Noun: насекомое букашка ничтожество


insect-sting allergy - аллергическая реакция на укус насекомого

insect / mosquito repellent - средство против насекомых

rare insect specimens - образцы редких насекомых

damage by insects, insect damage - повреждение насекомыми

saltatorial legs of an insect - прыгательные ноги насекомого

beneficial insect - полезное насекомое

insect biology - биология насекомых

biting insect - жалящее насекомое

insect-paste - клей против насекомых

insect pest control - борьба с насекомыми-вредителями

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The ant is a form of insect. - Муравей — это вид насекомых.

Please brush this insect off. - Смахни, пожалуйста, эту букашку.

Don't scratch your insect bites! - Не расчёсывайте укусы насекомых!

The insect bite produced a rash. - От укуса насекомого появилась сыпь.

The insect sucks until it is gorged with blood. - Насекомое сосёт, пока не напьётся крови до отвала.

There were cockroaches in the house and an insect spray was used. - В доме были тараканы, поэтому пришлось применить специальный аэрозоль для уничтожения насекомых.

The insect is the size of a pinhead. - Размер насекомого — с булавочную головку.

He is studying insect communication. - Он изучает коммуникацию насекомых.

The insect has quitted the exuviae of the pupa. - Насекомое сбросило покров куколки.

Don't forget to bring insect repellant (=a chemical to keep insects away). - Не забудьте взять с собой средство от насекомых (т.е. химикат, отпугивающий насекомых).

The wings of the insect are often delicately pencilled. - Крылья насекомого часто несут на себе тонкий изящный рисунок.

The insect's body is black with yellow longitudinal stripes. - Тело насекомого — чёрное, с жёлтыми продольными полосками.

The magazine's editor in chief was notorious for treating staffers as insects, often not even bothering to learn their names. - Главный редактор журнала славился тем, что относился к сотрудникам, как к насекомым, часто даже не удосужившись узнать их имена.

protecting the house from insect invasion - защищая дом от нашествия насекомых

An insect's versatile antennae can move up and down or laterally. - Универсальные усики насекомых могут двигаться вверх-вниз или из стороны в сторону.

In the perfect insect the abdomen does not carry either the wings or the legs. - У настоящих насекомых на брюшке не могут располагаться ни крылья, ни ножки.

The insect's evolutionary adaptations enable it to be almost invisible even when sitting in the middle of a leaf. - Эволюционная адаптация этого насекомого позволяет ему быть почти невидимым, даже сидя посреди листа.

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Связанные термины:

insect bite: a sting or bite given to a human by an arthropod of the class Insecta or by a similar invertebrate

lac insect: any of various homopterous insects of the family Lacciferidae, esp Laccifer lacca of India, the females of which secrete lac

leaf insect: any of various mostly tropical Asian insects of the genus Phyllium and related genera, having a flattened leaflike body: order Phasmida

wax insect: any of various scale insects that secrete wax or a waxy substance, esp the oriental species Ceroplastes ceriferus, which produces Chinese wax

insect eater: any placental mammal of the order Insectivora, being typically small, with simple teeth, and feeding on invertebrates . The group includes shrews, moles, and hedgehogs

insect powder: a powdered chemical that kills insects; insecticide

insect spray: a substance which can be sprayed in the home to kill insects

scale insect: any small homopterous insect of the family Coccidae and related families, which typically live and feed on plants and secrete a protective scale around themselves. Many species, such as the San Jose scale, are important pests

stick insect: A stick insect is an insect with a long body and thin legs. It looks like a small stick.

spittle insect: any small leaping herbivorous homopterous insect of the family Cercopidae, whose larvae secrete a protective spittle-like substance around themselves

cochineal insect: a Mexican homopterous insect, Dactylopius coccus, that feeds on cacti

insect repellent: a substance applied to skin or clothing which deters or repels insects

water stick insect: a slender sticklike flightless water bug, Ranatra linearis, that is predatory on small creatures such as water fleas

Chinese wax: a yellowish wax secreted by an oriental scale insect, Ceroplastes ceriferus, and used commercially

insect pest control: the killing, reduction or elimination of insects which are pests, using insecticide, etc

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