Noun: нож скальпель резец скребок
Adjective: ножевой
Verb: резать ножом ударить ножом закалывать наносить предательский удар кандидату своей партии


the cutting edge of a knife - лезвие ножа

fish knife - столовый нож для рыбы

to hold a spoon / knife - держать ложку, нож

to job a knife into the throat - вонзить нож в горло

bread knife - хлебный нож

butcher knife - нож мясника

paring knife - нож для очистки овощей

pocket knife - карманный нож

steak knife - острый столовый нож (часто с зубчиками)

veneer knife - нож лущильного станка

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This knife cuts well. - Этот нож хорошо режет.

The knife does not cut. - Нож не режет.

Give me the knife once. - Дай-ка ножик.

Put an edge on this knife. - Надо поточить этот нож.

He had a knife in his right hand. - В правой руке у него был нож.

He trifled with his knife. - Он вертел в руках нож.

a knife with a horn handle - нож с роговой ручкой

Jane cut the cord with a knife. - Джейн разрезала шнур /верёвку/ ножом.

Remove the knife from the child! - Отбери нож у ребёнка!

He was holding a knife in one hand. - Он держал нож в руке.

He held a knife to her throat. - Он держал нож у ее горла.

He set down his knife and fork. - Он отложил нож и вилку.

She had been knifed to death. - Её зарезали насмерть.

He took a knife from his pocket. - Он вынул из кармана нож.

A boy traded his knife for a pup. - Мальчик обменял ножик на щенка.

He knocked the knife from my hand. - Он выбил нож из моей руки.

She cut into the melon with a knife. - Она порезала/разрезала дыню ножом.

Suddenly, he came at me with a knife. - Внезапно он набросился на меня с ножом.

Make sure you use a good sharp knife. - Убедитесь, что вы используете хороший острый нож.

He prodded at the meat with his knife. - Он ткнул ножом в кусок мяса.

The knife was dulled from use. - Нож затупился от использования.

wrest the knife from his hands - вырвать нож из его руки

He lunged at me with his knife. - Он бросился на меня с ножом.

The victim was knifed to death. - Жертва была убита ножом.

She jabbed at him with a knife. - Она пырнула его ножом.

He raised his knife for the kill. - Он поднял нож, чтобы прикончить добычу.

Chop the onions with a sharp knife. - Нарежьте лук острым ножом.

a knife with a carved wooden handle - нож с резной деревянной ручкой

He made a lunge at me with his knife. - Он сделал выпад ножом в мою сторону.

The knife slipped and cut his finger. - Нож выскользнул из его руки, порезав палец.

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Связанные термины:

bowie knife: a stout hunting knife with a short hilt and a guard for the hand

bush knife: a large heavy knife suitable for outdoor use

case knife: → sheath knife

clasp knife: a large knife with one or more blades or other devices folding into the handle

craft knife: a knife used for paper crafts, etc, that has a sharp replaceable blade

fish knife: A fish knife is a knife that you use when you eat fish. It has a wide flat blade and does not have a sharp edge .

flick knife: A flick-knife is a knife with a blade in the handle that springs out when a button is pressed.

fruit knife: a small stainless knife for cutting fruit

gamma knife: a machine that uses radiation with extreme accuracy to destroy abnormal tissue, esp in the brain

jack-knife: If a truck that is in two parts jack-knifes, the back part swings around at a sharp angle to the front part in an uncontrolled way as the truck is moving.

knife edge: You can use knife-edge to refer to something that is very exciting or tense because you do not know what is going to happen next.

knife-edged: tense and exciting because it is unclear what is going to happen next

knife pleat: a single pleat turned in one direction

knife-point: the tip of a knife blade

paper knife: A paper knife is a tool shaped like a knife, which is used for opening envelopes .

putty knife: a spatula used to mix or apply putty

steak knife: a knife with a serrated blade, used for eating steak or other fried meat

butter knife: a knife, often with a curved tip, used for picking up butter at a table

carving knife: A carving knife is a long sharp knife that is used to cut cooked meat.

combat knife: a large knife for military use

dinner knife: a knife used for eating dinner

hunting knife: a knife used for flaying and cutting up game and sometimes for killing it

knife attack: To attack a person or place means to try to hurt or damage them using physical violence .

knife grinder: a person who makes and sharpens knives, esp an itinerant one

knife switch: an electric switch in which a flat metal blade, hinged at one end, is pushed between fixed contacts

palette knife: A palette knife is a knife with a broad, flat, flexible blade, used in cookery and in oil painting .

pallet knife: a round-ended spatula with a thin flexible blade used esp by artists for mixing, applying, and scraping off paint, esp oil paint

paring knife: a short-bladed kitchen knife for paring fruits and vegetables

pocket knife: A pocket knife is a small knife with several blades which fold into the handle so that you can carry it around with you safely.

pruning knife: a knife used for pruning

sheath knife: a knife carried in or protected by a sheath

Stanley knife: A Stanley knife is a very sharp knife that is used to cut materials such as carpet and paper . It consists of a small blade fixed in the end of a handle.

trench knife: a double-edged steel knife, often with a guard in the form of a knuckle-duster, designed for close combat

chopping knife: a knife for chopping meat, vegetables etc

knife-sharpener: a kitchen implement that is used to sharpen knives

vegetable knife: a knife designed to cut up vegetables

at knife-point: under threat of being stabbed

on a knife-edge: To be on a knife-edge means to be in a situation in which nobody knows what is going to happen next, or in which one thing is just as likely to happen as another.

saw-edged knife: a knife with a serrated edge

Swiss Army knife: a pocket knife including a variety of blades and tools, each of which can be folded into the handle

switchblade (knife): a large jackknife that snaps open when a release button on the handle is pressed

twist the knife: to deliberately do or say things which make a situation even worse for someone who is already upset or experiencing problems

under the knife: If you go under the knife, you have an operation in a hospital .

stick the knife in: to deliberately do or say things which will upset another person or cause problems for them

barlow: a large strong pocket-knife with a single blade

drawknife: a woodcutting tool with two handles at right angles to the blade, used to shave wood

have one's knife in someone: to have a grudge against or victimize someone

like a knife through butter: quickly and without any problems

switchblade: A switchblade is a knife with a blade that is hidden in the handle and that springs out when a button is pressed.

twist the knife in sb's wound: If you twist the knife in someone's wound, you do or say something to make an unpleasant situation they are in even more unpleasant.

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