Adjective: международный интернациональный межгосударственный
Noun: Интернационал международное состязание участник международных спортивных состязаний


international / multinational cartel - международный картель, транснациональный картель

international celebrity - звезда мировой величины

international conditions - международная обстановка, международное положение

foreign / international connection - международные отношения

international contacts - международные связи

international controversy - международный спор, международные разногласия

international crisis - международный кризис

foreign (international) customer - зарубежный клиент, международный клиент

problem of international dimensions - проблема международного масштаба

international exhibition - международная выставка

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International economic - Международная расчётная товарная палата

International standard - Международный стандарт

She has achieved international fame. - Она добилась мировой славы.

International Monetary Fund - Международный валютный фонд

Bureau of International Expositions - Бюро международных выставок

International Labour Office - Международное бюро труда

Office of International Trade - Управление по внешнеторговым связям

She was the boss of a large international company. - Она возглавляла крупную компанию.

Association of International Bond Dealers - Ассоциация дилеров по международным облигациям (в Цюрихе)

the response of the international community - реакция международного сообщества

an international association of chemists - международная ассоциация химиков

the UN and other international organizations - ООН и другие международные организации

The port stands astride an international route. - Порт расположен на пути международных маршрутов.

Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research - Консультативная группа по международным сельскохозяйственным исследованиям

Consultative Committee for International Telephone and Telegraphy - Консультативный комитет по международной телефонной и телеграфной связи США

International Court of Justice - Международный суд ООН

International Union of Tenants - Международный союз арендаторов

American International Toy Fair - Американская международная выставка игрушек

International Development Agency - Агентство международного развития (в США)

International Cooperative Alliance - Международный кооперативный альянс

Bank for International Settlements - Банк для международных расчетов

International Atomic Energy Agency - Международное агентство по атомной энергии (МАГАТЭ)

International Union of Biochemistry - Международный биохимический союз

International Antigenic Typing Scheme - Международная система серотипирования антигенов

International Society for Cell Biology - Международное общество по изучению биологии клетки

The case drew international attention. - Этот случай привлёк к себе международное внимание.

We are sailing in international waters. - Мы плывём в международных водах.

Permanent Court of International Justice - Постоянная палата международного правосудия

International Cooperation Administration - Администрация международного сотрудничества (в США)

International Histocompatibility Workshop - Международное рабочее совещание по (антигенам) гистосовместимости (в рамках программы ВОЗ)

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Связанные термины:

international law: the body of rules generally recognized by civilized nations as governing their conduct towards each other and towards each other's subjects

Amnesty International: an international organization founded in Britain in 1961 that works to secure the release of people imprisoned for their beliefs, to ban the use of torture, and to abolish the death penalty

First International: an association of socialists and labour leaders founded in London in 1864 and dissolved in Philadelphia in 1876

Fourth International: any of several international Trotskyist organizations that have developed from the international federation of anti-Stalinist Communists founded by Trotsky in 1936

Gideons International: an evangelical non-denominational Christian organization dedicated to spreading the word of God through personal testament

international banking: Banking is the business activity of banks and similar institutions.

International Brigade: a military force that fought on the Republican side in the Spanish Civil War, consisting of volunteers ( predominantly socialists and communists ) from many countries

international candle: a former international unit of luminous intensity, originally defined in terms of a standard candle and later in terms of a pentane-burning lamp . It has now been replaced by the candela

international flight: A flight is a journey made by flying, usually in an aeroplane .

International Gothic: a style in art during the late 14th and early 15th centuries characterized by elegant stylization of illuminated manuscripts, mosaics, stained glass, etc, and by increased interest in secular themes . Major contributors were Simone Martini, Giotto, and Pisanello

International Master: the second highest title awarded by the FIDE to a player: won by obtaining a certain number of points during specific international chess tournaments

international pitch: the frequency of 435 hertz assigned to the A above middle C, widely used until 1939

International Style: a 20th-century architectural style characterized by undecorated rectilinear forms and the use of glass, steel, and reinforced concrete

international telegram: a telemessage sent from the UK to a foreign country

Second International: → the Second International

Third International: → Comintern

International Grandmaster: one of the top chess players of a particular country

International Modernism: a 20th-century architectural style characterized by undecorated rectilinear forms and the use of glass, steel, and reinforced concrete

international recognition: When a person receives recognition for the things that they have done, people acknowledge the value or skill of their work.

international relations: The political relationships between different countries are referred to as international relations .

international reputation: Something's or someone's reputation is the opinion that people have about how good they are. If they have a good reputation, people think they are good.

Socialist International: an international association of largely anti-Communist Social Democratic Parties, founded in Frankfurt in 1951

Soroptimist International: an organization of clubs for professional and executive businesswomen

Trotskyist International: any of several international Trotskyist organizations that have developed from the international federation of anti-Stalinist Communists founded by Trotsky in 1936

International Date Line: the line approximately following the 180° meridian from Greenwich on the east side of which the date is one day earlier than on the west

international Morse code: a telegraph code formerly used internationally for transmitting messages; it was superseded by satellite technology (the Global Marine Distress and Safety System) in 1999. Letters, numbers, etc, are represented by groups of shorter dots and longer dashes, or by groups of the corresponding sounds, dits and dahs, the groups being separated by spaces

public international law: the law governing the legal relations between independent states or nations and, increasingly, between these and individuals

the Second International: an international association of socialist parties and trade unions that began in Paris in 1889 and collapsed during World War I. The right-wing elements reassembled at Berne in 1919

International Atomic Time: the scientific standard of time based on the SI unit, the second, used by means of atomic clocks and satellites to synchronize the time standards of the major nations

International Monetary Fund: an international financial institution organized in 1945 to promote international trade by increasing the exchange stability of the major currencies . A fund is maintained out of which member nations with temporary balance-of-payments deficits may make withdrawals

international nautical mile: a unit of length, used esp in navigation, equivalent to the average length of a minute of latitude, and corresponding to a latitude of 45°, i.e. 1852 m (6076.12 ft)

international reply coupon: a coupon that can be exchanged for postage stamps to send a letter to a foreign country. It is used to reimburse a correspondent for postage without having to deal with foreign currencies

international screw thread: a metric system for screw threads relating the pitch to the diameter

International Space Station: an orbiting space station construction of which began in 2001 with the cooperation of 16 nations; used for scientific and space research

Court of International Trade: a court that sits in New York City and rules on questions relating to trade and customs

international accounting standards: International accounting standards are a set of internationally-agreed principles and procedures relating to the way that companies present their accounts.

International Court of Justice: a court established in the Hague to settle disputes brought by nations that are parties to the Statute of the Court

International Development Association: an organization set up in 1960 to provide low-interest loans to developing countries. It is part of the World Bank Group

International Finance Corporation: an organization that invests directly in private companies and makes or guarantees loans to private investors. It is affiliated to the World Bank and is part of the World Bank Group

International Geophysical Year: the 18- month period from July 1, 1957, to Dec 31, 1958, during which a number of nations agreed to cooperate in a geophysical research programme

International Joint Commission: a joint USCanadian federal government agency set up in 1909 to oversee the management of shared water resources (esp the Great Lakes–St Lawrence River system)

International Labour Organisation: a special agency of the United Nations responsible for research and recommendations in the field of labour conditions and practices: founded in 1919 in affiliation to the League of Nations

International Labour Organization: a special agency of the United Nations responsible for research and recommendations in the field of labour conditions and practices: founded in 1919 in affiliation to the League of Nations

International Olympic Committee: the committee, composed of all the national Olympic committees, that organizes the modern Olympic games

International Phonetic Alphabet: a series of signs and letters propagated by the Association Phon étique Internationale for the representation of human speech sounds. It is based on the Roman alphabet but supplemented by modified signs or symbols from other writing systems, and is usually employed in its revised form of 1951

International Standard Atmosphere: a theoretical vertical distribution of the physical properties of the atmosphere up to an altitude of 50 km established by international agreement. It permits the standardization of aircraft instruments and performance of all types of flying vehicles

International Standards Organization: an international body composed of representatives from various national standards organizations that promulgates worldwide standards for industrial and commercial products and processes

International System of Units: → SI

International Trade Organization: a now defunct organization whose original purpose was to regulate international trade . Its mandate is now under the World Trade Organization.

Système International d'Unités: the International System of units

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Однокоренные слова:

internationalism - интернационализм
internationalist - интернационалист
internationalize - делать интернациональным
internationally - на международном уровне, на международной основе
internationality - интернациональность, интернациональный, международный характер

Связанные слова: