun: лед мороженое
Adjective: ледяной
Verb: замораживать покрываться льдом примораживать покрывать сахарной глазурью


ice cube - кубик льда

film of ice - тонкая корочка льда

area of filmy ice - тонкая корка льда

nearly close ice - геогр. сплоченный лед

old bay ice - многолетний лед заливов

scattered to broken ice - геогр. разреженный лед

sublimated ice - сублимированный лед

thick winter ice - геогр. годовалый лед, однолетний лед

very scattered ice - геогр. редкий лед

to keep on ice - амер. ≅ откладывать в долгий ящик

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Ice melts. - Лёд тает.

The lake usually ices over by mid-January. - К середине января это озеро обычно замерзает.

Ice forms. - Лёд замерзает.

Fill the glass with ice. - Наполните бокал /стакан/ льдом.

The steps were coated with ice. - Ступеньки лестницы были покрыты льдом.

The city spent $7 million to remove snow and ice from the roads. - Городские власти потратили семь миллионов фунтов, чтобы убрать с дорог снег и лёд.

With that win, the team has pretty much iced a spot in the play-offs. - Благодаря этой победе, команда практически обеспечила себе попадание в плей-офф.

Ice formed on the car's windows. - На окнах машины образовался лёд. / Окна автомобиля заледенели.

Americans like ice in their drinks. - Американцы любят напитки со льдом.

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Связанные термины:

de-ice: to free or be freed of ice

ice ax: an axlike mountain-climbing tool having a pick and an adz at opposite ends of the head, and a spike at the bottom of the handle

on ice: If someone puts a plan or project on ice, they delay doing it.

dry ice: solid carbon dioxide, which sublimes at –78.5°C: used as a refrigerant, and to create billows of smoke in stage shows

ice age: The Ice Age was a period of time lasting many thousands of years, during which a lot of the Earth's surface was covered with ice.

ice axe: a light axe used by mountaineers for cutting footholds in snow or ice, to provide an anchor point, or to control a slide on snow; it has a spiked tip and a head consisting of a pick and an adze

ice bag: a waterproof bag used as an ice pack

ice cap: The ice caps are the thick layers of ice and snow that cover the North and South Poles .

ice man: a man who sells or delivers ice

ice tea: Ice tea or iced tea is a drink made from tea without milk but with sugar and sometimes fruit flavourings, drunk cold .

the Ice: Antarctica

black ice: Black ice is a thin, transparent layer of ice on a road or path that is very difficult to see .

blue ice: the oldest and densest ice in a glacier, distinguished by a pale-blue color

choc-ice: A choc-ice is a small block of ice cream covered in chocolate.

clear ice: glaze ice, esp. on aircraft

drift ice: masses of ice floating in the open sea

glare ice: smooth and glassy ice that reflects the light

glaze ice: a thin clear layer of ice caused by the freezing of rain or water droplets in the air on impact with a cool surface or by refreezing after a thaw

glib ice: ice that is particularly smooth and slippery

ice beer: a beer that is chilled after brewing so that any water is turned to ice and then removed

ice block: a flavoured frozen water ice : in Australia and New Zealand, sometimes on a stick

ice blue: Ice-blue is a very pale blue colour.

ice-cold: If you describe something as ice-cold, you are emphasizing that it is very cold.

ice-cool: If you describe someone as ice-cool, you admire them because they are calm and do not show emotion in difficult situations .

ice cream: Ice cream is a very cold sweet food which is made from frozen cream or a substance like cream and has a flavour such as vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry .

ice cube: An ice cube is a small square block of ice that you put into a drink in order to make it cold.

ice dance: any of a number of dances, mostly based on ballroom dancing, performed by a couple skating on ice

ice field: a very large flat expanse of ice floating in the sea; large ice floe

ice fish: any percoid fish of the family Chaenichthyidae, of Antarctic seas, having a semitransparent scaleless body

ice floe: An ice floe is a large area of ice floating in the sea.

ice foot: a narrow belt of ice permanently attached to the coast in polar regions

ice front: the forward section or seaward edge of an ice shelf

ice house: a building for storing ice

ice lolly: An ice lolly is a piece of flavoured ice or ice cream on a stick.

ice maker: a device for making ice, often part of a refrigerator

ice milk: frozen dessert like ice cream, but with a lower butterfat content

ice pack: An ice pack is a bag full of ice which is used to cool parts of the body when they are injured or painful .

ice pick: An ice pick is a small pointed tool that you use for breaking ice.

ice piton: a type of piton designed for being driven into ice

ice plant: a low-growing plant, Mesembryanthemum (or Cryophytum ) crystallinum, of southern Africa, with fleshy leaves covered with icelike hairs and pink or white rayed flowers: family Aizoaceae

ice point: the temperature at which a mixture of ice and water are in equilibrium at a pressure of one atmosphere . It ison the Celsius scale and 32° on the Fahrenheit scale

ice rink: An ice rink is a level area of ice, usually inside a building, that has been made artificially and kept frozen so that people can skate on it.

ice road: a temporary winter road built across ice or frozen ground

ice screw: a screwed tubular or solid steel rod with a ring at one end for inserting into ice as an anchor point

ice sheet: An ice sheet is a large thick area of ice, especially one that exists for a long time.

ice shelf: a thick mass of ice that is permanently attached to the land but projects into and floats on the sea

ice show: any entertainment performed by ice-skaters

ice skate: Ice-skates are boots with a thin metal bar underneath that people wear to move quickly on ice.

ice storm: a storm of freezing rain that deposits a glaze of ice on the ground

ice tongs: tongs designed for lifting pieces of ice, esp ice cubes to be added to a drink

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Однокоренные слова:

ice out - размораживать, оттаивать, игнорировать, третировать
ice up - обледенеть

Связанные слова: