Pronoun: сам само сама себе


a blizzard blows itself out - буря затихает

to close on itself - замыкаться на себя

convergence in itself - сходимость в себе

function onto itself - отображение (функции) на себя

not to intersect itself - самонепересекаться

to reveal itself - появиться, обнаружиться

storm blows itself out / blows over / subsides - буря стихает

to suggest itself - напрашиваться

as the term itself implies - как вытекает из самого термина

to take to itself wings - исчезнуть, улетучиться, смыться

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He was kindness itself. - Он был сама доброта.

The cat lay on the sofa, washing itself. - Кошка вылизывалась, лёжа на диване.

He was watching the cat giving itself a bath. - Он смотрел, как умывается кошка.

The machine switches itself off when the process is complete. - После завершения процесса аппарат отключается.

We've checked the wiring so the problem may be the television itself. - Проводку мы проверили, так что может быть, дело в самом телевизоре.

Связанные термины:

up-itself: pretentious or pompous

lend itself: to possess the right characteristics or qualities for

lend itself to: to be adapted to, useful for, or open to

pay for itself: If something that you buy or invest in pays for itself after a period of time, the money you gain from it, or save because you have it, is greater than the amount you originally spent or invested.

simplicity itself: If you say that something is simplicity itself, you are emphasizing that it is very simple or easy .

an end in itself: If you consider something to be an end in itself, you do it because it seems desirable and not because it is likely to lead to something else.

speak for itself: to be so evident that no further comment is necessary

thing-in-itself: (in the philosophy of Kant ) an element of the noumenal rather than the phenomenal world, of which the senses give no knowledge but whose bare existence can be inferred from the nature of experience

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