Noun: колено коленка наколенник кница
Verb: ударить коленом касаться коленом вытягиваться на коленях становиться на колени


knee bend - коленный сгиб

to form a knee - сгибаться под углом

knee guard - наколенник

trick knee - поврежденное колено

to dislocate, wrench one's knee - вывихнуть колено

knee breeches - бриджи

to bend the knee - преклонять колена

knee-boot - высокий сапог до колен

knee-type mill-borer - консольный фрезерно-расточный станок

knee-type miller-borer - консольный фрезерно-расточный станок

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Daddy, can I sit on your knee? - Папа, могу я посидеть у тебя на коленях?

I fell down and hurt my knee. - Я упал и повредил колено.

I bruised my knee. - Я ушиб колено.

He fell down and hurt his knee. - Он упал и повредил колено.

I think I've wrenched my knee. - Я думаю, что я вывихнул колено.

He struck his knee with his hand. - Он ударил рукой по колену.

he had a nasty chafe on his knee - на колене у него была серьёзная ссадина

Her jeans had holes at the knees. - На коленях её джинсов были дыры.

She has been having trouble with her knee. - Она испытывала проблемы с коленом.

She fell and skinned her knee. - Она упала и ободрала колено.

I kneed him in the groin. - Я ударил его коленом в пах.

He grazed his knee when he fell. - Он оцарапал коленку, когда упал.

The hemline falls just above the knee. - Линия низа — чуть выше колена.

Skirts this year are just above knee level. - Длина юбок в этом году находится чуть выше уровня колен.

He hurt his knee playing football. - Он ушиб колено, играя в футбол.

I skinned my knee when I fell. - Я ободрал колено и, когда падал.

I had crocked my knee at hockey. - Я повредил колено, играя в хоккей.

Lucy had a bandage round her knee. - У Люси было забинтовано колено.

She aggravated an old knee injury. - Она усугубила старую травму колена.

He tore a ligament in his left knee. - Он порвал связку в левом колене.

The boy skinned his knee when he fell. - Мальчик поранил себе колено, когда упал.

He wrapped a bandage around his knee. - Он наложил на колено повязку.

I scraped my knee when I fell. - Я ободрал коленку, когда упал.

a stress fracture in his left knee - усталостный /стрессовый/ перелом его левого колена

He sprained ligaments in his knee. - Он растянул связки в колене.

Lizzie fell down and hurt her knee. - Лиззи упала и повредила колено.

She bruised her knee when she fell. - Она ушибла колено, когда упала.

The fall severely damaged her knee. - Упав, она сильно ушибла колено.

the obscene massacre at Wounded Knee - отвратительная бойня на ручье Вундед-Ни

The nurse dressed the cut on my knee. - Медсестра обработала порез у меня на колене.

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Связанные термины:

knee-bend: a type of exercise in which the knees are bent in order to strengthen the leg muscles and to make the knees more supple

knee-deep: Something that is knee-deep is as high as your knees.

knee drop: a wrestling attack in which a wrestler lifts his or her opponent and drops him or her onto his or her bent knee

knee-high: Something that is knee-high is as tall or high as an adult's knees.

knee jerk: If you call someone's response to a question or situation a knee-jerk reaction, you mean that they react in a very predictable way, without thinking .

knee-sock: a type of sock that comes up to the knee

dodgy knee: Your knee is the place where your leg bends.

knee joint: the joint of the human leg connecting the tibia and fibula with the femur and protected in front by the patella

knee-length: reaching to the knee

knee pants: trousers worn by men in the past, which came down as far as their knees rather than their ankles

knee reflex: an outward reflex kick of the lower leg caused by a sharp tap on the quadriceps tendon just below the patella

knee spavin: chronic inflammation of the carpal joint of a horse

knock-knee: a condition in which the legs are bent inwards causing the knees to touch when standing

thick-knee: any of several brownish shore birds of the family Burhinidae, esp Burhinus oedicnemus, having a large head and eyes : order Charadriiformes

knee breeches: trousers worn by men in the past, which came down as far as their knees rather than their ankles

knee-capping: Knee-capping is the act of shooting someone in the knee and is carried out by some terrorist organizations as a form of punishment .

knee-slapper: a very funny joke, anecdote, etc.

knee operation: When a patient has an operation, a surgeon cuts open their body in order to remove, replace, or repair a diseased or damaged part.

knee-trembling: very exciting

take a knee: to place one's knee against the ground as a way of stopping play

bend the knee: to kneel or submit

housemaid's knee: inflammation and swelling of the bursa in front of the kneecap, caused esp by constant kneeling on a hard surface

on bended knee: If you ask someone for something on bended knee, you ask them very seriously for it.

kneecap: Your kneecaps are the bones at the front of your knees .

knee-jerk reaction: Your reaction to something that has happened or something that you have experienced is what you feel, say, or do because of it.

beg on bended knee: to ask someone for something very seriously

water on the knee: an accumulation of fluid in the knee cavity caused by inflammation and trauma to the cartilages or membranes of the knee joint

knee-high to a grasshopper: very young

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Однокоренные слова:

overknee - выше колен
kneed - коленчатый, вытянутый на коленях