Noun: страхование страховка страховой полис страховая премия
Adjective: страховой


automatically blanketed into the insurance program - автоматически включена в программу по страхованию

insurance broker - страховой агент

all the paperwork that comes under the general heading of insurance - вся канцелярская работа, связанная со страхованием

comprehensive insurance - полное страхование

rapid expansion of private health insurance - быстрый рост частного страхования здоровья

insurance agent - страховой агент

to cancel insurance - аннулировать страховой полис

to carry / take out insurance - иметь страховку, быть застрахованным

to provide insurance for - застраховать кого-л.

to renew insurance - продлить страховой полис

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The insurance business is built on trust. - Страховочный бизнес основан на доверии.

He is in insurance. - Он занимается страхованием.

She has a job in insurance. - Она работает в сфере /области/ страхования.

Do I need to take out insurance on my vehicle? - Нужно ли мне приобретать страховку на мой автомобиль?

His insurance covers the doctor's fee. - Его страховка покрывает гонорар врача.

Our firm carries fire insurance. - У нашей фирмы есть страховой полис на случай пожара.

You should claim against the car insurance. - Ты должен подать иск против компании, страхующей автомобили.

The insurance won't cover this. - Страховка этого не покроет.

I work for an insurance company. - Я работаю в страховой компании.

I carry a lot of life insurance. - Моя жизнь застрахована на большую сумму.

How can I deal with problems about insurance? - Как я могу разобраться с проблемами, касающимися страхования?

Car insurance is compulsory. - Страхование автомобиля является обязательным.

How much is the insurance on your car? - Сколько стоит страховка на вашу машину?

She earns her living by selling insurance. - Она зарабатывает на жизнь, продавая страховки.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - Федеральная корпорация по страхованию депозитов, ФКСД

The insurance business is grounded on trust. - Страхование основывается на доверии.

She put in an insurance claim. - Она подала заявление о выплате страхового возмещения.

My brother works in insurance. - Мой брат работает в сфере страхования.

You can purchase insurance on-line. - Вы можете приобрести страхование онлайн.

She was the victim of an insurance scam. - Она стала жертвой мошенничества со страховкой.

He drove an extra lap just for insurance. - Он проехал дополнительный круг, просто на всякий случай / для пущей уверенности.

He canceled his insurance policy last month. - В прошлом месяце он аннулировал свой страховой полис.

The insurance protects you against flooding. - Страховка защищает вас от затопления.

I am in the insurance racket. - Я занимаюсь страхованием.

Make a claim on your insurance policy. - Подайте заявку по вашему страховому полису.

An insurance policy is a good safeguard. - Страховой полис — это хорошая мера предосторожности.

The car comes bundled with free insurance. - При покупке автомобиля предоставляется бесплатная страховка.

The insurance will replace the lost income. - Страховка возместит эти недополученные доходы.

He made his money in the insurance business. - Он заработал свои деньги в страховом бизнесе.

He had tried to diddle his insurance agency. - Он когда-то пытался надуть своё страховое агентство.

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Связанные термины:

car insurance: financial protection against loss as a result of an automobile accident or theft

GAP insurance: GAP insurance pays the difference between what someone owes on their car loan and the actual cash value of the vehicle in the event that it is stolen or damaged.

pet insurance: health insurance for a pet

fire insurance: insurance covering damage or loss caused by fire or lightning

fleet insurance: Fleet insurance is a type of insurance contract that applies to a number of vehicles.

flood insurance: insurance covering loss or damage to property arising from a flood, flood tide, or the like

group insurance: insurance relating to life, health, or accident and covering several persons, esp the employees of a firm, under a single contract at reduced premiums

home insurance: Home insurance is insurance coverage for your home, its contents, and your possessions .

insurance agent: a person who sells insurance

insurance claim: a claim made on an insurance policy

insurance class: An insurance class is a type of insurance coverage such as liability, health, legal expenses, or construction risk .

insurance fraud: Fraud is the crime of gaining money or financial benefits by a trick or by lying.

insurance stamp: an insurance contribution

life insurance: Life insurance is a form of insurance in which a person makes regular payments to an insurance company, in return for a sum of money to be paid to them after a period of time, or to their family if they die .

motor insurance: insurance for a motor vehicle such as a car, which provides protection against loss in the event of an accident, theft, etc

self-insurance: the practice of insuring oneself or one's property by accumulating a reserve out of one's income or funds rather than by purchase of an insurance policy

storm insurance: insurance cover against damage caused by windstorms

term insurance: life assurance, usually low in cost and offering no cash value, that provides for the payment of a specified sum of money only if the insured dies within a stipulated period of time

theft insurance: insurance against loss or damage of property resulting from theft

title insurance: insurance protecting the owner or mortgagee of real estate from lawsuits or claims arising from a defective title

accident insurance: insurance providing compensation for accidental injury or death

aviation insurance: Aviation insurance is insurance cover for aircraft, and for damage, injury, or loss of life or cargo while traveling on aircraft.

casualty insurance: insurance providing coverage against accident and property damages, as automobile, theft, liability, and explosion insurance, but not including life insurance, fire insurance, or marine insurance

contents insurance: the insurance for the personal property in a household

D&O insurance: D &O insurance is a personal liability insurance that provides cover to the directors and senior executives of a company.

dental insurance: Dental insurance is insurance that pays for treatment by a dentist .

dynamic insurance: Dynamic insurance is a type of insurance coverage where the policyholder can choose to increase benefits and premiums by a fixed percentage each year to offset the effects of inflation .

excess insurance: insurance covering a policyholder only for that portion of losses that exceeds a stated amount

freight insurance: insurance paid on goods in transport

general insurance: insurance (such as house insurance and car insurance) that does not insure someone's life

health insurance: insurance which covers medical expenses

insurance adjuster: An insurance adjuster is the same as a → claims adjuster .

insurance broker: a person or company that is not employed by an insurance company, that finds the best policy for someone who wants insurance

insurance company: a company that sells insurance

insurance payout: A payout is a sum of money, especially a large one, that is paid to someone, for example by an insurance company or as a prize.

insurance policy: a document that gives details of the agreement between an insurer and the person who is insured

insurance premium: the money paid for an insurance policy

insurance salesman: An insurance salesman is an employee of an insurance company whose job is to advise on and sell insurance.

insurance scheme: a scheme that provides insurance

insurance sector: A particular sector of a country's economy is the part connected with that specified type of industry.

luggage insurance: insurance against the loss of luggage while travelling

marine insurance: insurance covering damage to or loss of ship, passengers, or cargo caused by the sea

medical insurance: a type of insurance intended to cover possible future medical expenses

mortgage insurance: Mortgage insurance is insurance that covers a person with a mortgage, and is intended to pay off the balance due on a mortgage if the insured dies or becomes disabled .

mutual insurance: a system of insurance by which all policyholders become company members under contract to pay premiums into a common fund out of which claims are paid

national insurance: In Britain, national insurance is the state system of paying money to people who are ill, unemployed, or retired. It is financed by money that the government collects from people who work, or from their employers.

personal insurance: insurance on personal risk, such as car insurance, health insurance or loss of earnings insurance

pluvius insurance: insurance against rain

property insurance: insurance coverage for land and housing

renter's insurance: Renter's insurance is insurance for renters to insure their property against loss .

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Однокоренные слова:

reinsurance - перестрахование, вторичная страховка
underinsurance - неполное страхование, недострахование, страхование на сумму меньшую

Связанные слова: