Noun: барыня леди дама госпожа


foxy lady - соблазнительная женщина

convergent lady beetle - жук-коровка Hyppodamia convergens; жук-коровка Hyppodamia convergis

lady cook - повариха; кухарка

lady-cook - повариха; кухарка

very correct young lady - благовоспитанная девица

lady cow - жук-коровка

lady's delight - полевая фиалка

take a lady in to dinner - сопровождать даму к столу; вести даму к столу

lady-doctor - женщина-врач

lady dog - собака-девочка; самка собаки; собака-дама

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A lady dressed in red - Дама, одетая в красное

They say luck is a lady. - Говорят, что удача — это женщина.

Shall we rejoin the ladies? - Не вернуться ли нам к дамам?

Lady Spencer - Леди Спенсер

Her mother was always telling her to act like a lady. - Мать всегда говорила ей, что нужно вести себя, как леди.

She's swell, a real lady. - Она одевается стильно, как настоящая леди.

a lady of honor and virtue - честная и добродетельная дама

the old lady's quavering voice - дрожащий голос старухи

Don't you sass me, young lady! - Не смейте мне дерзить, милочка!

Old Lady of Threadneedle Street - Английский банк

Whither are you going, my lady? - Куда вы направляетесь, сударыня?

Faint heart ne'er won fair lady. - Смелость города берёт. (посл., букв. "робкому сердцу не завоевать прекрасной дамы")

She's a very spirited young lady. - Она — очень энергичная девушка.

a very prim and proper young lady - очень чопорная молодая леди

A bright lady, surpassingly fair. - Женщина прекрасная, красоты несказанной

The old lady is boarding three men. - У старушки проживают и столуются трое мужчин.

Hand the elderly lady into the taxi. - Помоги старушке сесть в такси.

She knows how to behave like a lady. - Она умеет вести себя, как подобает леди.

I saw Chris with his new lady friend. - Я видела Криса с его новой подружкой.

The old lady was desperate for money. - Пожилая дама отчаянно нуждалась в деньгах.

A nice lady at the library helped me. - В библиотеке мне помогла одна милая дама.

Give the little lady a great big hand. - Поддержим девушку бурными аплодисментами.

Give your coat to the lady over there. - Отдайте своё пальто вон той женщине.

a batty old lady who lives with 100 cats - чокнутая старуха, которая живёт с сотней кошек

Lady, are you a few aces short of a deck? - Дамочка, вы в своём уме? / Женщина, у вас что, не все дома?

She is a very prim and proper young lady. - Она очень чопорная молодая леди.

She can be a tough lady to negotiate with. - С этой женщиной может быть очень непросто вести переговоры.

My sympathies went strongly with the lady. - Все мои симпатии были полностью на стороне леди.

She volunteered to drive the old lady home. - Она вызвалась отвезти старушку домой.

She attends the old lady in the wheelchair. - Она ухаживает за старушкой в инвалидной коляске.

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Связанные термины:

my lady: a term of address to holders of the title Lady, used esp by servants

bag lady: A bag lady is a homeless woman who carries her possessions in shopping bags.

Iron Lady: → the Iron Lady

Lady Day: March 25, the feast of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary ; one of the four quarter days in England, Wales and Ireland

lady fern: a large, graceful, but variable fern, Athyrium filix-femina, with bipinnate fronds, commonly found on damp acid soils in woods and on hillsides

Lady Luck: the personification of fortune or chance

Lady Muck: an ordinary woman behaving or being treated as if she were aristocratic

lady palm: a type of small palm (genus Rhapis), popularly grown as an indoor plant

old lady: Some men refer to their wife, girlfriend, or mother as their old lady .

Our Lady: Some Christians, especially Catholics, refer to Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, as Our Lady .

pink lady: a cocktail consisting of gin, grenadine, cream and egg-white

tea lady: a woman employed in a factory, office, etc to make tea during a tea break

dinner lady: a female cook or canteen worker in a school

dragon lady: a woman of somewhat sinister glamour often perceived as wielding ruthless or corrupt power

first lady: The First Lady in a country or state is the wife of the president or state governor, or a woman who performs the official duties normally performed by the wife.

Lady Chapel: a chapel within a church or cathedral, dedicated to the Virgin Mary

lady doctor: a doctor who is a female

lady friend: Someone's lady friend is the woman with whom they are having a romantic or sexual relationship .

lady-killer: If you refer to a man as a lady-killer, you mean that you think he is very successful at attracting women but quickly leaves them.

lady orchid: a tall graceful orchid, Orchis purpurea, with faintly scented purple-brown and green flowers with a pinkish or white lip

lucky lady: You can use lady when you are referring to a woman, especially when you are showing politeness or respect .

maiden lady: an unmarried woman

naked lady: a leafless pink orchid found in Australia and New Zealand

white lady: a cocktail consisting of gin, Cointreau, and lemon juice

young lady: a girlfriend ; sweetheart

bearded lady: a woman with a beard, esp in a circus or freakshow

cleaning lady: A cleaning lady is the same as a → cleaner [sense 1 ] .

lady mayoress: the wife of a lord mayor

lady-slipper: → cypripedium

lady's man: a man very fond of the company of women and very attentive to them

lady teacher: a teacher who is a woman

painted lady: a migratory nymphalid butterfly, Vanessa cardui, with pale brownish-red mottled wings

lady bountiful: an ostentatiously charitable woman

lady's maid: a personal servant to a woman, esp in matters of dress

lady's room: → ladies' room

lady's-smock: a N temperate plant, Cardamine pratensis, with white or rose-pink flowers: family Brassicaceae ( crucifers )

lady's-thumb: an annual plant ( Polygonum persicaria ) of the buckwheat family, with dense spikes of pinkish or purplish flowers

find the lady: a game in which players bet on which of three inverted playing cards is the queen

lady's finger: → same as ladies' fingers

lady's mantle: any of various rosaceous plants of the N temperate genus Alchemilla, having small green flowers

lady's-slipper: any of various orchids of the Eurasian genus Cypripedium, esp C. calceolus, having reddish or purple flowers

lady's-tresses: any of various orchids of the genera Spiranthes or Goodyera, having spikes of small white fragrant flowers

the Iron Lady: a nickname often used to describe female heads of government around the world, meaning ' strong-willed woman'. Most famously used of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1979 to 1990) Margaret Thatcher

lady-in-waiting: A lady-in-waiting is a woman whose job is to help a queen or princess.

Lady of the Lake: (in Arthurian legend ) a mysterious supernatural being sometimes identified with Vivian

lady's bedstraw: a Eurasian rubiaceous plant, Galium verum, with clusters of small yellow flowers

shopping bag lady: a woman who is homeless and wanders city streets with all her possessions in shopping bags

widow woman: a woman who has survived her spouse, esp one who has not remarried

Lady Macbeth strategy: a strategy in a takeover battle in which a third party makes a bid acceptable to the target company, appearing to act as a white knight but subsequently joining forces with the original ( unwelcome ) bidder

lady of the house: the female head of the household

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Однокоренные слова:

laden - груженый, нагруженный, обремененный, подавленный, налитой
ladies - женская уборная
lading - груз, погрузка, фрахт, нагрузка
ladyhood - звание леди, положение леди
ladylike - изысканная, женоподобный, воспитанная, изнеженный, элегантная, имеющая вид леди
ladyship - титул леди, звание леди

Связанные слова: