Noun: правосудие справедливость юстиция судья


to do smb. justice - воздавать должное, воздавать по заслугам

to speak out in defence of justice - высказываться в защиту справедливости

fight for justice - борьба за справедливость

fugitive from justice - укрывающийся от правосудия

in justice to smb. - отдавая должное кому-л.

the justice of these observations - справедливость (правильность) этих заключений

travesty of justice - пародия на правосудие

to obstruct justice - препятствовать правосудию

to pervert justice - искажать, извращать правосудие

justice prevails - правосудие побеждает

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Justice will prevail. - Справедливость восторжествует.

They must not be allowed to escape justice. - Им нельзя позволить ускользнуть от правосудия.

They received justice in court. - Они добились справедливости в суде.

European Court of Justice - Европейский суд

administration of justice - осуществление правосудия

I saw no justice in the court's decision. - Я не увидел справедливости в данном судебном решении.

Apprehend and carry him before a justice. - Задержите его и доставьте в суд.

Kids have a natural sense of justice. - Дети обладают врождённым чувством справедливости.

His people came to him, demanding justice. - Его люди пришли к нему, требуя справедливости.

The photo doesn't do her justice. - Эта фотография не передаёт всей её красоты.

No words can do justice to the experience. - То, что случилось, нельзя описать словами.

It is inconsistent with justice to be partial. - Пристрастность и правосудие несовместимы.

the U.S. Department of Justice - Министерство юстиции США

The whole justice system stinks. - Вся система правосудия — омерзительна.

the reformation of our justice system - преобразование нашей системы правосудия

It was a perversion of justice. - Это было нарушение справедливости.

The trial was a travesty of justice. - Тот судебный процесс оказался пародией на правосудие.

Children have a strong sense of justice. - Дети обладают сильным чувством справедливости.

They were charged with obstruction of justice. - Их обвинили в препятствии правосудию.

He had a passionate belief in justice. - Он горячо верил в справедливость.

She held fast to her belief in justice. - Она твёрдо верила в справедливость.

They were married by a justice of the peace. - Их поженил мировой судья.

She organized people to work for social justice. - Она создала организацию, члены которой боролись за социальную справедливость.

He's very strong and he has a strong faith in God and the justice system. - Он человек очень сильный, и непоколебимо верит в бога и в систему правосудия.

She is a justice of the state supreme court. - Она является судьёй в Верховном суде штата.

an inherent concept of justice - природное понятие справедливости

International Court of Justice - Международный суд ООН

an impassioned plea for justice - страстный призыв к справедливости

He clamored for justice and tolerance. - Он громко требовал справедливости и снисхождения.

No one doubts the justice of our cause. - Никто не сомневается в справедливости нашего дела.

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Связанные термины:

do justice: To do justice to a person or thing means to reproduce them accurately and show how good they are.

chief justice: A Chief Justice is the most important judge of a court of law, especially a supreme court.

justice court: an inferior court presided over by a justice of the peace

rough justice: If you describe someone's treatment or punishment as rough justice, you mean that it is not given according to the law.

natural justice: the principles and procedures that govern the adjudication of disputes between persons or organizations, chief among which are that the adjudication should be unbiased and given in good faith, and that each party should have equal access to the tribunal and should be aware of arguments and documents adduced by the other

poetic justice: If you describe something bad that happens to someone as poetic justice, you mean that it is exactly what they deserve because of the things that person has done.

social justice: the principle that all members of society have equal rights and opportunities

street justice: the punishment given by members of the public to people regarded as criminals or wrongdoers

do justice to: to show to full advantage

Justice Department: the United States federal department for enforcing federal laws

bring to justice: to capture, try, and usually punish (a criminal, an outlaw, etc)

College of Justice: the official name for the Scottish Court of Session ; the supreme court of Scotland

court of justice: a legal court

do oneself justice: If you do yourself justice, you do something as well as you are capable of doing it.

Lord Chief Justice: (in England and Wales ) the highest law officer of the Crown, responsible for the functioning and independence of the courts, and formerly presiding over the Court of Appeal, House of Lords, and the Chancery Division

restorative justice: a method of dealing with convicted criminals in which they are urged to accept responsibility for their offences through meeting victims, making amends to victims or the community, etc

criminal justice system: the combination of courts and legal processes that deal with crime

High Court of Justice: (in England and Wales ) one of the two divisions of the Supreme Court of Judicature

justice of the peace: In Britain, a Justice of the Peace is a person who is not a lawyer but who can act as a judge in a local criminal law court . The abbreviation → JP is also used.

miscarriage of justice: A miscarriage of justice is a wrong decision made by a court, as a result of which an innocent person is punished.

obstruction of justice: a criminal offence that involves attempting to obstruct the process of law

social justice warrior: a person who campaigns zealously and vociferously for causes associated with social justice

bring someone to justice: If a criminal is brought to justice, he or she is punished for a crime by being arrested and tried in a court of law .

European Court of Justice: The highest court of the European Union . It monitors the equal application of law throughout the EU.

Lord Justice of Appeal: an ordinary judge of the Court of Appeal

International Court of Justice: a court established in the Hague to settle disputes brought by nations that are parties to the Statute of the Court

justice of the peace court: (in Scotland, formerly) a court with limited criminal jurisdiction held by justices of the peace in counties : replaced in 1975 by the district court

Lord Chief Justice of England: (in England and Wales ) the highest law officer of the Crown, responsible for the functioning and independence of the courts, and formerly presiding over the Court of Appeal, House of Lords, and the Chancery Division

Uniform Code of Military Justice: the body of laws governing members of the U.S. armed forces: superseded the Articles of War in 1951

Chief Justice of the United States: the presiding judge of the U.S. Supreme Court

to pervert the course of justice: If someone perverts the course of justice, they deliberately do something that will make it difficult to discover who really committed a particular crime, for example, destroying evidence or lying to the police .

Lord Chief Justice for Northern Ireland: the head of the judiciary in Northern Ireland

SJW: social justice warrior

World Court: → International Court of Justice

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Однокоренные слова:

injustice - несправедливость
justiceship - должность судьи, звание судьи, срок службы судьи
justicing - отправление правосудия

Связанные слова: