Noun: земля суша страна почва
Adjective: земельный наземный сухопутный
Verb: приземляться приземлять высаживать высаживаться


land bird - наземная птица

the land where harvest has been so noble, so bounteous - земля, где столь великий и щедрый урожай

to make a land ready for building - готовить строительную площадку

land under crop - засеянная земля

to develop a virgin land - осваивать целину

a hopeless war in a distant land - безнадёжная война в далёкой стране

the emergencies of the land - движение вверх (некоторых участков) земли

flight from the land - массовый уход из деревни

the land of gorgeous sunsets - земля великолепных закатов

to land an aeroplane - посадить самолёт

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The land knows! - Бог его знает! (амер. эвф.)

He put his money into land. - Он вложил свои деньги в земельную собственность.

His land joins mine. - Его земли граничат с моими.

Tom has been away for months but he'll land up one of these days. - Тома не было несколько месяцев, но на днях он появится.

At the age of 20 I landed my first role. - В двадцать лет я получил свою первую роль.

Good land! - Боже мой!

The plane landed in Istanbul. - Самолёт приземлился в Стамбуле.

Get off my land! - Убирайся с моей земли!

They live off the land. - Они живут за счёт земли.

Bureau of Land Management - Бюро по управлению землями (Министерства внутренних дел США)

The bird landed in a tree. - Птица села на дерево.

This land crops well. - Эта земля плодородна. / Эта земля хорошо родит.

This land won't drain. - Эта земля никогда не просохнет.

They never saw their native land again. - Они никогда больше не увидели своей родной земли.

The snow garments the land. - Снег покрывает землю.

They own land in Alaska. - Они владеют землёй на Аляске.

This may land you in jail. - Из-за этого можно попасть в тюрьму.

Open land is sparse around here. - Открытый грунт здесь встречается крайне редко.

500 acres of land - пятьсот акров земли

land lying baked in the heat - земля, спёкшаяся на солнце

Light land is easily tilled. - Рыхлую землю легко пахать.

Their land reaches the river. - Их земля доходит до реки.

Land Rover's new parent - новая родительская компания фирмы Land Rover

the lands of the Far East - земли Дальнего Востока

The land slopes down to the sea. - Берег полого спускается к морю.

He forswore the land. - Он поклялся никогда больше не возвращаться на эту землю.

They replanted the land. - Они вновь засадили землю растениями.

He has title to the land. - Он имеет право собственности на эту землю.

Don't trespass on my land! - Не посягайте на мою землю!

the land along the highway - земли вдоль шоссе

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Фразовые глаголы:

If you say that you land up in a place or situation, you mean that you arrive there after a long journey or at the end of a long series of events.

If you say that you land up in a place or situation, you mean that you arrive there after a long journey or at the end of a long series of events.

Связанные термины:

land on: to scold or criticize severely

land up: If you say that you land up in a place or situation, you mean that you arrive there after a long journey or at the end of a long series of events.

Byrd Land: a part of Antarctica, east of the Ross Ice Shelf and the Ross Sea: claimed for the US by Admiral Richard E. Byrd in 1929, though all claims are suspended under the Antarctic Treaty of 1959

dry land: If you talk about dry land, you are referring to land, in contrast to the sea or the air .

Holy Land: → Palestine (the region)

land army: an armed force serving on land

land art: See earth art

land bank: a bank that issues banknotes on the security of property

land crab: any of various crabs, esp of the tropical family Gecarcinidae, that are adapted to a partly terrestrial life

land girl: a girl or woman who does farm work, esp in wartime

land line: a telecommunications wire or cable laid over land

land mass: A land mass is a very large area of land such as a continent .

land mine: an explosive charge placed in the ground, usually detonated by stepping or driving on it

land-poor: owning much unprofitable land and lacking the money to maintain its fertility or improve it

land rail: → corncrake

land tax: (formerly) a tax payable annually by virtue of ownership of land, abolished in Britain in 1963

land-wind: a wind that comes from the land

land with: to give to, so as to put in difficulties ; cause to be burdened with

access land: (in England and Wales ) areas of the countryside which are open to the public

Adélie Land: a part of Antarctica, between Wilkes Land and George V Land: the mainland section of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands (claim suspended under the Antarctic Treaty )

Arnhem Land: a region of N Australia in the N Northern Territory, large areas of which are reserved for native Australians

common land: Common land is land which everyone is allowed to use.

crash-land: If a pilot crash-lands an aircraft, or if it crash-lands, it lands more quickly and less safely than usual, for example when there is something wrong with the aircraft, and it cannot land normally .

crown land: (in the United Kingdom ) land belonging to the Crown

forest land: Forest land is land that is mainly covered by forest.

Graham Land: the N part of the Antarctic Peninsula : became part of the British Antarctic Territory in 1962 (formerly part of the Falkland Islands Dependencies ; claims are suspended under the Antarctic Treaty )

land agent: a person who administers a landed estate and its tenancies

land breeze: a breeze blowing seaward from the land

land bridge: a connecting tract of land between two continents, enabling animals to pass from one continent to the other

land-damne: to make life unbearable for (someone)

land force: an armed force serving on land

land grant: a grant of public land to a college, railway, etc

land-holder: a person who owns or occupies land

land office: an office that administers the sale of public land

land patent: evidence of ownership of land

land reform: Land reform is a change in the system of land ownership, especially when it involves giving land to the people who actually farm it and taking it away from people who own large areas for profit .

Land Rover: a type of British four-wheel drive vehicle

land snail: any gastropod of the widely distributed order Stylommatophora, containing usually small, brown or mottled hermaphroditic snails : some more colorful species, introduced into North America, are agricultural pests

land worker: a person who works on the land

land yacht: a three-wheeled recreational vehicle with a sail, used on land and propelled by wind power

lotus land: the land of the lotus-eaters, or any fabulous, dreamlike setting

Palmer Land: the S part of the Antarctic Peninsula

piston land: A piston land is a raised area of a piston between piston rings .

Waste Land: → the Waste Land

Wilkes Land: a region in Antarctica south of Australia, on the Indian Ocean

building land: land on which construction can take place

distant land: You can use land to refer to a country in a poetic or emotional way.

Enderby Land: part of the coastal region of Antarctica, between Kemp Land and Queen Maud Land: the westernmost part of the Australian Antarctic Territory ( claims are suspended under the Antarctic Treaty ); discovered in 1831

foreign land: You can use land to refer to a country in a poetic or emotional way.

La-La land: People sometimes refer to Los Angeles, in particular the Hollywood district of Los Angeles, as La-La land .

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Однокоренные слова:

inland - внутренний, внутри страны, внутрь, внутренняя часть страны
landed - земельный
landing - посадка, приземление, высадка, выгрузка, посадочный, десантный
landless - безземельный, безбрежный
landward - к берегу
landwards - к берегу
overland - сухопутный, по суше, на суше
lander - рукоятчик, стволовой, спускаемый аппарат, посадочный модуль, тот, кто…

Связанные слова: