Adjective: заложенный установленный проложенный


to be laid up - лежать больным

laid / lapped / wrapped in the moulds - лежащий в земле, похороненный

well-laid / well-thought-out plan - хорошо проработанный, продуманный план

condition laid down - сформулированное условие

as laid down by - как изложено

he laid him down to sleep - он лег спать

laid off worker - временно уволенный работник

procedure laid down - установленная процедура

laid aback - с обстененными парусами

laid end to end - вместе взятые

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I laid me down. - Я улёгся.

She laid the book aside. - Она отложила книгу в сторону.

They laid the boards flat. - Они положили доски на пол.

This heat has quite laid me out. - Я очень утомился от этой жары.

The tornado laid the house flat. - Торнадо полностью разрушил дом.

I was laid up for a week with flu. - Я неделю лежал /валялся/ с гриппом.

It wasn't a deep laid plot. - Это был плохо спланированный заговор.

He laid his hand on my shoulder. - Он положил руку мне на плечо.

She was laid to rest beside her husband - Она была похоронена рядом с мужем.

All he wants to do is go out and get laid. - Все, чего он хочет, — это пойти /выйти отсюда/ и с кем-нибудь переспать.

This mine is now laid in. - Эта шахта законсервирована.

No one has laid claim to the property. - Никто не предъявил права на данное имущество.

The goods for sale were laid out attractively. - Товары на продажу были выставлены так, что привлекали внимание.

He laid me ten dollars that it would not rain. - Он поспорил со мной на десять долларов, что не будет дождя.

Chris's mum laid on a huge spread. - Мама Криса наготовила кучу еды.

The prisoners laid an escape plan. - Заключённые составили план побега.

He laid a gentle hand on her shoulder. - Он мягко положил руку ей на плечо.

She folded her work, and laid it away. - Она сложила работу и отложила её в сторону.

The island was laid waste and abandoned. - Остров был разорён и заброшен.

A bus has been laid on to take you home. - Уже подали автобус, чтобы отвезти вас домой.

She's been laid low with flu for a week. - Неделю она пролежала /провалялась/ с гриппом.

He laid a sheaf of documents on the desk. - Он положил на рабочий стол стопку документов.

The cat laid a dead mouse at my feet. - Кот положил у моих ног дохлую мышь.

The police laid the blame on the driver. - Полицейские возложили вину на водителя.

He laid a fire in the hearth and lit it. - Он разложил в камине дрова и разжёг огонь.

The carpet was laid last week. - Ковёр положили на прошлой неделе.

They laid down a few acres to oats. - Они отвели несколько акров под овёс.

With one blow he laid his attacker out. - Одним ударом он вышиб из противника дух.

She laid the baby in his crib for a nap. - Она уложила малыша в кроватку поспать.

The armies laid siege to Vienna in 1529. - Войска осадили Вену в 1529 году.

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Связанные термины:

lay: If you lay something somewhere, you put it there in a careful, gentle, or neat way.

onlay: an artificial veneer which covers the entire front of the tooth

laid up: lying down, esp in bed when ill, injured, etc

re-laid: → re-lay

deep-laid: (of a plot or plan ) carefully worked out and kept secret

get laid: to have sexual intercourse

laid-back: If you describe someone as laid-back, you mean that they behave in a calm relaxed way as if nothing will ever worry them.

cable-laid: (of a rope ) made of three plain-laid ropes twisted together in a left-handed direction

hawser-laid: (of a rope ) made up of three strands, the fibres (or yarns ) of which have been twisted together in a left-handed direction . These three strands are then twisted together in a right-handed direction to make the rope

laid paper: paper with a regular mesh impressed upon it by the dandy roller on a paper-making machine

plain-laid: (of a cable or rope ) made of three strands twisted together from left to right

shroud-laid: (of a rope ) made with four strands twisted to the right, usually around a core

twice-laid: made from strands of used rope

new-laid egg: an egg that has been freshly laid by a chicken

laid-back vibe: Vibes are the good or bad atmosphere that you sense with a person or in a place.

lay in: If you lay in an amount of something, you buy it and store it to be used later.

lay off: If workers are laid off, they are told by their employers to leave their job, usually because there is no more work for them to do.

lay on: If you lay on something such as food, entertainment, or a service, you provide or supply it, especially in a generous or grand way.

lay out: If you lay out a group of things, you spread them out and arrange them neatly, for example so that they can all be seen clearly .

lay to: to bring a vessel into a haven

lay up: If someone is laid up with an illness, the illness makes it necessary for them to stay in bed .

re-lay: to lift up (a carpet, floorboards, etc) and then attach them back to their usual permanent position

lay aside: If you lay something aside, you put it down, usually because you have finished using it or want to save it to use later .

lay away: to store or reserve for future use

lay down: If you lay something down, you put it down, usually because you have finished using it.

lay into: To lay into someone or something means to start attacking or criticizing them.

lay over: to postpone for future action

laid-back atmosphere: The atmosphere of a place is the general impression that you get of it.

lay before: If you lay an idea or piece of information before someone, you present it to them in detail, usually in order to obtain their approval or advice .

heave to: When a boat or ship heaves to, it stops moving.

lay-by: A lay-by is a short strip of road by the side of a main road, where cars can stop for a while.

service centre: a place for drivers to stop at the side of a main road

layabout: If you say that someone is a layabout, you disapprove of them because they do not work and you think they are lazy.

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Однокоренные слова:

inlaid - инкрустированный
mislaid - заложить, класть не на место, терять
overlaid - перекрывать, покрывать, заспать, лежать на, лежать над
underlaid - подостланный, подпираемый
unlaid - распускать на пряди

Связанные слова: