Verb: держаться держать сохранять сохраняться
Noun: содержание прокорм главная башня пища


to keep furnace in blast - держать печь под дутьем

to keep body and soul together - кое-как сводить концы с концами (идиома, to have just enough money to buy food and other necessary things)

to keep on / at the boil - кипятить

to keep the bones green - сохранять хорошее здоровье

to keep calendar - вести список дел к слушанию

to keep (a dog) on a chain - держать (собаку) на цепи

to keep the change - оставить сдачу

to keep a chapel - посетить службу

to keep to a diet - соблюдать дтету

to keep in with smb. - оставаться в хороших отношениях с кем-л.

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Keep moving! - Проходите! Не задерживайтесь!

Keep me informed. - Держите меня в курсе.

I won't keep you long. - Я вас долго не задержу.

May God keep you - Пусть Бог хранит вас

Keep him out of trouble. - Держи его подальше от неприятностей.

Keep knives away from children. - Прячьте ножи от детей.

I keep thinking about Joe, all alone in that place. - Я всё думаю о Джо, — он ведь там совсем один.

He kept me waiting. - Он заставил меня ждать.

Keep to the right! - Держитесь правой стороны!

Where do you keep? - Где вы обретаетесь? / Где вы проживаете? (разг.)

I asked them to keep quiet. - Я попросил их не шуметь.

Where do you keep your tea bags? - Где у вас чай в пакетиках?

Keep your room tidy. - Поддерживайте в комнате порядок.

The weather keeps fine. - Стоит хорошая погода.

You are keeping something from me. - Вы что-то от меня скрываете.

What kept you from doing it? - Почему вы этого не сделали?

How do I know you'll keep your word? - Откуда мне знать, что вы сдержите своё слово?

You may keep the book for a month. - Можете держать эту книгу месяц.

The matter will keep till tomorrow. - С этим можно подождать до завтра.

Will you keep a seat for me? - Вы не подержите мне место?

He kept laughing the whole evening. - Он весь вечер не переставал смеяться.

If I were you, I'd keep away from that area at night. - На твоём месте, я бы не совался ночью в тот район.

I kept his letters for years. - Я хранил его письма в течение многих лет.

I was struggling to keep awake. - Я изо всех сил старался не заснуть.

Meat will keep in the cellar. - В погребе мясо не испортится.

Do they keep postcards here? - Здесь имеются в продаже открытки?

He kept his anxiety from showing. - Он старался не выдать своего волнения.

If there's shooting going on, keep down. - Если стрельба будет продолжаться, не вставай.

Jane kept the engine running. - Джейн не стала глушить мотор.

He paid for his keep by doing odd jobs. - Он перебивался случайными заработками.

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

keep at: to persevere with or persist in

keep in: to stay indoors

keep on: If you keep someone on, you continue to employ them, for example after they are old enough to retire or after other employees have lost their jobs .

keep to: If you keep to a rule, plan, or agreement, you do exactly what you are expected or supposed to do.

keep up: If you keep up with someone or something that is moving near you, you move at the same speed .

keep away: to refrain or prevent from coming (near)

keep back: If you keep back part of something, you do not use or give away all of it, so that you still have some to use at a later time.

keep dark: to keep secret or hidden

keep down: If you keep the number, size, or amount of something down, you do not let it get bigger or go higher .

keep fit: Keep-fit is the activity of keeping your body in good condition by doing special exercises.

keep from: to prevent or restrain (oneself or another); refrain or cause to refrain

keep nit: to keep watch, esp during illegal activity

keep off: to stay or cause to stay at a distance (from)

keep out: to remain or cause to remain outside

keep pace: If you keep pace with someone who is walking or running, you succeed in going as fast as them, so that you remain close to them.

keep step: to remain walking, marching, dancing, etc, in unison or in a specified rhythm

keep time: to observe correctly the accent or rhythmic pulse of a piece of music in relation to tempo

keep books: to keep a record of business transactions

keep count: to keep a record of items, events, etc

keep going: If you keep going, you continue doing things or doing a particular thing.

keep house: to take care of the affairs of a home ; run a house

keep kosher: to observe the Jewish dietary laws

keep order: to maintain or enforce order

keep score: If you keep score of the number of things that are happening in a certain situation, you count them and record them.

keep stroke: to make strokes in rhythm

keep under: to remain or cause to remain below (a surface)

keep vigil: If someone keeps a vigil or keeps vigil somewhere, they remain there quietly for a period of time, especially at night, for example because they are praying or are making a political protest .

keep watch: If someone keeps watch, they look and listen all the time, while other people are asleep or doing something else, so that they can warn them of danger or an attack .

keep wicket: to play as wicketkeeper in the game of cricket

keep company: If you keep company with a person or with a particular kind of person, you spend a lot of time with them.

keep it up: to continue a good performance

keep on at: If you keep on at someone, you repeatedly ask or tell them something in a way that annoys them.

keep in with: If you keep in with someone, you stay friendly with them, often in order to gain some advantage for yourself because they have power or influence.

keep out of: to remain or cause to remain unexposed to

keep tabs on: to keep a watchful eye on

keep up with: to remain in contact with, esp by letter

to keep pace: If something keeps pace with something else that is changing, it changes quickly in response to it.

to keep time: If you keep time when playing or singing music, you follow or play the beat, without going too fast or too slowly.

keep a lookout: If someone keeps a lookout, especially on a boat, they look around all the time in order to make sure there is no danger .

keep-fit class: an exercise class designed to promote physical fitness

keep on about: If you say that someone keeps on about something, you mean that they keep talking about it in a boring way.

keep pace with: to proceed at the same speed as

keep sb amused: If you keep someone amused, you find things to do which stop them getting bored .

keep someone posted: If you keep someone posted, you keep giving them the latest information about a situation that they are interested in.

keep someone sweet: If you keep someone sweet, you do something to please them in order to prevent them from becoming annoyed or dissatisfied .

keep the books: to keep written records of the finances of a business or other enterprise

keep the field: to continue activity, as in games or military operations

keep the peace: to maintain or refrain from disturbing law and order

keep track of: to follow the passage, course, or progress of

keep your cool to lose your cool: If you keep your cool in a difficult situation, you manage to remain calm . If you lose your cool, you get angry or upset .

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Однокоренные слова:

keep away - остерегаться, держаться в отдалении, держать в отдалении
keep back - недоговаривать, скрывать, удерживать, держаться в стороне, задерживать
keep down - подавлять, держать в подчинении, продолжать сидеть или лежать, не вставать
keep in - поддерживать, сдерживать, не выпускать, заставлять сидеть дома
keep off - держаться в отдалении, держать в отдалении, не подпускать
keep on - продолжать, оставлять, не снимать, бранить, сохранять в прежнем положении
keep out - не вмешиваться, не впускать, не допускать, оставаться в стороне, не позволять
keep under - не давать распространяться, держать в подчинении, препятствовать, искоренять
keep up - поддерживать, продолжать, поспевать, соблюдать, быть в курсе, придерживаться

Связанные слова: