Verb: убивать уничтожать прикончить ликвидировать
Noun: убийство добыча уничтожение противника


to kill off a character - избавиться от какого-л. героя в пьесе

to go in for the kill - выходить на охоту

to make a kill - охотиться

to kill weed - уничтожать сорняк

to kill hopes - разрушить надежды

to kill a disease - победить болезнь

kill a proposal - забаллотировать предложение

kill the land - с.-х. истощить землю

to kill by gang - совершить групповое убийство

kill the bottle - напиваться до чёртиков; напиться до чертиков

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Let's kill these beers and go. - Давайте допьём пиво и уйдём.

Smoking kills. - Курение убивает.

The lion made the kill. - Лев охотился.

Mom will kill me if I'm late. - Мама убьёт меня, если опоздаю.

It nearly killed me. - Я чуть не умер со смеху.

He killed the ball. - Он пробил мячом навылет. / Он загасил мяч. (о теннисе или волейболе)

The snake closed in for the kill. - Змея приблизилась, чтобы добить жертву.

He went crazy and tried to kill her. - Он сошёл с ума и пытался её убить.

I killed the pain with drugs. - Я лекарствами заглушил боль.

I could kill for a smoke right now. - Всё бы отдал сейчас за сигарету.

She killed the ball. - Она пробила мячом навылет. / Она загасила мяч. (о теннисе или волейболе)

a disease that can kill - болезнь, которая может убить

A chemical that kills weeds - Химическое вещество, которое убивает сорняки

Bleach kills household germs. - Отбеливатель убивает бытовых микробов.

She just killed the audience. - Она просто поразила аудиторию.

Taking drugs to kill the pain - Употребление наркотиков с целью заглушить боль

Why did she kill her husband? - Почему она убила мужа?

The drums killed the strings. - Барабаны заглушили струнные инструменты.

The committee killed the bill. - Комитет не принял этот законопроект.

What led him to kill his wife? - Что его заставило убить свою жену? / Что привело его к убийству жены?

These new shoes are killing me! - Эти новые туфли меня доконают!

She told him to kill the lights. - Она велела ему выключить свет.

The driver was killed instantly. - Водитель был убит мгновенно.

He raised his knife for the kill. - Он поднял нож, чтобы прикончить добычу.

Did you kill many pirates? - Tons. - Вы убили много пиратов? - Кучу.

AIDS has killed thousands in Africa. - В Африке СПИД убил тысячи людей.

She schemed to kill him with poison. - Она задумала убить его ядом.

Joe pulled in and killed the engine. - Джо остановился и заглушил двигатель.

chemicals could kill all the wildlife - химикаты могут убить всё живое

'I'll kill you,' Anne shrieked at him. - — Я убью тебя, — закричала на него Энн.

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Фразовые глаголы:

If you say that a group or an amount of something has been killed off, you mean that all of them or all of it have been killed or destroyed.

Связанные термины:

to kill: to make a strongly desirable impression

kill fee: a fee paid to a freelance writer for material written on assignment but not used

kill off: If you say that a group or an amount of something has been killed off, you mean that all of them or all of it have been killed or destroyed .

kill-time: an occupation that passes the time

top kill: a procedure used by oil companies to attempt to plug a leaking well, by pumping heavy drilling fluids into the well before sealing it with concrete

kill switch: a security mechanism used to shut down a device immediately in the case of an emergency

kill oneself: to overexert oneself

fit to kill: excessively; immoderately

kill a well: To kill a well is to stop it from flowing by the use of mud or water to stop the pressure.

shoot-to-kill: of or relating to shooting by soldiers or police that is intended to kill rather than disable

killjoy: If you call someone a killjoy, you are critical of them because they stop other people from enjoying themselves, often by reminding them of something unpleasant .

dressed to kill: If someone is dressed to kill, they are wearing very smart or fashionable clothes because they want people to notice them and think they are attractive .

in at the kill: present and either watching or taking part when a contest or struggle comes to an end and one side is completely defeated

fishkill: a mass death among the fish population of a given area caused by pollution or other contaminants

roadkill: Roadkill is the remains of an animal or animals that have been killed on the road by cars or other vehicles.

kill sth stone-dead: If you kill something such as an idea or emotion stone-dead, you completely destroy it.

kill the fatted calf: to celebrate and do everything possible to welcome a person

kill yourself laughing: If you say that you killed yourself laughing, you are emphasizing that you laughed a lot because you thought something was extremely funny .

move in for the kill: to act decisively to defeat your enemy or opponent

kill someone with kindness: to treat someone very kindly even though this is not what they need or want

kill two birds with one stone: to manage to achieve two things at the same time

to kill two birds with one stone: If you say that doing something will kill two birds with one stone, you mean that it will enable you to achieve two things that you want to achieve, rather than just one.

move in for the kill/close in for the kill: If you move in for the kill or if you close in for the kill, you take advantage of a changed situation in order to do something that you have been preparing to do.

kill the goose that lays the golden egg: to result in an important source of income being destroyed or seriously reduced

kill the goose that lays the golden eggs: to sacrifice future benefits for the sake of momentary present needs

the goose that lays the golden egg to kill the goose that lays the golden egg: If someone kills the goose that lays the golden egg, they harm or destroy the person or thing that gives them their money, power, or advantage .

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Однокоренные слова:

kill off - уничтожать, избавиться
kill out - искоренять, уничтожать

Связанные слова: