Noun: работа задание Иов дело
Verb: выполнять задание ударить работать сдельно нанимать на сдельную работу
Adjective: нанятый на определенную работу аккордный наемный


to bypass a job step - опускать шаг задания

a cakewalk of a job - плёвое дело, пара пустяков

a dead-end job - бесперспективная работа

demolition job - работа по сносу зданий

job description - должностная инструкция

to be desperate to get a job - быть готовым на всё, чтобы получить работу

a/the devil of a job - адская работа

to dig oneself into the new job - освоиться на новой работе

to ditch one's job - бросить работу

job fair - ярмарка вакансий

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Do you enjoy your job? - Вам нравится ваша работа?

She was working at two jobs. - Она работала на двух работах.

I'm looking for a new job. - Я ищу новую работу.

He jobs as a gardener from time to time. - Время от времени он работает садовником.

It was quite a job to find him. - Найти его было достаточно тяжело.

His appointment was a job. - Он получил назначение по протекции.

Right now I'm working on six jobs for US and UK clients. - В данный момент я работаю над шестью заказами американских и британских клиентов.

He took a job as a waiter. - Он устроился на работу в качестве официанта.

He's been in the job for six years. - Он занимается этим в течение шести лет.

It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. - Это грязная работа, но кто-то же должен её делать.

She's trying to get a job in New York. - Она пытается найти работу в Нью-Йорке.

She has a high-paying job on Wall Street. - У неё высокооплачиваемая работа на Уолл-Стрит.

I've applied for a job at the university. - Я подал заявление /устроился/ на работу в университет.

Eventually, Mary got a job as a waitress. - В конце концов, Мэри устроилась официанткой.

The new factory will create thousands of jobs. - Новый завод позволит создать тысячи рабочих мест.

He gave it up as a bad job. - Он махнул на это рукой. / Он бросил это гиблое дело.

It is always a job to contact him. - Выйти с ним на связь — всегда непросто.

They offered him the job but he turned it down. - Ему предложили эту работу, но он отказался.

They'll have a bit of a job getting here in this fog anyway. - В любом случае, им будет нелегко добраться сюда в таком тумане.

It is their job to print the truth. - Печатать правду — их обязанность.

He really did a job on his opponent. - Он здорово отделал своего соперника.

Raising kids can be a difficult job. - Воспитывать детей порой нелегко.

The barber did a real job on my hair. - Парикмахер здорово поработал /славно потрудился/ над моей причёской.

It was the first paid job I ever had. - Именно за эту работу мне впервые заплатили деньги.

She did an outstanding job as Ophelia. - Она замечательно исполнила роль Офелии.

He never lacked a job for Giles to do. - Для Джайлса у него всегда находилась работа.

Filleting fish can be quite a fiddly job. - Разделка рыбы на филе порой довольно утомительна.

He had never been able to hold down a job. - Ему ещё ни разу не удавалось удержаться на работе.

Oh Rick, you didn't quit your job did you? - Рик, милый, ты же не бросил работу, правда? / Прошу тебя, Рик, только не говори, что уволился.

Jack's got a new car — a red two-seater job. - У Джека новая машина — красная такая, двухместная.

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Связанные термины:

day job: the job that a person during the day to earn a living, as opposed to some more glamorous activity such as being a singer, dancer, actor, writer that they aspire to make their main source of income

eye job: cosmetic surgery to remove wrinkles and loose skin round the eyes

hob-job: to do casual work or various small unskilled jobs

job-hop: to change jobs, esp frequently

job lot: A job lot is a number of cheap things of low quality which are sold together, for example in auctions or second-hand shops .

joe job: a dull unrewarding job or task

new job: A job is the work that someone does to earn money.

blow job: an act or instance of fellatio

boob job: a surgical remodelling of the breasts for cosmetic reasons

chin job: a cosmetic operation to improve the shape of the chin

fine job: You use fine to describe something that you admire and think is very good.

good job: If you say that someone is doing a good job, you mean that they are doing something well . In British English, you can also say that they are making a good job of something.

great job: If you describe someone or something as great, you approve of them or admire them.

hand job: a sexual activity in which one person manually stimulates another's penis

job club: a group of unemployed people organized through a Jobcentre, which meets every day and is given advice on job seeking to increase its members' chances of finding employment

Job Corps: a Federal organization established in 1964 to train unemployed youths in order to make it easier for them to find work

job hunt: a search for employment

job loss: the act or an instance of a person losing his or her job

job offer: an offer of employment

job queue: a list of documents that are waiting to be printed

job share: If two people job share, they share the same job by working part-time, for example one person working in the mornings and the other in the afternoons.

job title: a name that describes a person's job in an organization

nose job: A nose job is a surgical operation that some people have to improve the shape of their nose.

plum job: A job is the work that someone does to earn money.

rush job: something created quickly, urgently, or without due care

snow job: an instance of deceiving or overwhelming someone with elaborate often insincere talk

whack job: an eccentric or foolish person

another job: A job is the work that someone does to earn money.

bob-a-job: a fundraising activity that involved boy scouts knocking on doors and offering to do jobs for one shilling

decent job: Decent is used to describe something which is considered to be of an acceptable standard or quality.

hatchet job: To do a hatchet job on someone or something means to say or write something mentioning many bad things about them, which harms their reputation .

holiday job: a temporary job taken by a person during their holidays from school, college or university

inside job: a crime committed with the assistance of someone associated with the victim, such as a person employed on the premises burgled

job action: a temporary action by workers, such as refusing to work, usually undertaken because they are unhappy with their pay or working conditions, and intended to force the employer to improve these

job centre: In Britain, a job centre is a place where people who are looking for work can go to get advice on finding a job, and to look at advertisements placed by people who are looking for new employees .

job hopper: a person who job-hops

job hunting: the activity of searching for employment

job market: → the job market

job search: a search for employment

job seeker: A job seeker is an unemployed person who is trying to get a job.

job sharing: the division of a job between two or more people such that each covers the same job for complementary parts of the day or week

job vacancy: a job which has not been filled

menial job: A job is the work that someone does to earn money.

office job: a job based in an office, for example clerical or administrative work for an organization

proper job: A job is the work that someone does to earn money.

skilled job: A job is the work that someone does to earn money.

summer job: a job that a student does in the summer vacation

a snow job: lies and exaggerations, intended to deceive or flatter someone.

executive job: a job in which a person is responsible for the administration of a project, activity, or business

important job: A job is a particular task .

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Однокоренные слова:

jobber - оптовый торговец, недобросовестный делец, комиссионер, биржевой маклер, брокер
jobbing - поделки, мелкий ремонт, биржевая игра, случайный, нерегулярный
jobless - безработный
jobbish - сомнительный, недобросовестный, связанный с махинациями

Связанные слова: