Noun: железо утюг препарат железа оковы
Adjective: железный твердый жестокий крепкий
Verb: гладить утюжить проглаживать покрывать железом


to convert iron into steel - обращать железо в сталь

iron determination - железная решимость

firm / harsh / iron / severe / stern / strict discipline - строгая дисциплина

cast-iron discipline - железная дисциплина

wrought-iron fence - кованая железная изгородь

iron fist - железная хватка

firm / iron hand - строгий контроль

ingot iron - литое железо

to iron the laundry - гладить, утюжить бельё

electric iron - электрический утюг

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The iron burnt a hole in my dress. - Утюг прожёг дыру в моём платье.

Have you ironed my shirt? - Вы погладили мою рубашку?

Strike when the iron is hot. - Куй железо, пока горячо.

Gold and iron alloy with ease. - Золото и железо легко сплавляются.

You iron your shirt - I'm not your skivvy. - Сам гладь свою рубашку - я не твоя прислуга.

Iron is a base metal. - Железо является одним из недрагоценных металлов.

Iron is softened and framed. - Металл размягчают и придают ему форму.

A plate of polished iron or steel. - Лист отшлифованного железа или стали.

Fe is the chemical symbol for iron. - Fe — это химический знак железа.

The plug on my iron needs changing. - Вилка на моем утюге нуждается в замене.

a rich seam of iron ore - богатый пласт железной руды

the aptness of iron to rust - свойство железа покрываться ржавчиной

Iron and lead are soft metals. - Железо и свинец — мягкие металлы.

men cased in iron from head to foot - мужчины, закованные с головы до ног в железные доспехи

A tree was propped up by iron stays. - Дерево поддерживалось стальными подпорками.

He runs the company with an iron fist. - Он руководит компанией железной рукой.

We need to iron out our disagreements. - Нам нужно сгладить наши разногласия.

A great iron stove filled half the room. - Огромная железная печь занимала половину комнаты.

There are still a few kinks to iron out. - Осталось разгладить /отутюжить/ ещё несколько складочек.

Iron entered his soul. библ. - В железо вошла душа его.

a chair made of wrought iron - стул из кованого железа

the body's absorption of iron - поглощение организмом железа

The old iron fence was rusted. - Старая железная ограда была покрыта ржавчиной.

A lath painted to imitate iron. - Крашенная под металл деревянная планка.

a driveway with large iron gates - подъездная дорога с большими железными воротами

the absorption of iron from food - поглощение железа из пищи

I'll have to iron out the creases. - Мне придётся разгладить эти складки.

Red meat is a rich source of iron. - Красное мясо является богатым источником железа.

The strong man could turn an iron bar. - Этот силач может согнуть в дугу железный лом.

the process used for smelting iron ore - процесс, используемый для плавки железной руды

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Фразовые глаголы:

If you iron out difficulties, you resolve them and bring them to an end.

If you iron out difficulties, you resolve them and bring them to an end.

Связанные термины:

beta iron: a nonmagnetic allotrope of pure iron stable between 770° C and 910°C

cast iron: Cast iron is iron which contains a small amount of carbon. It is hard and cannot be bent so it has to be made into objects by casting .

gem iron: a heavy, usually cast-iron oven dish used for baking small cakes ( gems )

iron age: The Iron Age was a period of time which began when people started making things from iron about three thousand years ago .

Iron Dome: Israel's mobile air defence system

Iron Duke: an administrative district, formerly a province, of New Zealand, on SW North Island : major livestock producer in New Zealand. Capital: Wellington . Pop: 492 500 (2013 est). Area: 28 153 sq km (10 870 sq miles)

iron fist: An iron fist policy or approach is one which deals with people and situations in a very strict and cruel way.

Iron Gate: a gorge of the River Danube on the border between Romania and Serbia . Length: 3 km (2 miles)

iron gray: a dark to medium gray like that of freshly broken cast iron

iron grey: a neutral or dark grey colour

iron hand: harsh or rigorous control; overbearing or autocratic force

Iron Lady: → the Iron Lady

iron lung: an airtight metal cylinder enclosing the entire body up to the neck and providing artificial respiration when the respiratory muscles are paralysed, as by poliomyelitis

iron man: a multi-event sporting contest requiring stamina, esp a triathlon of long-distance swimming, cycling, and running

iron mask: an iron covering for the face, supposedly used in the past to conceal the identity of a well-known prisoner

iron ore: rock or earth from which iron can be obtained

iron out: If you iron out difficulties, you resolve them and bring them to an end.

iron pan: a hard layer of precipitated iron salts often found below the surface of sands and gravels

iron will: a malleable ductile silvery-white ferromagnetic metallic element occurring principally in haematite and magnetite . It is widely used for structural and engineering purposes. Symbol: Fe; atomic no: 26; atomic wt: 55.847; valency : 2,3,4, or 6; relative density : 7.874; melting pt: 1538°C; boiling pt: 2862°C

leg iron: a shackle for a prisoner's leg

lily iron: a harpoon, the head of which is detachable

long iron: a club with a long shaft and an iron head the face of which has little slope, used for hitting long, low shots

pig iron: crude iron produced in a blast furnace and poured into moulds in preparation for making wrought iron, steels, alloys, etc

pump iron: to exercise with weights ; do body-building exercises

soft iron: iron that has a low carbon content and is easily magnetized and demagnetized with a small hysteresis loss

tire iron: a crowbar with a built-in socket wrench, for removing wheel covers and lug nuts of motor vehicles and for cranking a jack up or down

absorb iron: Iron is an element which usually takes the form of a hard, dark-grey metal. It is used to make steel, and also forms part of many tools, buildings, and vehicles . Very small amounts of iron occur in your blood and in food.

alpha iron: a magnetic allotrope of iron that is stable below 910° C ; ferrite

angle iron: an iron or a steel structural bar that has an L-shaped cross section

cramp iron: a strip of metal with its ends bent at right angles, used to bind masonry

crance iron: a metal ring or cap to which bobstays and shrouds are secured, at the forward end of a bowsprit

delta iron: an allotrope of iron that exists between 1400°C and the melting point of iron and has the same structure as alpha iron

gamma iron: an allotrope of iron that is nonmagnetic and exists between 910°C and 1400°C

ingot iron: a type of steel containing a small amount of carbon and very small quantities of other elements

Iron Cross: the highest decoration for bravery awarded to the German armed forces in wartime : instituted in 1813

iron-fisted: ruthlessly autocratic ; despotic and brutal

iron glance: a red, grey, or black mineral, found as massive beds and in veins and igneous rocks. It is the chief source of iron . Composition : iron ( ferric ) oxide . Formula: Fe 2 O 3 . Crystal structure: hexagonal ( rhombohedral )

Iron Guard: a Romanian fascist party that ceased to exist after World War II

iron horse: a steam-driven railway locomotive

iron maiden: a medieval instrument of torture, consisting of a hinged case (often shaped in the form of a woman) lined with iron spikes, which was forcibly closed on the victim

iron oxide: a compound of oxygen and iron

iron pyrite: → another name for iron pyrites

iron sights: conventional non-telescopic sights on a rifle

scrap iron: waste iron or used articles made of iron, often collected and reprocessed

short iron: a club, as a pitcher, pitching niblick, or niblick, with a short shaft and an iron head the face of which has great slope, for hitting approach shots

steam iron: A steam iron is an electric iron that produces steam from water that you put into it. The steam makes it easier to get the creases out of your clothes.

toggle iron: a whaling harpoon with a pivoting barb near its head to prevent a harpooned whale pulling free

waffle iron: an appliance used to cook waffles that has hinged indented plates that press a grid design into both sides of the waffle as it bakes

white iron: cast iron having most or all of its carbon in the form of cementite and exhibiting a silvery fracture

branding-iron: an iron heated and used for branding animals, etc

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Однокоренные слова:

iron out - сглаживать, разглаживать, улаживать, разутюживать

Связанные слова: